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This really represents how I have been mostly avoiding my dash and just going on Leah’s blog instead to like/reblog stuff because it has better chances of me enjoying the content. XD

Capturing the Human Condition

We’ve checked out artist Dave Kinsey’s creative workspace before and now we dive deeper into his intriguing paintings.

Kinsey’s multilayered works “attempt to capture the universal essence of the human condition mainly through a symbolic portrayal of contemporary life.” His works are breathtaking and filled with a level of complexity that can be easily missed upon first glance. They’ve been featured in a multitude of museums and exhibitions including The URBIS Museum in Manchester, NEXT Chicago, Joshua Liner Gallery in NY, Alice Gallery and Art Brussels in Belgium.


The last time I wore this shirt my girlfriend got pissed off at me. Why? Because I wasn’t well dressed enough to match her getup. I didn’t really think it mattered seeing as she was already forcing me to go out with her to a ridiculous get together with her friends. The only reason she wanted to bring me was because her friends were all bringing their significant others. Even though I had to work early the next day. She spent the whole night bitching at me because either I wasn’t interacting, spending too much time on my phone or for being too tired to want to do anything.

Fantastic evening. Still one of my favorite shirts though.