Perhaps the second most irrational criticism I came across of Into the Woods (first, being the “there was too much music in this musical!” folks) is someone who thought “Johnny Depp came off as a pedo.”

To which I retort, Dude, you should have seen the wolf in the original 1987 production.

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  • Amazon User:*reviews Stones to Abbigale*
  • Me:You didn't read it.
  • Amazon User:Yes I did.
  • Me:No you didn't. You read the first chapter at most, and then wrote a review as if you read the whole thing.
  • Amazon User:...
  • Me:You gave me 3/5 stars, and you didn't even read 1/19th of it.
  • Amazon User:Yeah I did, I mentioned the "NISEONE" part! That proves I read it!
  • Me:That was in the first chapter.
  • Amazon User:...3/5 stars!
  • Me:(^_^) Fuck you very much.

“He established a system of obsessions that would enhance his life on a narcissistic level but consume all his vitality. A creature who walls himself in to remain self-sufficient, in a permanent state of siege, is condemned to permanent vigilance. Everything is threatening; every spot is vulnerable. One cannot let down one’s guard anywhere, every act of carelessness is punished, and a single leak will sink the ship. If nothing can enter, and all cracks are sealed, nothing can exit either.” (x


Wow. These have to be the worst reactions to the torture report

The report’s “executive summary” is 499 pages long — cut down from the 6,300 in the still-classified official report — and heavily redacted. But it tells stories of detainees who were left to freeze to death naked below the waist on a concrete floor, and many more driven insane as officers carried out mock executions and burials. 

But even these stories, in all their grotesque detail, were not enough to sway some of the hardest of the Bush-era hardliners.

Cheney: “I think that’s all a bunch of hooey.”