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I am so fucking sick of getting into arguments with folks who like to rub their chins about how smart they are and yet could not be bothered to fucking watch the movie they are criticzing. And yet I torture myself with doing that with talking with Folding Ideas and Lindsay Ellis on Twitter over the stuff they missed in Batman V Superman. Not that they will listen anyway. Man why do I do this to myself?

I couldn’t say as I do it too with people on here. For me, it’s because not addressing such stupidity is almost physically painful. I know all the facts in the world won’t mean shit but I still feel compelled to do it.

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re: the "let artists draw what they want!" argument. seriously, right? literally every time i see a post that says that, it came from some skeevy artist complaining because someone criticized them for drawing something disgusting, like racist shit, or white washed shit, or fatphobic shit, or incest shit, or rapist x victim shit, or adult x child shit, or graphic art of children having sex with each other shit, etc,etc. artists don't put in those "artist black list" posts over "general shipping".


Like, it’s really not the best arguement when someone starts criticzing or analyzing an artist you like, considering what else is “defended” with the “arguement”….

Why do i like lesbian reyna and hunters discourse

I’m Bisexual, my attraction to men and women is equivalent, my hormones doesn’t really changes it, men do turn me on, women do turn me on, and i like both romantically.

Analyzing Reyna, her “attraction” looks more than simple platonic friendship, she is more worried (in Jason’s case) that she lost a friend instead of a pairing or possible pairing.

Maybe she was opressed by the heteronormative, she thought, THOUGHT, she liked men, but many gay people think they found “the one” before they discover their real sexuality.

Reyna felt “desesperate”, lonely maybe, she thought that a man could fill the void in her heart, but, did she really felt it?

Bi Reyna is not a possibility for me, i do prefer lesbian reyna, a cool lesbian instead of the angsty ones of TDP.

The fandom loves to complain and criticze the work of RR, yes it’s good, and some of us do feel inclued but…why can’t lesbians do complain? Don’t tell them to calm their tits, calm the yours, they didn’t liked Artemis homophobic rules or the representation they got, they want something better, let them fucking complain.

I liked the dark prophecy, except that little detail.

I fucking love uncle Rick, and i fucking worship his work, but he can make mistakes, you complain about narrative, somthing i did like btw, WHY CANT THE LESBIANS FUCKING COMPLAIN ABOUT IT.

I’m pissed off, obviously, if they want to complain let them, what do you know about their representation, how do they feel, their fucking sexuality? What do you know? NOTHING, they’re the lesbians, not you.

4 YEARS WITH EXO| The day we were introduced to EXO, for most of us we were ruined. We were doomed into the deep pits of our curiosity and were forever marked in the hearts of the 12 handsome figures standing in front of our eyes and computer screens; captivated by their bright, playful smiles, awkward bows and thankful spirits. We’ve overcome the long hiatus of the 1st year, survived the humorus yet dangerosly cool and sexy eras in the 2nd. We anticiapated still so much for EXO during the 3rd year despite the deptures of the remainder of that year. We stood strong, supporting the remaining 10 that lead to the most successful year of EXO’s career so far. Sold out concerts all over the world, over 2,000,000 albums sold, achievements on music charts all over the globe. Even then when another member departed, the public criticzed the idenity of one members race and (unncessary) scandals erupted, we stood by their side remaining strong and firm for our love of EXO. Traveling around Asia, endlessly, they worked hard. Acting, dancing, singing, they did it all and are still going. As we look to the next coming years as I have back in 2012-2013 when I made a post very similar to this, I still predict success. These stars are too bright and will continue to leave their mark on this earth. They will travel all around the globe and meet more EXO-L’s and will continue to make more music and work hard just to excite our curiosity even more. They will continue to do all of these things as long as EXO-L’s are by their side. HAPPY 4 YEARS EXO!<3