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blogs that make fun of “bad” art by random internet artists (as opposed to big studios, etc) are awful and malicious, and i say this as someone who used to be an avid follower of such blogs in my edgy tween days and as someone whose art was once featured on such a blog (one of the popular ones). i didn’t understand how badly it hurt until it happened to me because i was a thoughtless child, and it made me stop drawing altogether for almost a year. if it happened again today obviously it wouldn’t have that effect on me because I Am An Adult and i’ve learned how to handle even spiteful criticism, but to 13-year-old emotionally stunted me, it was devastating.

don’t make fun of a kid’s art, however Cringey you see it as. it’s inexcusable.

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Hello! I love your work, it's just incredible! I was wondering if you could write a Fredrobin critical injury prompt, where Frederick is the one injured? Many thanks!

[ooh hoo hoo, the tables have turned~]

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He didn’t know how it happened. He’d always been so careful. Even more so since it was realized just how powerful the Valmese were.

A strength he’d been reminded of when the lance shattered the chink in his armor, and pierced his side. His eyes grew wide, choking on the blood in his throat as he sank down the tree trunk. The Valmese soldier sneered, leaving him to die.

Frederick couldn’t breathe. His hand pressed to the wound, blood spilling out from between his fingers. It was as deep as it was painful, and he was alone. His last vulnerary had been given to you, who he insisted needed it more than he did.

If only he’d known.

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RULES: If you want to! Tell who is your favorite character from 10 fictional works (Shows, Movies, Novels, Etc.) & tag 10 people!

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1) Sara Lance, Legends of Tomorrow – the kickass, bisexual formerly-dead former assassin who is now a Legend and timeship captain. I LOVE HER.

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2) Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, DC Comics – the black-sheep formerly-dead former Robin. He has anger management issues and a complicated relationship with the rest of the Batfamily. I can’t really put into words why I love him, but I doooo.

3) Elizabeth Weir, Stargate Atlantis – the strong leader of the expedition who has to put up with way too much, especially from one John Sheppard. Kind, lovely, and totally lives happily ever after.

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4) Vax’ildan, Critical Role – I’m only 17 episodes in, but he quickly became my favorite. He’s charming and dangerous, and he hits my competency kink so hard. (I cannot find a decent pic or gif, because like I said, I’m only 17 episodes into a show that currently has 95, and I don’t want to completely spoil myself.)

5) Artemis Crock, Young Justice – the archer who is trying to do good despite her villainous family and abusive childhood. Prickly at first, snarky forever.

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6) Asami Sato, Legend of Korra – the gorgeous, bisexual badass normal who fights alongside benders, kicking ass and taking names while looking flawless. She’s also sweet and kind. Who can blame Korra for falling in love with her?

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7) Helena Wells, Warehouse 13 – the badass, bisexual genius who, okay, wanted to destroy the world a bit. She regrets that, though! And she remains forever awesome and way more noble than she gives herself credit for.

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8) Severn Handred, The Chronicles of Elantra – the quiet, extremely dangerous former assassin (basically). Fiercely loyal to Kaylin and willing to do basically anything to protect her. I’m basically in love with him, not going to lie.

9) Sameen Shaw, Person of Interest – the badass bisexual sociopath who figures out that being a good guy is kind of rewarding. She’s hot and snarky and dangerous and I have a type, okay.

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10) Rey, Star Wars – the scavenger who somehow stays optimistic and hopeful despite a hard life in the desert. She finds a stillness and strength in the Force that she never expected. Honestly my favorite Star Wars character.

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when ???? stevidot ???? shippers???? complain ???? about???? su ???? critical????????? u literally ship a pedophilic relationship quit trying to act high and mighty ok thx
Camilla Luddington and Matthew Alan Welcome Daughter Hayden | People Babies

Camilla Luddington is a mom!

The Grey’s Anatomy star and her boyfriend Matthew Alan have welcomed a daughter named Hayden, the actress shared on Instagram Tuesday.

“We have a new great love in our lives… our sweet baby girl…Hayden,” the new mom captioned a black-and-white clip of the pair with their new baby girl.

Hayden is the first child for Luddington, 33, and fellow actor Alan, who recently starred in the critically acclaimed Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why.

C: I hate that movies and films are popular and get so many nice things said about them because it’s a mostly white “star-studded” cast. There’s a horror film coming out called “The Beguiled” and I watched the trailer and it was honestly so dry and not even scary. But the way people are talking about it in the comments you’d think it was the best movie to ever be filmed. But when it’s a mostly black movie or film all you get is hate and harsh criticism. Just look at “13 Reasons Why” and “The Get Down.”

The Night Sky

Yay! First fanfiction. Please don’t judge too harshly. Also very new to tumblr. This takes place before aCoTaR while Rhys is still under the mountain, five years before he meets Feyre. He has a dream on the night of Starfall in the future where he has a mate and everyone is happy. Feyre is still the breadwinner of the family back when she is 13? 14? Criticism is appreciated!


After long day of scouring through the large, snow coated woods, searching for any poor animal that would find its way through her cheap arrow, Feyre trudged back to her little cottage stomped her snow dusted boots onto the small rug. Feyre looked down at her broken and tattered boots and sighed. She needed new ones. She placed her too small boots next to Nesta’s and Elain’s and sighed again. She looked around her cramped cottage as her stomach gurgled. The aroma of freshly baked bread danced throughout the tiny house and made its way to Feyre’s nose. The girl’s nostrils flared as she regarded the golden loaf of bread next to the oven with longing. Feyre’s stomach growled again and she frowned.

Feyre walked towards the the small, crackling fireplace and warmed her hands, blowing into them every so often for warmth. She stripped off her jacket, if you could even call the thin piece of dark blue wool a jacket, and hung the garment. She looked out the window and her grey eyes widened. The night sky was always the Feyre’s favourite thing in the world. She relished the moments when she was able to just lay back and admire the stars. She found comfort in its dark colours and patterns, of how you would never be able to count all of its stars.

Feyre walked up the stairs and winced as the stairs creaked with every gentle step she took, afraid of waking her two elder sisters. She passed the mirror of her bedroom and looked at her reflection. Her once shiny copper-gold hair was now dull and dry. Her eyes, once bright blue-grey and happy, only looked dark, with under eye bags, a result of restless nights and early mornings. She looked down and stared at her hands, red and cracked from the bitter winter cold. The girl sighed and reached the room and eased herself down onto the bed, wincing once again as the bed creaked. She laid down on the edge of the bed where her sisters slept. She lifted her feet, tucked them into the blanket, and wrapped the blanket around her small body, taking any warmth the patchy quilt offered her. The girl gazed out the window and sighed as she saw the night, her favourite thing, and knew that someone else was out there, watching, as she was at that moment. Slowly, Feyre’s eyelids drooped as she fell asleep with a smile on her face.


The melody of the song playing at Rita’s, their inner circle’s favourite restaurant, was as happy as can be. With a bouncing melody that you could never forget, the group danced merrily through the night. Mor, already on her third drink, was a bright beacon of light in the night, with the lights reflecting her golden hair and eyes, and a smile brighter than the sun itself. Beside her was Azriel, dancing alongside her, swaying the beat. His gaze, warm only for Morrigan, was on Mor’s every move. Azriel grinned, even though his face did not usually reveal his emotions. He was happiest with Morrigan.

Rhysand smiled to himself as he knew that his brother was finally happy, despite his dark past. Beside them was Cassian, dancing with his mate. His mate, whose spirit was hot like fire and with a tongue sharper than a butcher’s knife, a perfect match to Cassian’s large ego and teasing jokes. Cassian said something and laughed. His brother extended his hand to his mate and walked towards the dance floor, joining Az, Mor, Amren, and the crowd.

The crowd suddenly went silent. One single glowing star fell. One that took everybody’s breath away, as two other stars followed the first. Lights cascaded the night as the bright stars fell, leaving a trail of bright twinkling light.

Starfall. Everybody’s favourite time of the year in the City of Starlight, also known as Velaris.

“Shall we?”

His gaze went to the direction of the voice. The voice that belonged to his mate. His high lady. She donned a black dress, a black piece of shimmery fabric hanging off her shoulders. Her hair, golden copper hair that reflected light with every turn and move, pinned up. No doubt Mor’s handiwork. He gazed into her brilliant blue-grey eyes and smiled. A warm feeling extended down the bond between them as she extended her hand towards Rhysand. Her eyes crinkled as she let out a smile that made his very heart stop beating.

Rhysand grinned back and reached out to his mate and clasped her hand. They walked over to the dance floor and held each other in their arms, comfortable in the silence. Their tenth Starfall together. Rhysand pulled back and kissed her on the head.

Feyre looked up at his violet eyes and said, “Thank you for spending Starfall with me. You make everything better just by being here.”

Rhysand looked down and wondered just how he ended up with someone as beautiful, not just on the outside but within. Her beauty and kindness, whispered amongst his people. Her love and care, for their family. Her laughs, a whimsical sound that you would willingly listen to every day.

“No Rhysand, thank you. Thank you for giving me this. A loving family,” she gestured to the inner circle. “A beautiful city with wonderful people,” she looked over at the citizens of Velaris. “And most of all, thank you for giving me the memories we’ve made over the past ten years. The best ten years of my life. I have enjoyed every single wondrous moment you have given moment we have spent together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Rhysand. For everything. I love you.”

With a hoarse voice, Rhysand whispered, “I love you too.”

Pure, unending torture. Rhysand sprang up, panting hard, sweat covering his entire body. The good dreams were always the worst. Anything that brought back memories of his family, of Velaris, always tore his heart apart and caused an abundance of agony. Every. Single. Time.

Rhysand gazed over to where Amarantha laid beside him on the silken bed sheets. Amarantha, knowing it was Starfall, made Rhysand service her longer than most nights. Rhysand pretended not to hear the whispers regarding him or the title he had won since being Under the Mountain. “Amarantha’s Whore”, they called him. He had to shut his eyes to refrain from vomiting. Rhysand laid down on his back again.

His mate.

Rhysand knew he would never have a mate. Would never be lucky enough to have one. He did not deserve one. He had done deeds far worse than one could imagine. Ones that he had to force to the back of his mind. For the past couple of years, his dreams had been getting worse. He had dreams of a beautiful young woman, a high fae. One far too good for him. One he did not deserve. The woman in his dreams had been visiting his dreams for years now. The only piece of light in this chamber of unending pain and suffering that had become his life. And yet he still didn’t know her name. He only knew of her brilliant blue eyes and golden hair.

Rhysand squeezed his eyes closed and tried not to imagined how his family was doing back home, as it would only bring more pain. His heart longed for even a glimpse of the beautiful night. Of Mor. Azriel. Cassian. Amren. He took in a deep breath and tried to calm his racing heart.

Just five more years. Five more years.

Forty-four years have already passed. He could handle five more.

Rhysand shut his eyes once more and fell asleep with the need to see the night sky for the first time in forty-five years.