Joven que sientes que no te valoran, que nadie da nada por ti, que sientes soledad, que no sirves para nada, déjame decirte que hay alguien que dio todo por ti, murió por ti y quiere que le dejes entrar. Cristo te ama joven, tus lágrimas Dios las recogió, Él no se ha olvidado de ti, sólo deja que el entre y cambie tu vida, deja que el llene ese vacío y maneje todas las áreas de tu vida. Nosotros somos una Generación de Conquistadores, valientes que pondremos en alto en Nombre de Cristo.
—  Levita del Dios Todopoderoso

a curse progression chart featuring cristoval, aka how he became the lanky mirror man he is today

when he’s still learning via the curse he alternated between stages 5-8 as part of the curse was being unable to have contact without shattering into a ton of tiny pieces, then being painfully rebuilt back up

after learning from the curse he remains at stage 9 with the perks of a few more monstery forms i’ll show later! 


here is my cmpa final! our final was to do anything using a digital program we learned about through the class, so i made a throwback to my nearly 2-year old comic, an eyeful of an encounter! 

the book has a new cover page, intro+cast page, and a redrawn page, along with the old 18 comic pages in it!

even though the comic’s art is outdated and i see a lot could have been improved upon, it’s still a very sentimental comic to me for being the first comic arc about my characters i completed from start to finish, as well as including characters i horribly favor

and if anyone’s a new follower and hasn’t read this comic yet, you can here!

also, cool photos taken thanks to sam and his awesome camera