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Marvel movies have notched up 13 nominations at this years Critics Choice Awards - 9 for the MCU and 4 for FOX. ‘Doctor Strange’ leads the pack with 6 nominations including Best Visual Effects, Best Action Movie, Best Actor for Benedict Cumberbatch, and Best Actress for Tilda Swinton. ‘Civil War’ managed 3 nominations including Best Action Movie, Best Action Actor for Chris Evans, and Best Action Actress for Scarlett Johansson. Finally, ‘Deadpool’ managed 4 nominations including Best Action Movie, Best Comedy, and Best Comedy Actor for Ryan Reynolds!

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Sorry for bothering ya but you're the only one I've seen posting it on my dash but what is critical role? I tried googling it but I only get random forums...

OOOOOH BOI i can totally tell ya anon, this was my calling, please join me in CR hell.

Critical Role is a nerdy DnD show thats streamed on Geek and Sundry (you can find all the episodes here). It’s a bunch of famous voice actors that got together a couple years back to play and decided to finally stream their game so others could enjoy!!

They get together and play every Thursday night for at least three hours, so it’s got TONS of content. Personally, I’m only on episode 64 out of ~84. It’s a hell of a lot to go through, but its TOTALLY fucking worth it because of 1) the acting is top tier and 2) Matthew Mercer is such a goddamn gem of a DM. Like, seriously. There was an episode where he let the entire group fly in the sky looking like cows. You cannot go through an episode without either laughing your ass off or wanting to cry and adopt all the characters.

And if CR seems a bit too intensive to get into, I recommend listening to The Adventure Zone, a DnD podcast by the Mcelroy brothers. The episodes are shorter and there aren’t as many out, but it’s just as good and really just what you need to listen to if you’re feeling down. The brothers are there to make you feel happy. 

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Vax and Grog’s Pranks

“He started it!” “AND I’M GOING TO FINISH IT.” “Nuh uh!” “Uh huh!” 

Grog pranks Vax: 7
Vax pranks Grog: 11

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Updated through Episode 61.

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It’d be really great if my family could stop hating me 🙃

Salesman Sam

Crit Role Stats here with Salesman Sam Riegel! Too much quiet on the air? Fill it with merchandise! DM sharing secrets with one but not all? Don’t worry, there’s probably a new t-shirt in the store! Scroll down NOW, and we’ll throw in the complete list of all the times Sam Riegel has attempted to sell something on the stream for the first 60 episodes, absolutely FREE!

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● Hookriel Playlist ●

1} Faded - Alan Walker

2} Shallows - Daughter

3} Ariel - Fireal

4} Oceans Away - A R I Z O N A

5}  Somebody Else - Verite

6} The Runner and The Lover- Former Vandal

7} Flares- The Script

8} I Found - Amber Run

9} Lullabies - Yuna

10} The Ocean - Mike Perry, Shy Martin

11} Swan Song - Lana Del Rey

12} Dead in the water - Ellie Goulding

13} Critical Mistakes- 888

13 episodes ordered for Legends of Tomorrow

News is coming out from CW at the Television Critics Association meeting. 13 episodes are ordered for LoT, more may be coming. CW’s president says “Legends did not perform as well as it should have. It had great potential. We made some mistakes. This year, we will correct it.”

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Barbarian is now a qualified hairdresser, but they won't let her babysit children anymore

Context: Party has entered a kobold den, and have stumbled into the common chamber and have engaged 12 kobolds, including the mothers of the children in the room

Me (DM): Ok, that roll hits, and I believe that’s a critical

Barbarian: I rolled 13 damage

Me: Wow ok

Barbarian: What?

Me: Well uh…let me put it this way, your hit causes the kobold to explode with such force that this one is now drenched in blood *points to a kobold 20 feet past the edge of the corner*

Barbarian: YEEEAH!:

Me: Oh also, the children as a result of other blood splatters as well as this, have been permanently dyed red. Like their fur will be red forever now


Party Cleric (Barbarian’s Cohort) arrives at an orphanage with 4 cyring Kobold infants

Cleric: Uh, my master asked me to bring these here…please don’t ask

Orphanage Matron: *blinks in surprise* Why are they red?

Cleric: Uh, long story…


Goddamn, my edit is terrible lazy copy paste that has zero lighting, speed, or motion blur adjustments to hide said copy paste but at least it goes in a full circle.  


How’d they fix this is the blu-ray?  Please tell me this was fixed in the blu-ray. 

According to the latest information from La Parisien, the death/injury counts are as follows:

Bataclan: 100+ dead, 7 critical condition, 4 injured

Rue Charonne: 19 dead, 13 critical condition, 10 injured

Rue Bichat: 14 dead, 10critical condition, 10 injured

Avenue de la Republique: 4 dead, 11 critical condition, 10 injured

Stade de France: 4 dead, 11 critical condition, 39 injured

Rue Beaumarchais: 3 critical condition, 4 injuried

Totals: At least 141 dead, 55 in critical condition, 77 injured