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Hey feel free to ignore this if it's not the right place to ask but Im ace and arospec and I've been I guess a questioning pagan for a while. My only thing is I'm also very much still connected to the religion I was raised as, Judaism. Do you have any advice or thoughts that might be helpful?

I was raised pagan, so I can’t really talk from personal experience, but I do know a lot of converts and one thing I’ve learned from them is this: You can be pagan and still practice the religion you were raised in. The most common exsample of this is the idea of Cristopaganism. Their are a lot of people who worship both the Christian god and a number of Pagan gods and it works well for them.

While Cristopaganism is probably the most common variation of Paganism mixed with another religion it’s not the only one. I’ve met Judopagans, Buddhopagans, Hindopagans, etc, and all of them have found a different way to conect their two religions and make them work together. So, if you wanted to, you could be a Judopagan.

The other advice I would give in this situation is that their are a number of pagan traditions (British Traditional Wicca in particular), that borrow very heavily from some parts of Jewish tradition. You might want to look into these traditions and see if they combine Jewish faith and Paganism in a way that works for you.

  • A quick introduction. I'm Sara, or Crystalline. I'm trying to learn more about paganism and the practice of witchcraft where they intersect my Christian/Abrahamic beliefs. I currently identify as christopagan. This may change as time goes on. But yeah, this is gonna be my witchy blog. I'd love to have you join me.