critical mess


Fenris and Isabella rip off a piece of Hawke’s bedsheet once romanced yes yes but MERRILL gets level 6000 magical girl armor and staff??? like your bae could neve r…..


this is really just a nitpick but lapis’ dress bothers me alot

its length changes constantly and it goes from a poofy kind of bell shape to just really flat also sometimes she has a waistband but sometimes she doesnt 

i wasnt sure if i should include this one or not since shes sitting not standing but her dress is almost covering her feet here?

su crew: writes an episode where amethyst is pointedly MUCH more upset about rose’s death than any scene pearl has ever had about it (Maximum capacity)

su crew, also: never actually shows us any amethyst and rose development because apparently their relationship meant nothing and its ALL PEARL NOW

su crew, while sticking their heads in the sand: titlebaits us with “the kindergarten kid”, an episode which everyone assumed would be amethysts backstory FINALLY but turned out to be 11 minutes of a shitty parody aka gremlin’s universe

su crew: why are our ratings dropping :(

honestly i think the biggest reason that su criticism is so harsh is that in the beginning tumblr hailed su as like, some kind of moral role model? if it hadnt had that kind of start im sure people would be willing to overlook its flaws and enjoy it, like you have to do with every piece of media, but we formed some expectation that it was meant to be a flawless moral standard and it Really got out of hand