criticize her for her white savior complex


Louise Linton’s memoir about her year in Zambia sparks outrage with white savior clichés

Scottish actress Louise Linton’s memoir In Congo’s Shadow: One Girl’s Perilous Journey to the Heart of Africa, that details her 1999 gap year in Zambia, is being slammed by critics, especially Zambians, as being not only dripping in white savior complex — as in having a patronizing, oversimplifying and colonialist narrative — but also fabricated. The alleged lies are glaringly obvious.

anonymous asked:

i agree with the anon re: Layne. she criticizes A LOT and she operates under the guise of selflessness but really it is an attempt to masquerade her self promotion and attention seeking ways. her status as a cis white woman places her solidly in a position of power that allows her to speak more freely than poc, woc, non-binary, gender non-conforming persons. she has a white savior complex and is either unaware or uses it for "professional," social, and/or economic gains. Layne is a trope.

to the other anon: i think you got your answer