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Vino Rosso e Vino Bianco

features: solangelo; smut

An aroma wafted throughout their apartment. It was pungent yet sweet yet savory all at once. Another unmistakable odor was that of a burning wick and hot air. One last thing that activated Will’s senses was the pop! of a wine bottle being opened.

   Nico, Will thought immediately. He threw his blanket off and pulled his lounge pants on. Not much time for a shirt. Hope he doesn’t mind.

   Nico certainly didn’t mind. Without any shame, he trailed his eyes up and down the blond who burst into the living room, stopping at certain places like Will’s v-cut and the trail of dirty blonde leading up to his navel from his pubic triangle. Subconsciously, he bit and licked his lips. He imagined himself running his hands through his sunshine-boy’s locks. He remembered the cheese in the fondue.

   He scowled at the burnt aroma drifting into his nose. “Damn it, Will, you made me burn the cheese!” He tipped the contents out onto a plate and tsked and scraped at the charred pieces stuck to the bowl. “I don’t ruin your me-time even if I can hear you from out your door.

   Will smiled smugly. “Guess I was too—” Mid-brush of his hair, Nico interrupted.

   “No, Will. You don’t just ruin my me-time like that. Especially when it involves fondue.” He stood up forcefully, making the couch squeak louder than usual.

   A hole formed in Will’s stomach, and it was filled with guilt. His hand dropped to his side. “Wait, Nico!”

   “Yes?” Nico quirked an eyebrow. “What do you want, Solace?

   Another hole formed within Will, but it was in his heart this time. He hated it when Nico gets mad at him, when Nico says his surname in vain. “Can I … at least make it up to you?” His eyes grew, his eyebrows knotted together, and he latched his hands together behind his back. 

   Nico softened at this. He’d crossed a line. But Will did too, he thought. He had to come in shirtless . . . He shook his head mentally. Who am I kidding. It’s my fault, too.

   “Okay. Uhm. You can clean the bowl. Yeah.” He handed Will his bowl. “Please don’t use the abrasive; I don’t want the ceramic to be scraped.”

   Will nodded at the instructions. He obediently walked to the kitchen, and Nico heard the running water hit the stainless steel.

   Nico looked back at the food on his plate. Tufts of broccoli and cauliflower, asparagus stems, carrot sticks, all individually steamed to his preferred doneness, and a salt and pepper grinder, yet he still felt like some thing was …

   “How the fuck did I forget the croutons?” Nico said, slapping his palm against his temple.

   Will, scrubbing firmly at the ornately designed bowl (tendrils of black decorated the rim of the bowl, and a swirling triskelion did so to the center), overheard him and moved to get the butter out of the fridge next to their sink.

   Nico reached for the leftover piece of baguette in the breadbox and a bread knife. He expertly cubed the stale bread and popped them into a ceramic pan he’d used to melt some butter. A quick toss around was enough to brown the bread enough to his liking. He spooned the croutons onto a saucer and patted them down with a paper towel.

   Will smiled sadly.

   A new aroma floated through the apartment. Will breathed in deeply and sighed wistfully. Nico looked at him from the corner of his eye, thought for a bit, and decided.

   Along with another two handfuls of two different cheeses, he brought out a bar of dark chocolate, a tub of strawberries, a pack of marshmallows, some graham crackers, a zester, and a whole orange. Will gingerly put his bowl down and offered a hand, but the proud Italian had other plans. Why does he have so much? Will wondered.

   Back into the kitchen Nico came, and this time he retrieved his other fondue set and a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, a red wine, from one of his cute skeleton-inspired wine holders. (A thoughtful gift from Leo Valdez, who admittedly had a good eye for home décor.) Will followed him back into the living room, the now clean bowl in his hands. “Nico, what is this—”

   Nico kissed Will. He only had to tiptoe slightly, for Will was only a couple inches taller. A few quiet seconds of kissing later, he pulled back and went to work. He lit a new tealight, placed a few squares of dark chocolate into one bowl along with a small glug of cabernet sauvignon, a few twists of salt, and a pinch of orange zest and set the bowl over the candle. He did the same with his bowl, except he used two cheeses, an Italian and a French one, sauvignon blanc, a white wine, and a few grinds of salt and pepper. He arranged the berries and sweets on Will’s plate.

   During this time, Will had been watching Nico’s expertise. He’d asked, “Wait, what is this?”

   Nico answered, “I just … feel really bad for … what happened… . And I wanted to make it up to you,” with a shrug and a small smile. “Could you stir yours?”

   Will nodded. “Sure.” He couldn’t help blushing at the slight contact they made when Nico handed him a skewer.

   As they stirred their fondues together, Will glanced at the bottles of wine. If he’s gonna unwind, he should have some. He rested his skewer on its side on the bowl and went back to the kitchen. He looked towards where the skeletons were and grabbed a pair of glasses.

   Nico had a curious gaze when Will got back. “So. You got the wrong kind of glasses.”

   Will could only hum in confusion. “What do you mean? They’re wine glasses, aren’t they?”

   Nico pointed to each. “Yeah, but this one is for bordeaux, and this one’s for chardonnay.” He stood up with the glassware in his hands and went to the kitchen, and Will scratched his nape. “This is mine, and this one’s yours,” he said when he came back, setting each glass—the correct ones—next to their respective wines.

   Will poured a glass for himself, and Nico told him to fill it up until where the glass just started to narrow. He held his own glass up, offering a toast. Will brought his up by the neck, and a satisfying ting! ringed through the apartment. They each took a sip, and Nico set his glass down and moved to plant a kiss on his sunshine’s lips. Setting his glass down, Will kissed him back, and with his tongue parted Nico’s lips. Nico climbed on top of Will and embraced him.

   Nico’s mouth tasted sweet and innocent from the wine while Will’s had a rich and daring flavor singing. The flavors were opposite to the owner’s being, but that was what they loved about it.

   A few minutes into making-out, Will pulled away and asked, “I thought you wanted to have some me-time? With your fondue?”

   “This is my me-time,” Nico answered, to which Will raised his eyebrows at. “Plus the food can wait. I like my food cold.” Nico shrugged.

   They continued kissing. Their hands roamed around each other’s bodies before Will decided to rest them behind Nico’s neck and Nico squeezed Will’s bubble butt. The blond moaned into the kiss as Nico ground into Will.

   “HA!” Nico shouted. “I made you moan first! I made you moan first!” Nico did a little dance while still on top of Will, making Will squeak and moan some more. He dry humped him hard just to rub it in his face.

   “That’s okay,” Will said between a couple of moans. “I felt like topping anyway.” He put a smug smirk on which Nico couldn’t resist but kiss. “Hold on, let me get the condoms and lube.” He dashed to his bedroom and retrieved a box and a bottle.

   When he got back, Nico had stripped himself of his shirt and was laid down on the sofa, impatiently rubbing his penis through his pants. He smiled when Will comically displayed the items like he was advertising them. “Get the fuck over here, Solace.”

   Will’s skin prickled at the sounds of his last name coming out of his death boy’s mouth. “What you do is gonna be the death of me,” he said.

   “Pun intended?” Nico asked.

   “Pun intended,” Will said. He flipped them over, so he was now on top.

   They went back to grinding and making-out, the kissing getting increasingly passionate and hungry with each passing moment. The smacks of their lips could’ve been heard from out the door, but they didn’t mind the symphony they were playing.

   It was Will who went lower first. He sucked on Nico’s neck next. Nico, clawing at Will’s butt, cocked his head back as Will concentrated on one spot in particular. When he was done, there were two bruises printed on on the left-hand-side of Nico’s neck. “Do I look sexy, Will?” Nico asked.

   As he asked that, Will was reaching for his phone. “I’d say yes. How about you?” He snapped a picture of Nico and showed it to him. Nico’s eyes were lazily half-open, and his lips were slightly apart in the picture, and it was obvious they’d been kissing.

   “Ooh, I do look sexy.” Nico tossed the phone to the other couch. “Something for you to fap to.”

   Will blushed. “Shut up, di Angelo.”

   Nico didn’t have plans to shut up as his next symphony played. Groans of pleasure streamed out of his mouth as Will planted his lips around one of Nico’s pink nipples. He played with the other one with his hand, pinching and twisting it gently, sucked on the nipple, pulling it with him whenever he pulled back, and licked and prodded it with his tongue, nibbling it every so often. Nico had wanted to return the favor, so he fiddled with Will’s nipples as well, his other hand trapped in the mess that was Will’s hair.

   Nico’s nipples weren’t the only things hardening at Will’s touch. With each time Nico arched his back, he thrust his hips into Will’s, and Will could feel Nico’s raging hard-on against his own.

   “Will, can you suck my fucking dick now. I can’t take this anymo—” He cut himself off with a moan. “Solace. Fuck, please,” he pleaded as Will wildly lapped at his nip.

   “I like it when my angel begs,” Will grunted. “Take us to bed then if you want a good suck.”

   And so Nico did. From the squeaky sofa they disappeared, and, in a warm embrace, they were enveloped in cold shadows. In the darkness, Will knew Nico was in his element. He looked more flush than he already was even in the void, and his features, shoulders, torso, look much more chiseled in the dark.

   With a thump, they landed on Nico’s black sheets with him still under Will, on his back. Immediately, Will pulled down Nico’s sweats and boxers in one go. Nico’s dick flicked against his abdomen as the clothes left his body while Will tossed the clothing on the floor. A good seven inches, a narrow girth, and a pink head ready to be abused.

   Nico let out a gasp when Will put his mouth around the pale, hard penis. Will bobbed his head up and down and swirled his tongue around, sucking in every time he bobbed up. Under the blond Nico squirmed and moaned and gasped. Every so often, he thrust into Will’s throat, surprising him at times and making him cough in surprise. And every so often, Will took the liberty to wildly rub his palm against Nico’s mushroom head, making him squirm more and moan louder.

   “Solace,” Nico panted, “let me taste yours.” He snatched at Will’s sweats and brief and pulled them down in a similar manner Will had done. 

   Will knew what Nico wanted. He threw his pants off, exposing his tan (like the rest of his body), eight-and-a-half inch dick, and nimbly moved to let Nico be able to suck him off while he was still able to suck Nico—they were in a 69.

   Nico slurped at Will’s dick. It wasn’t exactly sucking since Will thrust into his mouth. Facefuck was the politically correct term. A very hot facefuck at that. Will moaned at the vibrations coming from Nico’s own.

   “Mmm, di Angelo, you little shit,” Will moaned. He stop sucking and chose to rub Nico’s dick. “Now I want a taste of yours.” He chuckled and flipped them expertly.

   Nico gave a yelp when Will aimed for his tiny rim next. Will shook his head side-to-side with his tongue flat against Nico’s asshole. Will’s angel could do nothing but whine in bliss. He prodded into Nico with his tongue and wiggled it however much he could. “You’re surprisingly prepared for this,” Will said out of nowhere. “You trimmed your hair back here; you took your fiber—”

   Nico laughed. “Stop changing the topic.” He looked at Will. “You’re ruining the moment.”

   Will got off  applied some lube to his middle and forefinger and chuckled. “When did a little conversation tame the horny little shit you are.” He eased them into Nico’s now looser hole. Though it still constricted Will’s fingers in a vice-like grip.

   Nico hated this part: anal foreplay. “It doesn’t.”

   Will tried to distract him while he got used to the sensation. He kissed and licked at different parts of his angel’s body. He concentrated on pushing and pulling his fingers in and out of Nico at a steady pace in a “come-here” motion, applying more pressure at the chestnut-sized prostate.

   He licked at Nico’s lips, showing how much he was craving for an Italian kiss (a French kiss, but with Nico instead). Nico fought back livelily with his tongue, batting and swiping at Will’s lips and tongue.

   Nico’s ass finally felt loose after a few more minutes of intimate and quiet kissing, so Will pulled his fingers out and retrieved the condoms.

   Nico watched Will roll it on (another rather hot sight for him). Will applied a generous amount of lube to both his shrouded dick and Nico’s rim, gently throwing Nico’s legs up in the air. “Ready, babe?” he asked.

   “As I’ll ever be,” Nico answered.

   Their lips met halfway once again as they made first contact (Will’s personal favorite). Slowly and surely, he eased his hard penis into Nico like how he did with his fingers.

   Nico whined in anticipation. He breathed steadily through his nose while they kept kissing. He gasped softly when Will fit his whole dick in.

     Will’s hips doing the work, he thrust into and out of Nico steadily, picking up speed as they went. A graceful wave Will had to his body, and Nico couldn’t resist a peak at the mirror next to them. “How do you do that?” Nico asked.

   “Do what?” Will asked in return. Go with it. He’s distracted.

   “That hot body roll you do every time you—” Will went deeper with a thrust, and Nico moaned an octave higher. He concentrated on doing the same motion that got that reaction. “Ahh, Will. Fuck.”

   “You like it there, babe?” Will asked huskily.

   Nico could only moan in response as his prostate was violated pleasurably, prickles forming on his skin from the ticklish remark against his ear.

   Will sped up twofold. Nico’s moaning went up tenfold. He wrapped his arms and legs securely around his sunshine and kissed the crook of his neck, the octave-higher moans still coming through.

   Out of nowhere, ropes or cum came bursting out of Nico. They shot up as far as his neckline. He was moaning furiously and gasping at each contraction sending the next stream flying. “Oh, my gods, Will! Shit.”

   “Holy Hades, Nico, calm the fuck down.” Will took hold of Nico’s dick. “That’s not the end of it.” He wanked his dick, sending more tremors of pleasure through Nico’s physique.

   A second orgasm happened, and Nico full-on screamed in pleasure. His thighs trembled like an earthquake from the overwhelming sensation. Will could feel the skin breaking slightly under Nico’s nails. He could easily heal those himself, but a kiss to get better from Nico would be nice.

   “Will … !” Nico cried. “Will! Too much! So good—!”

   Will kissed Nico as he took mercy in his pleas. He pulled out and slipped the condom off. “Time for your protein shake!” he cooed. He started climbing higher so Nico could suck it.

   “Ew, gross. Don’t ever call cum a protein shake ever again.”

   “Why? It’s true there’s tons of protein in sperm—”

   He was shut up by Nico energetically rubbing his palm against his dickhead. Nico reached over the nightstand to pump some lube onto his fingers for sticking them up Will’s ass. He felt around for his prostate, and when he found it, he practically tortured it. Will thrust harder and faster into Nico’s mouth as he felt the orgasm starting.

   “I’m gonna cum!” Will moaned obviously. Nico tasted the warm semen shoot into the back of his throat. He swallowed some for himself and brought some more back to his tongue and kissed Will—snowballing.

   “Gods, I love you, Nico.’

   “I love you too, Will.”

Hair of Gold: Prolouge

Once upon a time, a drop of the sun fell from the heavens onto the ground.

The drops had fallen in the mountain tops in the great kingdom of Magisteria. There, the drops flourished into a frail yet beautiful flower, gold petals spread wide and taking in the sunshine, their proud mother spreading warmth upon them.

Being that they were from the sun herself, the flower possessed incredible powers of healing, even the ancient becoming spry after doing one simple thing- singing to it a song.

There was, however, one group of people who wanted to possess the flowers’ ability for themselves. These people were known as The Order of Disorder. They sought to research the bloom’s abilities, and soon use it for themselves. The flower could not be picked as there would be no other one after it, not for at least a century, so the Order kept it hidden away from the public. They were greedy people indeed, yet curiosity was their true fatal flaw.

The flower was kept a secret for centuries, until one fateful day.

The queen of Magisteria had fell terribly sick while she was pregnant with her first son. Terrified for his wife and child, the king sent out search parties for medicines- or in this case, a miracle.

The Order of Disorder was discovered by the royal guards, led by the great General Rajavi. The Order was interrogated immediately and soon the flower was found, and The Order was forced to flee to their more secretive hideouts.

In great triumph, the flower was brought back and stewed into tea for the queen. The child was born healthy and the queen in little pain. The child was named Aaron, as it meant “high mountain”, like of which the healing flower was found on. The baby was a beautiful boy with hair of woven gold like duckfluff and eyes of gleaming emerald. He would be a real charmer among the boys when he grew up.

You were doing so well, so much fancy word choice- you just had to break out of character, didn’t you?

I did, especially after having to write like that.

Just continue, Call.

To celebrate Aaron’s birth, the king and queen released hundreds of glowing lanterns into the sky. Unfortunately, not all good things could last. The Order of Disorder had sent a woman by the name of Lady Alma to kidnap the baby, for they believed Aaron possessed the same powers as the flower had.

Alma arrived at the baby’s carriage and softly sang under her breath. Sure enough, slowly the small boy’s hair lit up, bringing light to the room, restoring strength to Alma. I don’t exactly how, so please don’t ask me.

With a sweep of her creepy as heck cloak, she swept the baby up into her arms. Aaron, the sensible baby he was, cried out. The king and queen startled awake, but they couldn’t catch Alma.

Alma took Aaron to a lone tower outside of Magisteria, made of stone and carved deep into the ground. There, parts of The Order would send caretakers for him each day- sometimes Alma, sometimes a cranky man by the name of Lemuel, even later into Aaron’s later years a young teenager by the name of Alexander. Spoiler alert: he’s an asshole.


What, you don’t agree?

Of course I agree, but that was a little… direct.

I have to be direct!

I mean… I guess…

Anyways, the king and queen obviously missed their child, it’s pretty much impossible not to miss someone like Aaron. Every year on Aaron’s birthday they’d let the same type of lanterns into the sky like they did when their child was still with them. They hoped that somewhere, wherever Aaron was, the lanterns would guide him home. Cheesy, I know, but bear with me, okay?

Aaron was an incredibly curious child, he grew up with such people, but instead Aaron’s curiosity was innocent childish wonder instead of cruel. Every year on one special day, as his hair grew longer and longer, he stared out of his one window, enchanted by the glowing lights.

As much as he wanted to leave the tower, he was bound there for fifteen years, all until a person named Callum Hunt decided to stop by his windowsill.

That, by the way, is me.

Oh, and the crow, Jasper. Him, too.

How can you forget about Jasper? He’s not exactly forgettable.

I didn’t forget, I just forestalled.


I guess I should zoom out a bit before jumping into it like this.

so… uh… that was the prolouge of my first fic, which if you haven’t noticed yet, is a tangled au? not exactly sure when the next part will be out, it may take a while. reblogs and critique much appreciated! shout-out to @mageofsoul for being my beta reader and before you ask, yes, the title is a tøp pun. have a lovely week everyone~

GOT7 & BTS: When they catch their GF dancing with her manager during an award show

I promised I’d be back mwahaha! I’m so sorry for being gone for so long TT__TT School is finally done! I’m slowly working on the request I’ve been given! So tadah! Here is the first request! Thank you soooo much Nonnie for being patient with my lazy sloth-snail ass! I hope you like it!

Hai lovely!! Can you pls do a bts & got7 reaction to their gf or crush(your choice) they are at an award show and they are dancing with their (girl’s) manager, enjoying the music and having fun. Like she is close with her manager, not in a flirty way


Originally posted by daefsoul

Okay Mr. Old Man leader here would be a little miffed. He knew that you and your manager weren’t in that sort of relationship and the care that the two of you felt for each other was purely platonic. That wouldn’t stop him from being annoyed that you were dancing with your manager instead of him. Afterall he was your boyfriend…though it was a secret. He is very sensitive when it comes to relationships (ever since he got harshly rejected in his school days) so he would be protective of you. Sometimes too much for your liking. He would slowly mosey his way towards you, but he wouldn’t join you in dancing but gently smile at you as you danced away. He loved you, trusted you, and because of that he would always be protective of you. 

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Quick Announcement

Hi everyone! It’s been 2 weeks since CP was released and we really appreciate all your support. Your comments and critiques are much appreciated. Thank you so, so much!

Right now we’re drowning in all of your asks and we’re doing our best to keep up with them. (We have day jobs too so bear with us. QvQ) We don’t answer asks in order (especially since all three members of the team take turns answering questions) so if you’re still waiting for your ask to be answered, please be patient with us. However, if you have asked about the FD release date, the right choice indicator, how to get a good end or about the android release, we will not be answering these questions again as these have been answered a number of times already. Sorry guys. (Please refer to our FAQ first if you have a question about these things!)

So just to make it clear again, the FD or fandisk is an afterstory that takes place after the end of each route. (Think of it as a long, extended epilogue for each guy) It will focus more on romance and their relationships. We’ll do our best to make up for what each route lacked from CP.
About where it will be released: it will definitely be on but we are still unsure of a Steam release. It will be sold for $10.

The android version of Cinderella Phenomenon is still in progress. We will announce its release when the time comes.

As for the update, we’ll do our best to release it during the weekend. (Fingers crossed) At the moment, Sitraxis is focusing on finishing the digital artbook for the backers. Then we’ll release it to the public for $5 for anyone who’s interested. (Keep in mind this will be a smaller version of the artbook, as kickstarter backers pledged for a more in-depth version) If you’ve donated that amount or more on and are interested in getting a copy, we’ll post an announcement as well on how you can retrieve your copy.

Again, thank you so much for the support! We might take a while to answers asks but we’ve read each and one of them and are very grateful. :)

GOT7: Reaction to their GF grabbing their crotch

Here is the second request haha! Slowly losing my mind trying to catch up, but it definitely it is worth it for all you cuties XD This turned a lot cuter than I thought (thought it would be more sexy haha). I blame it on the dramas I’ve been watching (The couples are just soo cute teehee). Thank you Nonnie for being so patient with me! I hope you like this reaction!!

Got7 reaction to you grabbing that dicc through their jeans while your making out TYSM BB AND HAVE GOOD DAY 📢📢💜💜💜💜


Originally posted by justrightforjb

Shocked. He would be so surprise. The two of you were in a hot, steamy make out and he knew that this would lead to some sexy time later. He didn’t think you’d be so forward though. Usually he would be the one leading into sex so for you to grab his crotch, this was a big turn on for him. He would lean back and stare at your swollen lips a slight little smirk on his face. Your face would become red and slightly glare at him, whispering to him that if he wasn’t going to do anything to you soon then you would do things to him. Jaebum likey. 

“So now you’re embarrassed?” *snorts*

 *Pulls Jaebum close* “You were taking too long…” *Whispers in his ear* 

“Isn’t someone impatient. I thought you were the innocent type, Jagi~” 

“It’s your fault, take responsibility for it” *Grips his crotch again*

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npiad  asked:

don't know if you mind a small crit or not (if you already know sorry) but the wing in the animation doesn't really move any compared to the rest of the body and it's a little distracting? it'd end up moving up and down with the front shoulder, that's the major muscle group it'd be attached to

Ick, you’re so right.
I don’t know if I can bring myself to do the wings over….. But I might… aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


They looked good in the rough draft and I just wanted it done.. man.. damn.. hahaha

But yes! I very VERY much appreciate critique~ It’s always really good to have a another pair of eyes looking at it. 

Her horn bothers me too, so if I do decide to do the wings, I’ll fix that too. 

*clicks tongue*


If I do redo the wings, I’ll come grab ya and see if they look better XD 


Donations/Critiques Needed for Housing Help

I may need to move into an extended living motel situation for a month while I continue to look for a place to live. I can afford only part of this, so if you could afford a donation or if you are interested in a critique, it would be much appreciated if you would be able to help me out right now! 

I just reblogged my post on my critique rates and I take donations directly through my blog. I need at least a few hundred dollars to be able to add to what I have available to me to be able to afford an extended living motel for at least a month where I live in a safe area. 

Adding on my rates here so it stays attached to this post as well - I will be taking on as much critique work as I can, and if you have an amount of critique work not specified here just send me a message and we’ll talk. I also do line editing but my rates for that are higher because it requires more work, so message me for that too.

So, a lot of people have been asking me about my rates for critiques of lengthier works, but after some thinking I have a deal that I would like to offer.

For a flat fee of $100, I can offer a LENGTHY and THOROUGH critique and some very basic editing on a manuscript of around 40K to 50K (but no longer). I believe this is fair because I can complete this amount of reading and critique in an amount of time that wouldn’t take away from my other work.

When I say a lengthy and thorough critique, I mean that you will receive a document of no less than a couple thousand words detailing what I believe could be implemented into your story to strengthen it and help you improve upon what’s already there, how you can edit it to make it stronger, how you can break it up to create stronger chapters, etc.

(Likewise, if you have 20-25K I can do $50, etc.)

Since so many have been asking about prices, this is what I think I can do for the time being.

Mind you, I have professional editing experience for over 5 years now working for a professional writing company, I have extensive ghostwriting experience, and I have been professionally published myself in an anthology with bestselling authors, so I believe that this price tag is warranted.

My situation is desperate because I now have to move by September 1 - so in about a week and a half - and I still don’t have a place to live, and I have no friends in the area, nor do I have family that is able to take me in. My last close living relative passed away three years ago, as I’ve mentioned before, so this is a difficult time for me.

Please reblog for visibility if you can!