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So I gave myself a sad on the way home from work. I’m not masochistic (or sappy) enough to write all of it, but I’m sharing a bit, anyway.

(Implied spoilers for episode 103.)


The third time Percy dies, it’s an instantaneous thing. Maybe the whole process has changed somehow in the last 60 or so years, since the last time he did this. Whatever it is, he’s grateful for the lack of drama. 

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the enemy of your enemy might be your girlfriend

Kima hates her roommate. Allura hates her roommate. Should be simple, right? Unfortunately, some battles you just can’t fight alone. [4.2K]

a (very late) kimallura college au for @faded-coat-of-blue


Her roommate has moved in by the time she arrives, one side of the room decorated in soft blues and deep gold, as if someone’s pinterest board threw up extra-long twin sheets and a wall tapestry. Books are neatly arranged on the shelf by height and there’s a backpack slung over the back of the standard-issue dorm chair, notebooks stacked precisely on the desk. The girl herself is nowhere to be seen.

Kima already knows she’s going to hate her.

“Well,” says Vord stiffly, looking around the room, from her roommate’s meticulously organized shelves to the three duffle bags sitting in the middle of Kima’s flimsy blue plastic mattress. “Here you are, then.”

“Yeah,” Kima grunts. “Right.”

Vord clears his throat. “I will see you in the summer. Should you, ah, need anything during the year––”

“I’ll figure it out,” she interrupts, ready to be gone of him yesterday, if not earlier.

He opens his mouth for a moment, as if to say something, and thinks better of it. Maybe he can learn, Kima thinks, which is sort of unkind but also not unwarranted. “Yes, well. Goodbye.”


She waits until he’s gone to slump on the shitty blue mattress, bags sliding on the plastic. The half-assed door decorations on the propped-open door proudly present her name and one Allura in crooked cursive.

Allura. What kind of shit name is Allura anyways?

She takes a deep breath. No, c’mon. New experiences. A college education. Time away from the home and its strict rules. It’s a good experience. A good experience.

It’d be better if she actually believed that.

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my sketches are Small and Bad™️, featuring all your fave characters:

- scritchy scratchy drummer girl
- dirk idk what happened gently
- im so sorry jade
- forehead brotzman

12 times peter kissed y/n

don’t hate me for this


  1. As toddlers, you and Peter met at daycare. You approached him after thinking of him- as your mother still teases you with- “the least stupid kid there” and after a solid day of block tower building, you kissed his cheek before leaving.
  2. As older children, you were just as heartbroken to hear that Uncle Ben had passed. Uncountable tears flowed and on his funeral, Peter receives a small, tear-flavoured kiss on his cheek. He squeezed your hand carefully and somehow managed to give you a small smile, though quickly tears were running down both his and your cheeks again.
  3. As a fourteen year old, you caught Peter staring at you. After teasing him relentlessly for days, you said “No hard feelings, bug” and kissed his respective cheek again, only to have his face turn the brightest shade of red and your laugh to echo through the cafeteria.
  4. As fifteen year olds, you two started dating and after you first date, there was the first actual kiss. In front of your apartment building, hiding for the rain after Peter walked you home from the arcade. It was a longing, sweet kiss waiting to happen and after laughing at Peter’s “Damn”, it was followed by more. Many more since that happened.
  5. At sixteen, you walked in on Peter in the spidey suit, your mouth dropping open. “Woah-holy shit” is the only noise that you made after a solid two minutes of staring as Peter tried, and failed, to explain what was actually going on. You shut him up with a kiss, the heart soaring kind that you melt into and all was well.
  6. At eighteen, you got a call from an unknown number. After picking up, you were told by Tony Stark himself that Peter got hurt on a mission, that he was in a critical condition and a car was on the way to pick you up. Your world stopped. You dropped your phone and after sobbing for a good moment, you picked your phone back up as you hurried down your apartment building. A kiss quickly followed as you saw Peter, straight out of surgery and perfectly fine- bless Tony Stark.
  7. As twenty three year olds, you kissed Peter with the biggest smile on your face after you both had signed your joining apartment, in front of your landlord’s office. Real. Official. Proud. More happy than anything.  
  8. At twenty six, your mouth fell open as Peter sank down on one knee. After nodding and yelling yes over the traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, which earned applause from bystanders and Ned filming every bit, you pulled him up a bit and kissed him in the way your heart skips a beat or two.
  9. As twenty eight year olds, you two finally got married. As cliche it is, one of the best days of your life, accompanied with one of the best kisses of your life.
  10. At thirty two, after the most painful and tiring moment of your life, you shared a sweet, short kiss. In Peter’s arms was the baby girl that you were more then happy to call you yours.
  11. At fifty, after letting out a deep sigh, you tilted your head to give Peter a kiss. You already felt sad, even though your daughter had barely left the driveway.
  12. “I love you so much” Ninety nine. A short kiss, one that tasted like tears and remembrance. Peter closed his eyes.

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I thought I lost you // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n is in a car accident and Shawn leaves one of his concerts to be with her.

Requested: nope

I tried peeling my eyes open but the harsh light made them snap shut again. Groaning, pain traveled up my body as I tried to move to a more comfortable position.

“Shh, stay still. You’re in a lot of pain,” A soft voice told me, gently moving my blankets back over me from when they fell previously. Finally being able to open my eyes I looked around the room I was in.

“Where am I?” I asked, voice scratchy. The room was small and completely white. A machine beeped near my head but it hurt to move to look at it.

“You’re in hospital,” a nurse tells me, looking up from the clipboard to meet my eyes. “You we’re in a serious car accident but you’re stable now.” She pushes her glasses up from where they were sliding down her nose. Her dark hair was tied back in a bun and she looked a few years older then what I was.

“Okay,” I murmur, my gaze moving to the small, fourth story window displaying the park down below. My head felt as though I had been hit by a truck, ironic as I was in a car accident, and my body felt like mush when I tried to move it.

“You woke up just in time for you to receive more pain killers, you’ll be getting them around every 4 hours. Dr Samaro will be in later this evening also to check in just to make sure everything’s okay after the surgery.” She tells me, putting a fluid into the drip connected to me.

“I had surgery?” I asked dazed, the information taking a while to process.

“You had a couple shattered ribs, one of the bones was pressing into your lungs which nearly ruptured it so we had to operate to fix it. You also suffered from a mild concussion and also a small fracture in your left knee,”

“Wow,” my mind was blank and all I wanted to do was sleep.

“Your family has arrived, but right now I’m going to give you a medication that will help you sleep as you must be in a lot of pain,”

I nod my head, letting out a little “Mmh,” in agreement before sleep pulls me under.

Quiet chatter brings me out of the haze I was in. The room is darker than what it was before, creating faint shadows from the light against the faces of the two people who stand beside my bed.

“Y/n,” A women closet to me says, smiling at me softly. “I’m Dr Samaro, I operated on you this morning. I’m here to check how you’re feeling?”

“Alright I guess, the pain killers are working,” I chuckle slightly but think better of it when my ribs protest in pain.

“That’s good. All seems fine after the surgery, no internal bleeding or infections yet. They’re going to bring dinner round in half an hour and I advise that you eat in small mouthfuls okay?” I can detect a slight British accent when she speaks.

“Cool,” I say tiredly, looking up at her.

“There’s also someone here to see you in the waiting room, you can see them if you would like too?”

“Yes please,” I say, immediately perking up.

She nods and turns away, the nurse following swift behind her, the door shutting on her way out.

A minute later it reopens.

“Y/n, shit, Y/n,” Shawn appears, rushing over to my bed, grabbing my hand in his warm ones. “What did you do to yourself, huh?’ he kisses my forehead gently before kneeling down to be eye level with me.

“I’m fine,” I say, voice still raspy. His brown eyes lock with mine, filled with concern and fear for what could have happened. “It’s okay Shawn, I’m here,”

Tears well in his eyes and he brings my hand up to kiss my knuckles. “You scared the shit out of me! I was on stage then suddenly Andrew pulled me off to the side to tell me that you’d been in a car accident, critical condition, and quite possibly could die,”

My breathe falters. “Die?” I question, my voice just above a whisper.

“I left the arena immediately and booked a flight from Los Angeles to Toronto and I’ve been in the waiting room ever since. I got here a little before you first woke up but they wanted you to rest a bit more. Andrew got here a couple hours ago and mum and dad are coming in the morning with Aaliyah,”

I wipe away a tear that’s making its way down his cheek.

“God, I so thought that this was it. I thought I lost you,” more tears spill from him causing my own eyes to water.

“You didn’t loose me,” I attempt to say strongly but my voice tremors.

Shawn smiles, trying to pull himself together. “It just scared me, thinking that you could just be here one day and the next gone,”

“I know baby but you can’t think like that,” I say softly, my thumb stroking his hand.

“I’m sorry, I’m a mess,” he chuckles. “You’re the one in pain and I’m acting like this,”

“It just shows you care,” I say trying not to laugh as it hurts my ribs.

“As soon as I heard I was running, I was like lightning,” He says, proud at how fast he got here, making me grin.

“I bet you were,”

“Or the flash,” he has a thoughtful expression for a second. “I’m defiantly the flash,”

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                             F: Fluff  • A: Angst • SC: Suggestive Content



BTS Reaction to Their Child’s First Day of School

BTS Reaction to G-Dragon Announcing on an Interview That He is Dating         Their Bestfriend (and crush)

BTS Reaction to Rejecting Your Confession Because They Think of You as a     Younger Sister

BTS Reaction to You Being a Makeup Addict 

BTS Reaction to You Sleeping with a Stuffed Animal

BTS Reaction to Wearing High Heels for a Day as a Punishment

BTS Reaction to Their Idol Crush Saying He is Her Ideal Type

BTS Reaction to Their Crush Being Hesitant to Accept Their Confession Because of a Past Unrequited Love

BTS Reaction to Finding Out You’re Claustrophobic While in an Elevator

BTS Reaction to You Playing with Their Hair After a Long Day

BTS Reaction to You Slapping Their Butt Then Running Away

BTS Reaction to Confessing to Their Best Friend

BTS Reaction to You Getting Accepted into Performing Arts School

BTS Reaction to the Kid They’re Babysitting Saying “You and Y/N Should Get Married and Have A lot of Kids”

BTS Reaction to You Wanting Them to Massage Your Breasts Because You’re on Your Period

BTS Reaction to When You Hug Them Tightly Without Wearing a Bra

BTS Reaction to When They Accidentally Make Their Child Cry

BTS Reaction to You Running Into Your Ex

BTS Reaction to You Coming Home Drunk

BTS Reaction to You Falling Asleep on Them

BTS Reaction to You Wearing a Revealing Dress to an Award Show

BTS Reaction to You Starving Yourself to Fit Their Ideal Type

BTS Reaction to Your Having a Powerful Singing Voice

BTS Reaction to You Buying Them Expensive Gifts

BTS Reaction to Seeing You Cry for the First Time


A Housemaid (A/F) (You x Taehyung) (Ongoing) | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5After an unfortunate event, you must replace your mother’s job as a housemaid at the Kim residence.

Just Breathe. (Drama) (BTS) - Yoongi has an asthma attack, but have no fear Bangtan is here!

In Debt (F/Drama) (You x Jungkook) (Ongoing)  Part 1 | Part 2All your life you’ve been taken care of by your rich father and his money, but when a someone named Jungkook barges into your home demanding for his money back, your life is turned upside down.

Your Summer (F) (You x Taehyung) - Although you hate being on your father’s disgusting, filthy farm, Taehyung is the only thing that makes you want to stay.

Drained Out (F) (You x Jungkook) - You told Jungkook you missed him, so he tries his best to stay awake for you.

Run (A/F) (You x Hoseok) - Hoseok looks like trouble, so you’re surprised when he keeps you safe when you’re the one in trouble.

Y/N and Park (F) (You x Jimin) - Jimin was popular and you weren’t. You never thought your paths would cross, and you never wanted them to. However, fate had other plans. 



EXO Reaction to You Being Critically Injured in a Car Accident

EXO Reaction to You Falling Down the Stairs


Red (F) (You x Baekhyun) - You’re about to debut as a solo artist and your anxious to know what your boyfriend will think of your new hair. 



GOT7 Reaction to You Not Wearing a Bra

GOT7 Reaction to Protecting You During a Zombie Apocalypse 

GOT7 Reaction to Wearing High Heels For a Day as a Punishment 

GOT7 Reaction to You Being Kidnapped

GOT7 Reaction to You Wearing Their Clothes Everwhere

GOT7 Reaction to You Leaving Your Kid(s) Alone with Them For a Day

GOT7 Reaction to Another Member Saying You’re Their Ideal Type During an Interview

GOT7 Reaction to When They Make Their Child Cry

GOT7 Reaction to You Falling Asleep on Them



Oblivious (A/F) (You x Jaehyun) - Jaehyun thinks you’re cheating on him when you spend all of your time with your co-worker.


we don’t write for vixx anymore :(


VIXX Reaction When the Members Fall in Love with Sanghyuk’s Childhood       Bestfriend

VIXX Reaction to you Being the All-Rounder in Your Group


A Long Day at Work (F/SC) (You x Wonshik) - You had a long day at work and planned to go home and rest. However, your boyfriend Wonshik had other plans…

Miscommunication (F) (You x Leo) - You thought you were getting ready for a fancy date with your boyfriend, but after finding him under-dressed, you knew you would be left with disappointment.

Angel (A Racetrack x Reader)


Anyway, this is a mix between two requests! Sorry if it’s not exactly what either of you wanted, but I hope you enjoy anyway!

Words: 1079

Request:  Could you do a flirty/handsy race!!!! He’s my absolute favorite
I wish you would write a fic where race Higgins flirts with the girlsie reader constantly and she gets so tired of it and just kisses him, to which he just sits there totally stunned

Plot: Race is always flirting with Y/N, and one day she has enough of being ‘just friends’.

Characters: Race, Reader, Shoes (my OC)

A/N: Enjoy!

Warnings: Foul language, shit writing

Everyone knew Race and Romeo were the biggest flirts in the Manhattan Lodging House. So when Race started flirting with you, it was no surprise. And it was fun with all the cheesy pick-up lines and long glances. What was so surprising about it, was that you became the only person he flirted with. It was strange, seeing as the boy could seduce a tree. And soon cheesy pick-up lines turned into lingering touches, arms around the shoulder or the waist.

It drove you insane.

Who did he think he was? With his handsome face, his boyish grin, his messy greasy hair, always smelling like a mix of cigar smoke and newspapers? Who did he think he was making you fall in love with him?

It didn’t help that practically all the boys in the lodging house knew of your not-so-little crush on the flirt. Or that they had also noticed his lack of interest in other girls. It seemed every other hour someone would ask if he made a move. Or if you made a move. And there was the new term everyone used for you - “Race’s goirl”.

“Hey look, it’s Race’s goirl.”

“Hey, don’t get close Buttons, she’s Race’s goirl. He might get jealous.”

“And how is Race’s goirl doing?”

This drove you further into your down spiral of insanity. It was almost as if they were taunting you. It was as if they knew how badly you wanted their words to be true. But they could never be true. Right? Your selling partner, Shoes, didn’t seem to think so.

“How’s it feel, being Race’s goirl?” She asked out of nowhere. You roll your eyes, wiping sweat away from your forehead using your sleeve. Shoes stood proudly beside you, her hair tucked neatly beneath her cap. She always figured pretending to be a guy would help sell more papers.

“I’ll tell yah when I know.” You grumble. You raise a paper above your head, shouting the first obscene story that popped into your head. An older, balding man tosses you a dime before rushing off with the paper. “Thank yah kindly.” You say, though you’re positive he can’t hear you.

“What’re you two talkin’ about ova here?” With no warning, two lanky arms wrap around your waist. “Is it me?” Race breaths this into your ear, and you can feel your heart beat faster.

“You’s wish, Higgins.” Shoes says, sending you a discreet wink. “Shouldn’t you be sellin’ with Romeo?” She takes another paper out of her bag, waving it through the air with a shout of nonsense. Race moves so he’s standing beside you, an arm still around your waist.

“Why sell when I’s got betta things ta do?” He wiggles his eyebrows at you, using his free hand to take his cigar out of his mouth. “After all, gettin’ ta see this beautiful face is worth any ammount’a papes I got.” He taps you on the nose with a grin.

“Awe, look, she’s turnin’ pink!” Shoes teased, howling with laughter. You turn your head down, adjusting your cap to hide your face.

“You ain’t got money if you don’t sell papes, and if you don’t ‘ave money, you don’t get food, and if you don’t get food, you don’t live.” You argue, slapping his chest lightly.

“Awe, you’s care about me and mah well-bein’?” Race grins at you boyishly, adjusting his cap on his head. “I’m touched.” He placed a hand dramatically over his heart. “But don’t you worry ‘bout me angel, I’s already sold all my papes.”

“Well,if you ain’t here ta help,” Shoes cut in,waving a newspaper in Race’s face. “Go home. You’s can flirt with your goirl later.” Shoes is shoving him away before either of you can say anything. When he disappears around the corner, you openly glare at Shoes.

“I’m not his goirl.” You tell her firmly.

“Not yet.” She winks before waving another paper in the air. “Extry, extry, woman run over by car in critical condition!”

You sat on your bad that night,reading through one of the unsold papers Blink had brought back to the lodging house,when a not-so-mysterious weight was added to your bed.

“Race.” You greet him shortly, trying to fight back a smile.

“Afternoon, angel.” Race paced his head on your shoulder, glaring at the paper in your hand. “Anythin’ excitin’?”

“Not really.” You sigh. “I can’t understand most of them big words. I’ve ‘ad to skip three stories already ‘cuz I couldn’t read them.” You set the paper in your lap. “How do you do it? Read, I mean.”

“Well,” Race scratched the back of his neck. “I, uh, learned to read when I was young. ‘For I became a newsie.” He laughed. “Maybe one day I can teach yah!” He grinned. You smiled back, nodding.

“Yeah… I’d like that.” Your eyes scanned the paper again, not noticing the way he stared, taking in your beauty.

“Anythin’ for a pretty little angel like yous.” He flirted. You looked at him again. He was smiling that boyish smile, and he had that playful look in his eyes. You almost wanted to kiss him. But he was getting up before you could even move, tipping his hat off. “Well, I’s gotta go meet one of tha boys.” He winked. “I’ll see you’s later, angel.” And then, he was gone.

Damn him.

You and a couple of the guys were out to lunch a few days later. Race was standing close to you, an arm tossed lazily around your shoulder. He and Albert were laughing about something you didn’t understand, but they wouldn’t explain.

“You’re too innocent, angel.” Race smiled charmingly. You froze, staring at him. You weren’t offended by his words. Far from it, actually. But the way he was looking at you, and the way he spoke made you feel things you didn’t think you should be feeling for someone who’s ‘just a friend’.

“Race,” You murmur his name. As if some kind of miracle, Race removed the cigar from his mouth. Before he could say anything though, you grabbed him by his vest and pulled him towards you.

“Whoop! Told you!” Albert exclaimed moments after your lips met Race’s. The kiss only lasted a few moments, and when you pulled away Race stood there, open mouthed with wide eyes. You blushed, straightening out.

“Can I just say,” You laugh lightly, avoiding his eyes. “I… love when you call me angel.”

Your face when watching the Cars 3 trailer.

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Love Triangle 3 (Jensen x Reader)

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Characters: Jensen Ackles, Female Reader, Daughter!OCGracely

Warnings: some fluff, like a drop of angst, poorly written smut (sorry)

Word Count: 2,149

catch up: Part 1 Part 2

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anonymous asked:

Can u do a headcanon on the gang going on a road trip to the beach or something fun like that?

-Steve and Soda are criticizing all the crappy cars they drive by
-Ponyboy and Johnny are in the third row, Two-Bit, Dally, and Steve are in the middle row (BAD COMBINATION), and Darry and Sodapop are in the front
-Soda keeps complaining that he’s too hot
-Two-Bit keeps making awful puns
-Dally’s asleep
-Pony and Johnny are playing the license plate game
-Darry’s so fucking annoyed
-“I wiLL tUrN ThIs GodAMn cAr aRoUnD iF aLL oF YoU dO NoT sHuT uP”
-Dally wakes up and tries to smoke in the car
-Soda keeps breaking Dally’s cigarettes because he doesn’t want him to fill the car with smoke
-Dally’s piSSeD at everyone because he wants to go to sleep again

I can do gang at the beach too, if you request separately, I just thought it would be too long of a post
Why we still need feminism

Close to my town there’s a car rallye taking place soon.

They have eight different categories based on the cars’ cubic capacity and whether or not they are race cars or cars approved for normal traffic. These categories are named appropriately.

And then they have a category called “ladies”. Women all compete in one category, regardless of their cars capacities or making. They drive the same route under the same conditions as men but are excluded from the main ranking. Their trophy are flowers.

The organisers don’t see a problem since women are allowed to participate.

Now, I get why some professional sports are seperated by sex. But not car racing? It’s so belittling.

astroquestions  asked:

How would Uber drivers rate or describe their experience with the rising signs? (lol random question I know)

Low Ratings

Aries Rising- For being too loud/obnoxious or getting in too drunk

Taurus Rising- For being too late or eating food in the car

Gemini Rising- For attempting to stuff waaay too many people in the Uber or making the driver feel uncomfortable with too much talking, weird jokes, flirting, or even asking too many questions

Cancer Rising- By being standoffish and/or rude 

Leo Rising- By asking to drive a super short distance or acting entitled 

Virgo Rising- For using Uber to run errands (excluding things like Uber Eats or grocery delivery of course) or nit-picking the driving/being a backseat driver 

Libra Rising- Not entering a destination in the app or running late 

Scorpio Rising- For acting too intensely towards the driver or for smoking/attempting to drink in the car 

Sagittarius Rising- For slamming the car door or spilling something on the seats 

Capricorn Rising- For criticizing the type of car they’re in or giving turn-by-turn directions (when the driver already has directions)

Aquarius Rising- For trying to bring something illegal in the car or putting in the wrong destination 

Pisces Rising- By telling the driver their life story/ranting/crying or being awkwardly cold 

High Ratings 

Aries Rising- For being a friendly and vibrant rider who knows exactly where they are going and what they are doing with the app 

Taurus Rising- For being calm, cool, and collected even when they almost got in that accident

Gemini Rising- For treating the driver like a pal and being communicative and positive

Cancer Rising- For being understanding about a bump here or a mess there and they are on the quiet side

Leo Rising- They are generous with a tip and come into the vehicle with a warm presence 

Virgo Rising- Never leaves a mess, is polite, and arrives on time 

Libra Rising- Not too loud, not too quiet, just right. Has an appealing aura

Scorpio Rising- With you “love them or hate them” you love them! They are interesting and magnetic yet at the same time chill with how the driver operates 

Sagittarius Rising- Likely to take the Uber a long distance and is flexible

Capricorn Rising- Likely a good tipper, never forgets to put in the address, and is very polite 

Aquarius Rising- The most interesting person they will give a ride to all day and might even relate to being an Uber driver themselves or asks for tips on becoming one 

Pisces Rising- Nice, might give plenty of compliments to the driver, and might adapt to the emotions of the driver 

I think a lot of critics are vying for Cars 4 because it would really be so cool to see Cruz and Lightning as equals for a whole movie. Like, they’re split 50/50, Lightning is the male lead and Cruz is the female lead. Like in The Force Awakens, with Finn and Rey.
It’s the only way to do it tbh and it would be so cool. And that’s why critics and movie journalists are lowkey excited. There’s a bright future, and so much potential.