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1.¿Cual es tu anime(o manga) Favorito?/What its your favorite anime(or manga)?.

  • My favorite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and my favorite manga is Fairy Tail!

2.¿Algun momento epico en tu vida?/some epic moment on your life?.

  • Um … my life is pretty boring but I guess when I spent a week in New York City with just my best friend. It was the first time I went on a lengthy trip without my parents!

3.¿Videojuego Favorito?/Favorite Videogame?.


4.¿Cual es tu idioma Favorito?/Favorite languaje?.

  • I guess English - which is the only language I speak fluently.  But I’d also say German since I took it in college and am good enough to be functional in it XD

5.¿Tienes Ps3?/Do you have Ps3?.

  • No, but I plan on getting one if/when Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out :)

6.¿Cuantos seguidores tienes?/How many Followers do you have?.

  • As of right now 3268 followers :)

7.¿De donde eres?(Pais,ciudad,etc xD)/From where you are?(Country,City,etc).

  • I live in Durham, North Carolina, but I was born in NYC, New York

8.¿Personaje Favorito de One Piece?/favorite One Piece Character?.

  • Uh, I’m only on like chapter 30, but I can tell Zoro is my favorite!

9.¿Personaje Favorito de Fairy Tail?/Favorite Fairy Tail Character?

  • GRAY

10.¿cuantas personas sigues?/how many people do you follow??

  • I follow 178 blogs :)

11.Cual es tu personaje favorito?(anime,manga o videojuegos)?//who is your favorite character?(anime,manga or videogames)

  • Hmmm, there are so many, but I’d say it’s a tie between Roy Mustang (FMA) and Kakashi (Naruto) for anime/manga and Leon from Resident Evil 4 for videogames

And again, I’ve done this many times, so no tagging for me! :)