Turns out my very old digital camera still works and has photos on it.

In 2008 I lived in a three bedroom house with at least six people on Crittenden St NW by 14th St NW in Washington, DC. One of the rooms on the second floor was L-shaped and had two doors. A large bookcase divided it into two rooms: a smaller one, where I first lived with my twin bed and floor-to-ceiling stacks of crap, and a larger one with a full bathroom, where I expanded my collection of rocks, acorns, pieces of paper, and nightgowns.

I spent most of my time in my crowded little hovel, or six blocks away at The Girl Cave where I booked shows and practiced with my band Turboslut. Pretty much all I cared about was making flyers, making sure we practiced every Tuesday (“Loose Tuesdays”), making plans to go on tour, and playing one show a month. I took the bus down 16th street or rode my bike to work at a digital and offset print shop in Adams Morgan.

Three memories from Crittenden: (1) An opossum lived under the porch, which the cat Manolo liked to hang out with. One night the opossum and I had a standoff at the front door. He won. I went through the back. (2) I decided that I hated tall people and set tall-person-specific traps for Tariq all over the house, but none of them worked, because he went in through the back. (3) One cold February day, I told my roommate Toast that I was so sad I wished I could watch High Fidelity, be around a friend, drink White Russians, and take a bubble bath all at once. “Why don’t you?” he asked, then dragged a TV into the bathroom and averted his eyes as I sank into a hot tub and proceeded to get drunk and soggy.

Report of the Board Appointed to Prepare and Submit Recommendations to the Secretary of the Navy for the Revision of Policies, Procedures and Directives Dealing with Homosexuals, Navy Captain S.H. Crittenden, Jr., Chair, Navy Inquiry Board, 1957

Seven years after Employment of Homosexuals and Other Sex Perverts in Government, the Navy prepared and delivered a response.  Known commonly as “The Crittenden Report” the Navy determined that homosexuals did not pose security risk - “the concept that homosexuals necessarily pose a security risk is unsupported by adequate factual data.” Furthermore, the report criticized the previous committee’s findings, stating:

This Committee, however, based its recommendation on “the opinions of those best qualified to know, namely the intelligence agencies of the Government."  However, no intelligence agency, as far as can be learned, adduced any factual data before that Committee with which to support these opinions.  (Crittenden, p8)

This report was classified for the next 20 years or so, until FOIA requests in the 1970s and 1980s revealed much of the report.  Parts are still classified.

It’s worth noting that although the report says that homosexuals in the military (specifically the Navy) should not be considered a security risk based on the fact that they are homosexual, it does contain ridiculous judgements about homosexuality in general.. 

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Released Text Part I available through the Pentagon Library

Released Text Part II available through the Pentagon Library

Timeline of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America


Living a dream come true… a menswear suiting company based in my “backyard”!  The grand opening was a blast!  Meet so many great people.  Can not wait to show the suits I picked out for the TopsInLex (Lexington’s page 6 magazine) holiday photoset!!


Local housing in Savannah by Travis Crittenden

With the beautiful SUMMERLONG, Peter S. Beagle delivers a strange and lovely lyric vision

The reviews and recommendations for Peter Beagle’s wonderful new novel SUMMERLONG keeping coming.

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY gives the book a *starred* review.

Renowned fantasy author Beagle (THE LAST UNICORN) recasts a primeval myth in this 21st-century hymn to Persephone, set in the islands off West Seattle and celebrating the cyclic changing of seasons, relationships, and the life of the planet itself.


As their heady summer phases into early autumn, Lioness’s mysterious husband appears on the ferry from Seattle, bringing with him the chilly and inevitable resolution to Beagle’s strange and lovely lyric vision.

Crystal F. at LOST IN A GOOD BOOK raves about the NOVEL, awarding it 5 stars.

Wonderful! Everyone should read this book.


This is a lovely, strange book.  What happens  when you enter into the world of myth and legends?  You certainly can’t stay the way you were.  You reach out. You try new things. It’s wonderful and terrible at the same time.

I read this book about a month ago, but I couldn’t write the review and I’m glad I didn’t.  This requires a little thought.  You need to steep in it.  The writing is lyrical and descriptive.


It’s a book full of visions and dreams. I didn’t appreciate it fully the first time I read it.  From what I’ve heard, this is Mr. Beagle’s gift.  He also wrote THE LAST UNICORN which has a reputation for loveliness and quality.  I’ve never read it, but I really need to now.

For CRITICAL WRIT, Megan Crittenden enjoyed the book.

SUMMERLONG is the newest novel from Peter S. Beagle, his first full length novel since TAMSIN. If you are not familiar with Beagle’s name, you certainly have heard of his most famous novel, THE LAST UNICORN. SUMMERLONG is an adult fantasy novel, but grown up UNICORN fans will still enjoy his prose and perhaps even some of the more whimsical elements found in SUMMERLONG.


Beagle’s prose is as always, beautiful. Gardner Island, the fictional setting just off of Seattle, is easy to visualize, both by it’s description but also the charm Beagle weaves into the sleepy little island. The real enchantment of the book lies in the mundane little details that build a strong impression in the reader’s mind.  

HINDUSTAN TIMES includes SUMMERLONG on its list of 5 fantasy novels to read while you wait for next Game of Thrones book.

Romantic, bittersweet and heart-wrenching, SUMMERLONG is a more subtle variant of the fantasy genre. It’s not expected to be published until Fall 2016, but with rumors that WINDS OF WINTER might not arrive until early 2017, this novel will be the ideal bridge.

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[GUMI Megpoid English] Muse - Madness [Vocaloid Cover]

I made a thing!!! This is my cover of Muse’s Madness using Megpoid’s English bank.

I spent over a year on and off working on this thing. It was my first time really working with Vocaloid after many failed attempts at learning UTAU, and my second time ever mixing. I’m still super rusty, but I think this turned out all right. Please enjoy!

Mixed using Reaper, cover art is NOT mine. I couldn’t find a source D: I just added the gradient.