cristina missions

*On a mission*

Cristina: From now on, we’ll be using codenames. You can address me as “Eagle One”.

Cristina: Diego, codename: “Been there, done that”

Cristina : Mark is “Currently doing that”

Cristina: Julian is “It happened once in a dream”

Cristina: Emma, codename: “If I had to pick a girl”

Cristina: Ty is… “Eagle two”.

Ty: Oh, thanks God.

So I’m replaying AC2 and I took as much time as possible during the first sequence because I really like Ezio’s outfit. Is that weird? It was just so adorable and classy and you never really see him wearing anything but the assassin robes until the Cristina missions in Brotherhood. It’s crazy but it’s true!

image from madeinmasyaf
[note: the Florentine Noble Attire outfit is available for redemption on Uplay for Brotherhood]