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It was all going so well, Percy thinks despairingly as he digs through the snow. Vex is on her knees beside him, lips bitten red to keep herself from laughing. He can’t have botched it too badly if Vex is more amused than exasperated with him, but still, there’s something inherently wrong here. Percy should be the only one on his knees here, but of course he dropped the fucking ring.
This is why Percy just shouldn’t plan things out - his plans always end up getting turned on their heads. This morning had been lovely, waking up together as usual, with an empty day of relaxation ahead of them. Vex hadn’t seemed to suspect anything when Percy suggested they take a walk together. Cassandra hadn’t tracked him down with any unexpected tasks that needed completing. He’d managed to say everything he meant to say, the cold seeping into him where he’d gone down on one knee. Percy was even fairly certain Vex was going to say yes, and then his stupid shaking hands had betrayed him.
The ring - made in his workshop months ago, white gold with two sapphires on either side of a tastefully large diamond - had fallen from his fingers almost as if in slow motion. Percy heard Vex inhale a gasp as it fell, the bright little circle disappearing instantly into the snow.
“Oh fuck me,” Percy muttered in the second before panic truly hit. And now, here they are, the pair of them shuffling numb fingers through the snow, looking for an engagement ring. Perhaps it’s a sign.
“Percy.” His head lifts as if pulled up at Vex’s voice. Pink cheeked in the cold and smiling more widely than Percy has seen in a while, Vex doesn’t look nearly as upset as he thinks would be fair. “Even if we can’t find it -”
“We’ll get Keyleth out here to- to melt the snow or something. I’ll find it, I promise. It’s not magnetic, but…”
Percy,” she repeats, more firmly. He shuts his mouth, wincing, and that’s a very good idea, given Vex leans forward a second later to put her lips on his. It’s one of the better kisses Percy’s had, Vex pushing into him and humming a pleased noise, breaking away for just a moment to get a better angle for coaxing his mouth open. They’re both breathing a little more heavily when she backs away, letting Percy follow her as she leans back. Her fingers play over his lips a second, callused tips pressing into his bruise-sensitive lower lip as she smiles slow and adoring.
“Let me finish,” she says, voice lowered to an intimate level. “Even if we can’t find the ring, my answer is yes. I just wanted to say, in case you were worried. Yes, Percy, I’ll marry you.”
The tension releases from his chest as Percy nods a bit uncontrollably.
“Still,” he says, more easily than he could have a moment ago. “I think we’d better find it if we can. Cassandra is rather expecting to base her reaction on whether or not you’re wearing it, you see.”

Your face when watching the Cars 3 trailer.

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I’m watching Casino Royale again and hooooooooooly…

Given that I’m still dying over the thought of a genderswapped 007 AU with Vex as Bond and Percy as…a Q/Bond Girl hybrid? 11/10 would fancast again, holy cats.

I am so into this. So. Into. This. Maybe I’ll write a short one :’D

EXO Reaction to You Being Critically Injured in a Car Accident


Anonymous: hi could i get exo’s reaction to their s/o being critically injured in car accident?? 

This is our first EXO reaction so we hope you guys like it!

Trigger Warning: Contains content about injury and possible death

Xiumin: Unlike the other members, Xiumin would be enraged at the driver who caused you this harm. He’d be filled with rage and sadness, but when he’d lay eyes on you, all his anger and sadness intensified. He would be in despair knowing you were in this much pain and angry that’s someone could do this. He’d sit next to you ensuring that you everything will be fine and whoever did this to you will be held responsible. 

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Luhan: Luhan would remain calm. He’d try his best to have a strong composure for you because he knew crying wouldn’t help the situation, nor help your injury. When the nurse finally allowed him to visit you he’d simply sit next you till you woke up. He’d place a kiss on your forehead and tell you that you were going to be okay and everything will get better.

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Kris: Upon hearing the news of your accident Kris would remain calm as opposed to the other members. He knew that hysterical crying and moping wouldn’t help your critical state, so he would patiently wait for any word from the doctors and nurses. Eventually, when Kris would finally see you in your critical state, he’d break down in tears. He’d hate seeing you like this so he’d remain by your side for hours waiting until you’d wake up.

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Suho: When Suho got the call that you had been in a critical accident, he would be beyond heartbroken. He would stop whatever he was doing (whether it being in the middle of dance practice or about to go on stage) and rush to the hospital to be by your side. He would want to know every single detail of how it happened, who was involved, and what state you were in. Suho would be really emotional but would try to stay strong just for you.

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Lay: Lay would be anxious to know if you were okay. He would try to be calm as he wouldn’t want to think of the worst. When he would get to the hospital, he would insist on seeing you. If he was denied the request, he would beg the nurses to at least tell him the condition that you were in. When he found out about your injuries, he would feel heartbroken and fall back into a seat. He would constantly be reassuring himself that everything will be alright, and the fact that you were alive and breathing right now was all that mattered.

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Baekhyun: As Baekhyun would receive the news, he’d be in utter and complete shock. It will take him a while to register what he’d heard and ask numerously “are you sure it’s (Y/N)?!”  When he’d arrive the ER, he would listen to the doctors discussing your injury and would automatically think the worse. Baekhyun would break down in the waiting room and plead to the doctors to see you could just to see if you were alright.

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Chen: Chen would be saddened to hear what happened to you. He would hope that you were okay and nothing was too serious. He wouldn’t cry or breakdown as he would want to be strong for you. He wouldn’t want to worry the other members either, so he would leave without causing too much commotion. Chen would wait for however long it would take for any updates and when a nurse appeared in his sight, he would stand up waiting for any good news. Chen would ultimately pray that you were okay and would stay by your side for as long as he could.

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol wouldn’t believe it. He would go to the hospital immediately, keeping all his emotions bottled up. During the car ride there, he would pray that you were okay and your injuries were only minor. When he got to the hospital and the nurse told him what had happened, Chanyeol would feel his heart stop. He would get a little angry at himself, but his anger would soon turn into sadness, causing him to breakdown, praying that you will be okay.

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D.O: D.O would be in shock when he got the call. He wouldn’t think it was real and it would take some time for him to process the unfortunate news. As time went on, D.O. would become sadder and eventually angry. He would be angry at everyone involved in the car crash, and he would even be angry at himself. He would scream and shout due to all his anger, thinking “if only I was there,” or ways that he could have prevented it.

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Tao: As soon as Tao heard your name and the word accident come up in the same sentence, he would start crying. Tao would immediately think of the worst case scenario which would cause him to become even sadder. He would go to the hospital questioning every single person in sight, including patients, to where you were and if you were okay. After he finally gathered himself up to see you, he would walk into your room holding his breath. However, when he saw you and the state you were in, he would breakdown again. He would stay by your side the whole time with your hand in his as he constantly assuring you that everything will be alright.

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Kai: Kai would be confused and unsure of what to do. He would be filled with mixed emotions such as anger, sadness, and regret. He would want to visit you right away to make sure that you were alright. He would want to be by your side, knowing that you needed him. If Kai wasn’t allowed to visit you, he would stay in the waiting room with his hyungs by his side for support.

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Sehun: At around midnight, when Sehun received news of your accident, he would become devastated and worried. He would gather his hyungs and rush to the hospital as fast as he could. Sehun and a couple of the members would wait for any news about your state. However as time went on, Sehun grew all the more anxious. Eventually, Sehun would break down in his Hyung’s arms hoping you’d be alright.

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