critical care specialist

One of the Coolest (and Often Unknown) Aspects of Vet Med Is:

The sheer amount of variety in this profession. For instance, being a veterinarian, you can be: 

-> A general practitioner. 

-> A veterinarian working for the CDC to combat bio-terrorism. 

-> A researcher that works in a human hospital to make advances in human and animal health. 

-> An oncologist. 

-> A zoo and/or wildlife veterinarian.

-> A veterinary dentist. 

-> An anatomical pathologist that performs necropsies (autopsies) and analyzes and interprets tissue samples.  

-> An orthopedic surgeon.  

-> A state veterinarian who monitors foreign animal diseases and promotes public health.  

-> A veterinarian inspecting and keeping our meat and livestock products safe for human use and consumption 

-> A poultry veterinarian. 

-> A radiologist that interprets CT scans, MRIs, and radiographs (x-rays).

-> An equine surgeon.

-> An emergency and critical care specialist. 

-> A cardiologist. 

And the list goes on and on and on. The variety of this career continues to astound me, and I know wherever I end up, there will always be other doorway of opportunities available to me to advance my passion for vet med, and my career.