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Cristiano launches a new edition of his fragrance - Legacy: The Private Edition

“I am a perfectionist in all areas of my life and this was no different. I’m involved at every step. This time I got a few of my close friends involved.

“The Private Edition bottle is really distinctive. The colour is a rich blue and it features beautiful copper details. I wanted the bottle to represent me - it’s bold, powerful and unique!

“That’s what The Private Edition is about. It’s luxurious, sophisticated and an essential addition for the times when you want to look and feel your best.

“It’s definitely an evening fragrance; masculine, distinctive and sexy. It’s quite a sensual scent so would be perfect for a date night or when you want to impress.

“The bottle was always going to be blue; it’s one of my favourite colours and reminds me of growing up near the ocean in Madeira.
warm copper tones were also added to create something unique and different.”

Dios está tocando a la puerta de tu corazón hoy. El te ama y desea lo mejor para tu vida. Dios desea llenar ese vacío que tienes en tu corazón y transformar tu vida para siempre. Dios conoce tus virtudes y tus defectos, no importa en qué condición te encuentres hoy, sólo reconoce que lo necesitas en tu vida y Dios hará la obra en ti. Juan 3:17 dice: "Porque no envió Dios a su Hijo al mundo para condenar al mundo, sino para que el mundo sea salvo por él." Dios no quiere juzgarte, Dios solo quiere bendecirte, dale la oportunidad hoy de entrar en tu corazón y dirigir tu vida.

Y esto es básicamente el Madrid:
una fé ilimitada y altanera cuya leyenda es universal,
por eso nos rompen tanto la cara; porque no la escondemos.

Translation: And this is basically Madrid: a boundless and haughty faith whose legend is universal, that’s why they break our faces so much; Because we do not hide it.

Hombre; El Señor te ha dado a conocer lo que es bueno, y lo que él espera de ti, y que no es otra cosa que hacer justicia, amar la misericordia, y humillarte ante tu Dios.
—  Miqueas 6:8
My son? I know that some periods of childhood will be difficult for him. Also I passed through it, and today I am what I am because I could deal with adversity. Of course, Cristiano will also be difficult because many people feel jealous. Today, however, I see that he is happy, he is happy child. Sometimes people say to him: “Your father is not a good player, someone is better than your dad.” However, he can deal with it. He is a smart boy like his father. I often say to him: “Be yourself and be properly educated.” For me, education is the most important, it can be controlled. If you learn good son and show him a good value, it will grow well.
—  Cristiano Ronaldo about Junior :)

Post-match interview, Club World Cup Final Real Madrid 4-2 Kashima Antlers
(9’ Benzema, 60’(p)+97’+104’ Cristiano Ronaldo / 44’+52’ Shibasaki)

- my translation -

“It was a dream year”

“Madre mia, this was a match with a lot of suffering. We didn’t expect them to play that well. But we also played well, we suffered a bit - but finals are like that, you have to suffer.

“This is a trophy we wanted to win and we wanted to end the year in the best possible way. We are very happy.

“It was a dream year for me, and I didn’t expect to end it like this, winning the final, scoring three goals, helping Real Madrid. Yes. I’m very happy.

“People always expect more from Cristiano. I’m always trying to give my best, and if I don’t it’s because I can’t.

“I’m really very happy, it was a week full of joy: after winning the Ballon D'Or now the Club World Cup.
This is a perfect end of the year for me and my teammates. In want to thank my teammmates once again, because without them Cristiano can’t win individual and team trophies. Again, I say thank you  to them.”

People demand a lot from Cristiano, he is the best in the world alongside with Messi and it is a great responsibility.
I don’t understand the whistles aimed at him. He just won the trophy for the best player in the world.
To demand Cristiano always score 2-3 goals in every game is simply insane! You must help and protect great players like him.
—  Iker Casillas
Winner of the Ballon d'Or? I don’t know who will win. For me there is only one who is the best: that is Leo. Cristiano [Ronaldo] is a great player, he is a crack for what he has been doing in recent years. I respect Cristiano a lot, but for me Leo is who deserves it
—  Neymar [via Gol]
El Evangelio no es religión, el evangelio es poder de Dios para salvar y libertar al pecador, y llevarlo al arrepentimiento.

For me it’s a great honour to receive my fourth Golden Ball, the emotion is like the first one. It’s the dreaming come true, again. I never thought in my mind to win four times the Golden Ball. I’m so pleased, I’m so happy.
I want to thank all my teammates with the national team and Real Madrid, all the people, all the players who helped me to win this individual award.
I feel so proud and happy to receive this amazing and beautiful ball. I’m so happy.

(Another title for Portugal or another Ballon D'Or?) It’s difficult. I think both is important for me. I will try my best, like I do every year, every year for me is a new challenge.
And I love to play football, so I will try my best to win for Real Madrid first, because it’s my team, for the national team to win again, if it’s possible - we know that it’s very, very, very difficult.
And to win (the Ballon D'Or) again next year. I will try my best, I will work hard, like always.

But I enjoy this moment, because it’s not easy to win it, so I’m happy for this moment right now.

They (my family) are very happy, so we will commemorate.


👏 Congratulations, 👑 Cristiano, for your
🌹 4th Ballon D’Or