Critical Review about the article “Ottomania” by Elif Batuman - The New Yorker

Tuesday 11th october 2016


Written by Yaiza Schmid

Elif Batuma is an american writer born in 1977 in New York. After graduating in Harvard College and receiving her doctorate in comparative literature from Stanford University, she published her first book, „The Possessed: Adventures with Russian Books and the people Who Read Them“. The american writer with turkish parents received wide recognition for her stories in the National Book Critics Award and in the 2014 „Best American travel writing“ among others. Since 2010 she has been a staff writer at „The New Yorker“.
In her publication “Ottomania” (2014) Batuma relates about own experiences and historic facts, giving us too some information about president Erdogan and the situation in Turkey at that time and in the past.  

In the article „Ottomania, Letter from Istanbul“ written in 2014, Elif Batuma introduces the theme with an extract from an episode from a very popular turkish soap opera called „Magnificent Century“ since 2011, based on the reign of Suleyman from 1520  to 1566. The life of the harem is part of the enormous trend called Ottomania in the hole Turkey. The writer shows us how history and the past of the Ottoman reign in 1453 is influencing the modern turkish culture, design and life style. After that the author sneaks the „Erdogan’s situation“ and the protests that are happening because of his desire of convert a central park in a Ottoman-style shopping mall. „Magnificent Century“ is the perfect way to obtain the type of society and image that Erdogan is persuiting; Prosperous middle class family watching once a week their own values reflected in a historical imperial setting. The achievement from Suleiman and the essence of the Ottoman reign represents the main goals from the politician. But the way the soap opera shows how the harem was and the image of Suleyman, as well as their directors and broadcasters behaviour out of the set, wasn’t his cup of tea; so he declared that the show would be discontinued.

The writer switches back to the history of the Ottoman Empire explaining when and how it was founded, telling how it developed and its decline in the seventeenth century. It continued until 1920 with the Treaty of Versailles and the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire and after that with the triumph of the Turkish Republic over Western imperialism. The author carries on writing in detail about the relevant facts that happened in Turkey all over the years, mentioning the little information that we get about the Ottomans in the schoolbooks summarizing it in „A family of profligates“.

Batuman E. explains that from 1924 on, the Turkish tried to find their own identity and language. As seen in her way of writing, the author swap suddenly to another topic; she relates about the directors of „Magnificient Century“ and the controversy that the show had. The turkish are looking for answers, for the confirmation of their beliefs, the debate about the well known soap opera „clears“ who they are and where they come from. Buy a Ottoman Hurrem’s style ring in the Bazar and then you will understand.

My questions about Batuman’s text are:

- Is the author trying to tell us that the Turks are looking for their real identity and their essence? Have they lost it after all whathas been happening in the past and in the present?

President Erdongan eating chicken drumstick, bite after bite


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