critical system failure

Prompt:  Sans x Gaster (no family relationship), one of them having a really bad day and the other one doing anything to comfort them. 

Thank you for the prompt, @rag–tag, and no worries about sending me this ship.  This Gaster’s a completely different dude with the same name than the other Gaster I’ve written.

Rating: G

Characters: Gaster (non-skeleton), Sans

Summary: Gaster is struggling with a problem at work, and comes home in a bad mood.  I also wrote a little about them getting together, just to try and set in my head what their relationship would be like before I got to the h/c.  

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Gemini VIII Mission Image - Agena, 03/16/1966

File Unit: Gemini VIII, 03/16/1966 - 03/16/1966.  Photographs of the Mercury and Gemini Space Programs. Records of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Gemini VIII, launched on March 16, 1966, was the twelfth manned  American space flight and the first involving the docking of two spacecraft in orbit*, the other being the Agena target vehicle. It was also the first space flight of Neil Armstrong, who would later claim the distinction of being the first man on the moon. However, it was also the first U.S. spacecraft to experience a critical in-space system failure that threatened the lives of the astronauts and required an immediate abort of the mission. This photo, taken from the Gemini capsule, shows the Agena and the west coast of Mexico.

(*Gemini VI and VII had earlier achieved an “orbital rendezvous,” maneuvering to within 1 foot of each other while in orbit.)

More at the NASA Gemini Mission Page