Favorite blogs of 2012

Firstly let me start by saying i should have made this ages ago,but i was to lazy busy to do so.

So as usual my main blogs: reddevilklaine,keepcalmandlovefootball,piazon,duncan-edwards,j0nnyevans,michaelcarrick,merrychristiano.

Other awesome blogs in alphabetical order:

C; cristiano-designer,cr-seven,cristianoaddict.

F; farhanda.

G; ginger-prince,gingergodswag,gloryglory-manutd.

H; higuaingonzalo,higuaveiro.

K; kakatheone.

L; loverealmadrid.

M; madridistaforever,moscow08.

N; neverwithoutthem,nickpowells.

O; ozils.

P; piazon,precioustorres.

R; r0binvanpersie.

S; scholesies.

U; ultras-sur.

W; well-never-die.