cristina's chats

  • Cristina: this is my boyfriend Mark
  • Cristina: and this is Mark's boyfriend Kieran

Cristina Vee (voice of Marinette) singing the Ladybug theme song with Nate Sharp!

Here’s a little clip of the English dub! Adrien signs a lot better than I expected and his voice acting improved through out the whole episode. I would show you his other clips but this scene seems to show the most characters. If you want more just ask and I’ll see what I can do.

Meet The English  Cast of:  Miraculous LadyBug

Here’s the voice actors for the English dubbed version of Miraculous Ladybug!

  • Marinette Cheng / Ladybug – Cristina Vee

Adrien / Chat Noir – Bryce Papenbrook

Alya - Carrie Keranen

Hawk Moth - Keith Silverstein

Plagg - Max Mittelman

Tikki - Mela Lee

Hopefully this make your excited for the show even bigger! For more INFO click here