critical environments

Our elders have been warning us about this for generations now—they saw the unsustainability of settler society immediately. Societies based on conquest cannot be sustained, so yes, I do think we’re getting closer to that breaking point for sure. We’re running out of time. We’re losing the opportunity to turn this thing around. We don’t have time for this massive slow transformation into something that’s sustainable and alternative. I do feel like I’m getting pushed up against the wall. Maybe my ancestors felt that 200 years ago or 400 years ago. But I don’t think it matters. I think that the impetus to act and to change and to transform, for me, exists whether or not this is the end of the world. If a river is threatened, it’s the end of the world for those fish. It’s been the end of the world for somebody all along. And I think the sadness and the trauma of that is reason enough for me to act.
—  Leanne Simpson, Nishnaabeg writer and theorist
Self-Care & Helpful Tips for ENFJ “The Giver”

Functions: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti


  • Tolerant
  • Reliable
  • Charismatic
  • Altruistic
  • Natural leader


  • Overly idealistic
  • Too selfless
  • Too sensitive
  • Fluctuating self-esteem
  • Struggle to make tough decisions

Turn-on = Effort

Turn-off = Unappreciative

What ENFJ stresses out

  • Being in critical or confrontational environments
  • Lack of appreciation or affirmation
  • Lack of harmony
  • Unexpected change
  • Inadequate time to complete work to their standards
  • Tense relationships or environments
  • Having to do mundane, repetitive tasks
  • Having to conform with something that goes against their values
  • Over-empathizing with others to the point of losing track of their own needs
  • Being misunderstood or not trusted
  • People not living up to their idealized expectations

How to help an ENFJ experiencing stress

  • Acknowledge how they feel.
  • Let them talk it out.
  • Remind them of their strengths and contributions.
  • Don’t use logic to talk them out of their stress.
  • Don’t ignore them, even if they seem irrational.
  • Give them a change of scenery to get away from the situation.
  • Go outdoors. Do some type of exercise with them.
  • Watch a lighthearted movie or comedy with them.
  • Do not patronize or dismiss their concerns.

    How ENFJ handle Grief

    • Distract themselves
    • Bottle up their feelings

    How ENFJ handle Guilt

    • Internalizes
    • Overcompensates for personal mistakes

    How ENFJ acts when Sad

    • Either stuck in a rut or totally apathetic

    What ENFJ should do after a Bad Day

    • Get a huge hug and a sincere reminder from a friend of why they love you and all that they’ve learned from you

    What ENFJ is like when Angry

    • If slightly angered, retreats to analyze the situation. If greatly angered, attacks the opposing party with cruel personal truths about him or her.

    What ENFJ should do Instead (when upset)

    • Recognize the subjective nature of their anger and keep an open mind to the opposite party’s point of view while discussing the issue.

    What ENFJ Struggle with

    • Letting others care for them

    What ENFJ are Hard on themselves for

    • Perfectionism/Carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders

    ENFJ’s Purpose in Life

    • Bring love where there is hate

    What ENFJ Need to Know

    • Sometimes it is okay to let other people make their own decisions and stop worrying so much about how people see you.

    What ENFJ should Never Forget

    • You are a considerate person and we all appreciate your giving heart and your ability to give us confidence.

    Hit the Road with #mypubliclandsroadtrip 2016 –  Week 1, Places That Rock!

    For the geologists, rock collectors and earth science lovers, this week is for you. The #mypubliclandsroadtrip 2016 heads out to find Places That Rock! on your public lands.  All week, roadtrip stops will feature landscapes shaped by cool geological processes and formations – caves, volcanoes, hoodoos and more.

    Our first stop is Sukakpak Mountain, one of the most visually stunning areas on ‪‎BLM‬‬ managed public lands along the Dalton Highway in northern ‪Alaska‬‬ (MP 203). A massive wall of Skajit Limestone rising to 4,459 feet (1,338 m) that glows in the afternoon sun, Sukakpak Mountain is an awe-inspiring sight. Peculiar ice-cored mounds known as palsas punctuate the ground at the mountain’s base. “Sukakpak” is an Inupiat word meaning “marten deadfall.” As pictured here from the north, the mountain resembles a carefully balanced log used to trap marten.

    Sukakpak Mountain was designated in 1990 as a BLM Area of Critical Environmental Concern or ACEC to protect extraordinary scenic and geologic formations.

    Follow all #mypubliclandsroadtrip stops in our @esri storymap journals: Explore #yourlands.

    And then there were 3… 

    ‘Rare northern white rhinoceros Nola dies to leave three left in the world’: The Independent.  

    Amending image from previous blog post from June this year: ‘Last legs: the species with only a few remaining individuals’- with original image from The Guardian.


    Muskegon Lake Habitat Restoration

    Muskegon Lake in Michigan was a dumping ground for foundries and paper mills for decades. We have helped fund several projects to remove debris and contaminated sediments, to help improve habitat for fish.

    Local residents appreciate that a healthy environment is critical to future development in the region: The projects have brought an uptick in local tourism, recreation, and job creation. A 2011 study determined that over 15 years, dollars invested in Muskegon Lake restoration will result in a 6-to-1 return to the local economy.

    virgos can be critical of their environment, but they rarely let people
    know what is really bothering them. they will cover up their true feelings with
    “oh it’s just the hot weather”, or, “I didn’t get much sleep last night”. the virgo is uncomfortable with dramatic displays and rarely indulges in attention seeking behavior

    I love David Bowie, here are some reasons why:

    - he made an enormous amount of work and never stopped doing it for long

    - he was constantly pushing at the edges of what he was doing and what was permissible, in an open and irreverent way

    - he was influenced by artists decades younger than him

    - he worked with enormous cosmic ideas in an engaging, human, impassioned way

    - he was critical of the political environment in which he was working and seemed aware of a balance between compromise & accountability

    - he was for most of my life the only person I knew of with any nuance or irony or queerness in their presentation of masculinity
    I’m a doctor. Preparing you for death is as much a part of my job as saving lives. - Vox

    Whoo, boy. Don’t try to read this in public, like I did. Tears, people staring. From an MD’s perspective, but applies to any health care worker in a critical care environment.

    If you experience moral distress from the slipshod way end-of-life patients are treated in the ICU, this will speak to you.

    He may look happy, but this Sulawesi Forest Turtle (Leucocephalon yuwonoi) is listed as Critically Endangered. His species has been decimated by the illegal wildlife trade and may not survive without our help.