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Dating Cristiano had been eventful. Hectic. Passionate. Loving.
A lot of things I never thought it would be. I believed the persona that the media would have you believe. That he was arrogant, completely full of himself and a bit of a dickhead.
I believed that too once, and then I gave him a chance.
He shocked me completely and swept me into a world that I never knew could be possible. Incredible dates, impromptu holidays, press events and exquisite parties. He lavished me with love, affection and truths. More than I’d ever experienced in any other relationships.
We’d discussed our families, backgrounds and what the future held for us. He let me spend time with Cristiano Jnr and his mum when he wasn’t there; the ultimate sign of trust from him.
Never in a million years did I expect to be carrying Cristiano’s child. 

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Everyone has their critics, even Cristiano Ronaldo!


“[Ronaldo] is going to finish the season like never before”

- Zinedine Zidane