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Kil - A review by a 17 year old movie junkie.

Hello! I’ve just watched the movie Kil with my younger sister. The cinema was not really full maybe because it’s Friday. Nevertheless, I think the less people there are, the more you can concentrate on the film. Not that it’s really complicated or so, I just think it’s better if you can somewhat feel what Akil is going through. 

The movie Kil is named after the main character, Akil. He is going through some tough times which results in him trying to end his life. He then meets this quirky girl, Zara (It’s ironic considering the fact I want to name my daughter Zara) who shares the same flat with him. Akil decided to cancel his contract which he made with this company but once he is in, he cannot get out.

The plot of the film is really strong and is unwind perfectly. You are not left with a slight feel of disappointment and dissatisfaction. If you think this movie only revolves around the subject of love, fear not! It touches on many other issues too. Mostly humanity. The subplot which is about a film director, is also a nice touch to the film. The ending was not predictable, I tried to guess the ending which I normally do, but this time, I failed to reach the outcome. I am very astounded and happy with how the movie ends.

As for the actor and actress, Redza Minhat captured perfectly how a depressed man could be. The way he presents himself is just spot on. I mean, I also felt down just seeing how he depicted the character. As for Cristina Suzane, she was practically THE CHARACTER. She was so natural in representing the character, all whimsical like a pan asian pixie. I really loved her portrayal of Zara.

The cinematography was just brilliant. What you think is just a normal looking flat in Kuala Lumpur, turns into this indie looking “oh I think I’ll rent this flat when I get older!” If only all Malaysian films regardless the genre has the same cinematography. Ha, I’ll be sleeping in TGV, no doubt.

The music, in my opinion, sometimes isn’t well harmonised with the scene. There are a couple of scenes which I think would be better if a different song was used. But, I loved the fact that they used Butterfingers’ Mati Hidup Kembali which is just absolutely suitable with the theme of the film.

Overall, this movie is very different and I really recommend everyone to see it. I really cannot wait for Nik Amir Mustapha’s next film as Kil is fantastically well written. I give this movie 8.5/10.