criticisms of meat eating

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Do you criticize the carnivorous animals that eat meat to survive too? Lol because it's not their personal choice either. They could easily just climb up a tree and eat leaves instead right

It’s actually really worrisome that some people think this way. Lions don’t go to the grocery store for their meat. We’re not wild carnivorous animals. Lions and other carnivores need meat to survive, They’re equipped with the jaws, teeth, claws, instincts and intestines for it. We don’t run on instincts, you don’t see roadkill and get hungry, or prey on a moving squirrel. We have choices, we don’t need meat. We’re lazy, entitled and selfish humans, that’s all. We move our cart about the meat section of the grocery store and mumble about being at the top of the food chain, what a joke lol

The only negative thing about not eating meat is all of the criticism and “oh you’re one of those” I get over it. Like honestly I’m not gonna criticize you for eating meat so please stop criticizing me for not eating it, let’s just stay out of each other’s food choices completely.

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Their relationship comes so naturally everybody was surprised when they announced they were dating because “You guys weren’t dating already?”. Kaminari still claim Kirishima is too good for Bakugou.

Kirishima initiates almost everything. Dates, nicknames, hand holding, hugs, kisses. Bakugou is irritated when he shows affection in public. 

They spend their time doing “manly things” together. You name it: playing baseball, surfing, mountain climbing, barbecuing, watching sports, sparring, quirk training, playing video games. When they get bored they just make out on Bakugou’s bed.

Bakugou criticizes Kirishima’s diet which consists mostly of meat and forces him to eat vegetables. He also tells him to get a haircut.

When they interact with other people Kirishima has to apologize 70% of the time for the things that come out of Bakugou’s mouth. 

Once Kirishima got a big tear in his pants in a sensitive place and that’s when he discovers Bakugou can sew and will kill anybody who knows about it.

Bakugou makes bento for Kirishima sometimes.

Kirishima calls Bakugou by his first name a few weeks into their relationship but Bakugou refuses to call him anything other than kusokami. He also calls him “my shitty boyfriend”.

Kirishima named a star he bought online Katsuki (I got this idea from a real-life story posted online).

Kirishima buys them matching tees. Bakugou wears them at home pretty often.

They occasionally have spontaneous spicy food-eating contest. Kirishima always wins and Bakugou gets really pissed he keeps demanding rematches.

They live together after graduation and work as partners. Kirishima keep breaking things in the house so Bakugou yells at him constantly. He also keeps buying weird collectionner stuff online that Bakugou doesn’t approve of.

I’m sorry there isn’t much! 

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It's OK To Do Wrong Things...But Don't Try And Defend It

Me: Hello Corndog!

Corndog: AGH! Don’t Eat Me! I’m terrible for the environment and you’d be contributing to a system that will lead to the ultimate destruction of trillions of dollars in infrastructure!


Look…basically every time I spend money on a non-necessary thing (like, for example, a hot shower or an artichoke or a flight to Los Angeles) I am contributing negatively to the world. I am, by omission, not spending money saving lives that would be very easy to save. This is objectively true.

I can do three things about it:

1. Attempt to defend myself with lots of logic and mental gymnastics.

2. Ignore it completely

3. Recognize the fact that, y'know, I do some things that affect the world negatively. But I’ve gotta live my life and do things that I enjoy.

I see a lot of #1 in my ask box right now; People having lots of opinions on meat eating and why I’m wrong about it. I can’t help but feel like their opinions aren’t based in objective examination of the world, but in attempting to defend a behavior they enjoy. (This is not, by any means, the majority of my asks…others are criticizing me for eating meat, others are agreeing with me, others are telling me that they need to eat meat for medical reasons (which, good lord, I am /not/ criticizing.)

Anyhow, I think #3 is the high road here…even though it sounds kinda gross “I know meat eating is bad but I do it anyway because I am weak and/or busy.” Does this make me a bad person? No, it does not. It just makes me a less good person.

The idea that every one of your actions and behaviors could fit perfectly with your values system seems completely impossible to me.

Dear everyone

If you are a vegan do you know the feeling you get when an omnivore criticizes the fact that you don’t eat meat? You get this annoyed, frustrated, why do you care what I eat feeling?

If you eat meat do you know the feeling you get when an herbivore criticizes the fact that you eat meat? You get this annoyed, frustrated, why do you care what I eat feeling?

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Moral of the story, stop saying eating meat is bad. Stop saying not eating meat is bad. We all eat what we do for a reason. Sometimes for health, pleasure, needs, satiation, religion, season, just…just no more rude comments about anyone else’s choices!