• Mercury in Leo: Experiences loud thoughts. When embarrassment has occurred, these thoughts become a screaming critique
  • Mercury in Scorpio: Retains a tremendous deal of knowledge. Penetrates to the hidden depths of presented information
  • Mercury in Capricorn: The mind is calculative, so the individual becomes very absorbed and lost in their task, pulled in by the rhythm of focus

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Jaimie King just said some insightful things in her Instagram comments on the photo of Kyle and Selena.

i’m not necessarily her biggest fan but i do agree with her on this one… i’ve also grown tired of fans speculating upon and critiquing not only her relationships but her every move. not everything is as it seems and it’s naive to think you know even 1% of what goes on in her life.

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imagine steve writing/drawing fanfic/fanart.

Steve didn’t realize that the practice of drawing his favorite fictional characters had a special name now, especially since he’d been doing it since he knew how to hold a pen.  He’d always wanted a way to get feedback and comments on his art while still maintaining his anonymity, and now, with the internet, that was possible.  He started a small art blog under an unassuming username, and began posting some of his work.  Most of the characters he knew were from radio plays and newspaper comics anyway, so no one seemed to recognize them.  They just assumed they were his “OCs”, whatever that meant.

Regardless, most of the comments were very positive, and Steve was able to connect with other artists without the pressure them knowing he was Captain America.  It seemed like the second anyone knew that, they were afraid to critique him, even though being a super solider and a good artist had absolutely nothing to do with each other.  With the help of the other artists he spoke with, he was able to learn about digital illustration, new techniques for picking his colors, and experiment with different art styles.

Then, one day, he was feeling nostalgic, and drew from memory a few sketches of the Commandos.  He didn’t think it was anything special, but he was sure he’d know those guys’ faces for the rest of his life, and without thinking twice, he posted it.  In a matter of minutes, he was getting comments and messages commending him on his Captain America and the Howling Commandos “fanart.”  Fanart?  Was that what he’d been drawing this whole time?

He was combing through fanart tags for the rest of the afternoon, and while some of the work wasn’t really his cup of tea, people had done some really beautiful drawings and paintings of him and his friends.  By the time he’d closed his laptop, he felt like tearing up.  Here were thousands of people keeping the memory of him and his friends alive, and to him, that was the best feeling in the world.

Yo I wondered if I could get a small critique of this? >o

Ooh how cute! :0 I love the style you went for, hun! My main nitpick is that I can’t seem to point out which direction the light is coming from, the character seems to be shiny from all over, rather than a certain angle!

These tutorials here have some tips on lighting (x) (x) (x)

this is just a masterpost but I think they might have lighting in there somewhere as well! (x)

Other than that, great work, hun!

~Mod Wolfrun

Something I see a lot in fandom is the question, “Is this really worth your time?” And I see it in every context, from wondering about hate/critique blogs to wondering why someone would write meta on a particular tiny scene or character or what have you.

And I guess it’s a funny question to me, coming from academia? Because people in academia will literally write dissertations on the development of a single sound in a language spoken centuries ago. Or they’ll dedicate their entire careers to the handful of works of a single author. And so on and so forth. Almost nothing is too small to study, and people dedicate so much time to it. So seeing that question pop up in fandom entertains me because yes, it absolutely is worth the time–even if you don’t understand why the heck someone would put so much effort into this little thing. 

some soft even because i’m worried and i want him to be happy

  • even draws funny little doodles and sticks them everywhere. he draws on the walls of isak’s bedroom, draws on isak himself, his arms an entire little story from wrist to elbow 
    • isak and even draw each other. they sit across one another on the sofa. even’s drawing turns out to be a pretty accurate caricature of isak, with exaggerated eyes and little pouting lips and snapback and all. its oddly flattering.
    • isak’s on the other hand, is atrocious. even dramatically critiques it but he can’t be serious long enough to stop himself laughing. he tosses it aside to kiss isak instead 
  • even blows raspberries into isak’s neck 
  • they have a thing going where every friday they need to watch a new film. the rules are it can’t be something either of them have seen because then it wouldn’t be as fun but even has seen so many and isak has seen so many of a different kind so they delve into. really weird films. weird like obscure and random ones and they’re just laughing the whole time at how low budget these movies are
    • isak teases even by telling him this is how his first movie as a director will be when he gets it done and even feigns offense but then he just kisses the smile off isak’s face 
    • “it’ll be like that because it’ll be about you" isak shoves at his shoulder but in the end, when even actually does make a movie about isak, it’s not like that at all 
  • isak comes home to even already in his apartment (because either eskild let him in, or he has a key, which is more likely). even comes up to him and presses his hands to the side of his head and his lips to isak’s in a welcome home greeting
    • it’s very sloppy 
    • he probably has something like food or chalk from an art project on his hands and it gets smudged on isak’s cheek. he laughs when isak grimaces but isak just pulls him in for more 
re: taz graphic novel critique backlash

 After the reveal of the graphic novel and it’s promotional art, many TAZ fans of color have expessed concerns on the fact that the designs seen from the promo were very white. So of course the response to said concerns were ones to the tune of “this isn’t a critque, this is hate!” “nothing is wrong you’re just being hateful and rude!” or “this is only because she’s a woman!”

The whole switch of focus from racial diversity to a white woman succeding in the arts took over the narrative, jumpstarted debates, and did a lot more harm than most of you could realize. It is as if the main concerns of a mainly white cast doesn’t even matter if the artist is a woman, like the poc trying to voice their concern don’t matter. 

(this has gotten longer than i expected, the rest is under the read more)

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Guess who just finished all of her homework?!? At least for this week…but I thought I was going to have to work on it tomorrow but I finished my project and now I can have the whole weekend to relax!!!

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Why do extreme su fans only show aggressive hate-- Like, honestly you have sounded pretty rational whenever you critique the show but I feel like the extreme fans think you got something against their life, their family their way of living only when you say 'hey su did a thing that shouldn't be praised for'. its really not that big of a deal, folks we are not out to get you and we are not even attacking the characters on the show lmao

right lmao..

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Never trust a man who objects when you hypothetically discuss a way in which men manipulate women and takes it as a personal critique. Chances are he has done the thing, was planning to do the thing or is in the process of trying to do the thing. The guilty flee when no (wo)man pursueth.

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Just my fresh thoughts from twitter on Girl Meets A Christmas Maya…

Just realized the error in my first tweet, where I meant to say the *end* of the scene in the beginning of the episode. It’s been a long day.

I loved how Ava critiqued The Gift of the Magi, because I’ve also always side eyed that story a bit, like… is it really romantic when they both give up what they love most and then neither’s gift is appropriate or helpful anymore? NOW YOU’RE BOTH JUST MISSING YOUR FAVORITE THING AND WASTED MONEY ON SOMEONE BUT AT LEAST YOU HAVE EACH OTHER. i mean whatever it’s sweet i guess but it’s def not my favorite.

The sometimes people find each other because they’re exactly who they need line is so much more relevant to my life and some things happening it right now than it was at the taping, like WOW, I have emotions. 

Still not over the fact that they never showed us what Maya got Lucas………. and cutting the Lucas to Riley bit is, well… a revealing editing choice IMO. 

Anyway, as always, feel free to ask me questions if you have any about the taping and I’ll answer as best as I remember. 

the element im enjoying most from 3% is that its a critique of pure capitalism, pure meritocracy, pure darwinism, demonstrating that even without the quote unquote corruption of late neoliberalism leading to unequal distribution of resources, the fundamental idea behind it is completely inhumane and this Marxist damn show delivers this message so beautifully (and brutally, but of course im here for that as well)

L’étranger de Camus c’est super badant, au lieu de commencer son bouquin par “Aujourd’hui, maman est morte. Ou peut-être hier, je ne sais pas” il aurait du le commencer par “Maman est morte, vive maman” ça aurait fait une chouette comédie/critique du royalisme 

Tout le temps les Pokémon ennemis font des coups critiques et rendent confus mes Pokémon. Mais est-ce que mes Pokémon font des coups critiques et rendent confus les Pokémon ennemis ? NAN

All Better



Septibang-[Jacksepticeye x Danny Sexbang] About Septibang, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary: Jack comes home after a beating and Danny cheers him up. [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated!

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hahaha Kitsis compared himself to Adele. He thinks critique is TV viewers telling him what to write, unlike not telling Adele what to sing. he’s such arrogant talentless trash.


10 Fictional Crushes (Vlogmas Day 3)

We’ve all got fictional crushes–to varying degrees of intensity, but we all have them.

Not even Zuko liked ponytail Zuko.

❄️ Happy Vlogmas! ❄️ 

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