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thegrangersapprentice  asked:

For the studyblr awards, I was wondering if you could maybe make a masterpost on cheap stationery? :)

cheap stationary (of a good quality) masterpost

by prettylittlestudies

biC cristal ball point pens
zebra ball point pens
staedtler ball point stick pens
staedtler triplus fineliners + colour
stabilo point 88 fineliners

staedtler Norris HB pencils
papermate mechanical HB pencils
Helix Oxford eraser tipped HB pencils

stabilo flash highlighters
sharpie highlighters
midliners (they actually aren’t as expensive as I thought lol)
stabilo boss highlighters

pukka pad project notebook
Kraft A5 notebook
WHSmith A4 wide ruled notebook 80 pages
pukka pad A4 jotta squared paper notebook
Rhodia black dotpad

pack of 12 document folders
pack of 10 ringbinders
foolscap document wallets

sticky notes & washi tape
sticky notes set
• 10 patterned washi tapes
10 plain coloured washi tapes

useful websites:

the works - very cheap stationary!!

amazon - the best website, everything is cheaper on here than in stores!

paperchase - little bit pricy but gorgeous stationary

WHSmith - another one of my fave shops and websites

Ohh Deer - on the pricier side but omg i love everything

Wilko - very affordable stationary

hope this is helpful! 

- Mia x