A Music Affair - Chapter 2

Here it is, guys! But, first let me say a few thank you’s. First of all, I am SO happy you all liked the first chapter of this new fic of mine, I was kind of scared that you wouldn’t like the AU theme, but I’ve received so many good feedbacks, it really inspires me to write more, so thanks a lot! I’m accepting constructive cristicism too, guys, just let me know what you’d like to see in this fic. Also, I’d like to thank @jordan202 for being such an amazing help with this, she convinced me to write it and constantly gives me tips when I’m having some difficulty with the story. And last but not least, thank you so much to @jia911 for proof reading this fic and giving me some amazing feedback as well! Anyway, enough with the talk, enjoy the chapter!

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Owen spent the entire day distraught, thinking about what was waiting for him when he got to the hotel. His friends from the band and crew kept calling his attention to the most beautiful views in the city. He loved Chicago, he just couldn’t get that woman out of his head.

After taking pictures with fans in front of the hotel, Owen rushed to his room and tidied things up before he heard a knock on the door.

Amelia was wearing a simple black top and jeans ripped at the knees with some black flats on her feet and her hair up in a messy bun. A casual outfit, but still gorgeous, no need to get fully dressed since they were about to take their clothes off anyway.

“Hey! You look…”

“Enough with the chit chat” Amelia pulled him by the back of his neck and kissed him hard on the lips, closing the door behind her.

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Witches are quite scary, they could curse your mother and you’d have to be the one apologizing for doing them wrong.

[also i drew her no wings in this picture, she replaced them for a broom, it’s way better, or i was just lazy, either way it’s all good]

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I wanna ram your ram character

I just drew a human cristice and added some horns for style, didn’t mean it to be a ram

you can ram this though, it’s free 


So i asked for update sugguestions and this is what i got:

2,000 Years ago in the future, there lived a traveling vagabond named Sliver shield, but was known as another name, the guy who never updates, but was better known as: Sinister Curious - sansamachan. 

Curious traveled the world, meeting and helping many folks, no matter who they were or how many times they commited the act of updating. But his life changed one day, when he met the love of his short precarious life: a simple shrine maiden of the north frost covered mountains, Mjrn the silent.

Curious had never met a person he had felt so attracted to. Every movement, every gentle plant touch, every update.. she was perfect. His heart had finally found a place to call home. Mjrn Disagreed, finding the vagabond strange, she often tried to persuade him to leave, whether it be by denial of his love, or by leading him into death traps. But he never gave up. He tended to the gardens, learned the lessons of the face of kellic, and even kept bandits away from the shrine. And he could tell, even though she said no.. her eyes said yes. Then that all changed one day when the mechs attacked.

Lead by the mechanic god lord bishop Ph0, the shrine was attacked, for some reason like idk the butt resources of the mountain. Sinister curious fought with all of his heart, but was utterly destroyed only using a sword against a fucking mech horse robot. Losing his arm and his sight, he was defeated, and had to watch the mech steal the love of his life.

Now, 3 and a half weeks later, he has awoken, with his new super special bloodline technique, and seeks revenge. He makes an alliance with his other unrequited love interest, fair lady Cristice, as they work together to the ancient dwelling place of the mech robot lords, Mount Ice cream cherry blossom heavens ground. oh yeah and zephyr was there too.


super curious quest 5: bootybootylovemachineofdestiny



Lovely Mjrn




Sweet garden