If we’re going to update the pantheon of regrettable artists, can we add “white male writer who was legitimately progressive twenty years ago, but hasn’t learned or grown as an artist in any way whatsoever since then, and now exists in a state of grumpy bewilderment at the fact that he’s being critcised for doing exactly the same stuff that used to win him praise”?


Can I just say how this was a friggin hilarious and interesting way to inroduce Max’s character?

Back when the show stilled cared about it’s continuity and could reference past events without any negative repercussions, Max was introduced as a little brat who completley emasculates Ash by constantly going over his failures at the Johto League, making fun of him, critcising him, getting his name wrong etc. And even though Ash insist that it takes a great trainer to get as far as he did Max just simply states that he still lost so tough shit. It’s hilarious to see Ash just be completley outwitted by a little kid and his future companion, and it wouldnt be the last.