Koipony livestream for a good cause!

When: November 29th, 6pm to 10pm EST
My good friend Cristails is trying his best to graduate, but he also needs money for basic living necessities. 

So, during the livestream you wonderful people will donate directly to Cristails, and I will reciprocate your generosity with art. The first half will be strictly SFW, while the second half will allow NSFW requests.

Feel free to request: Pony, koipony, OC, and other artwork. Also if you wish to have me write fluffy, silly, or saucy mini fanfics of your favorite characters, feel free to give me a prompt.

Thank you for 50 60 followers!

This sure took a while since I drew all of them separately, some turned out better then other because good or bad days but I’m quite happy with the end result anyway!

If you weren’t featured then it’s nothing personal, it’s just that you didn’t sign up for this pic when I had that post up, you all mean equally much to me! Thank you all so much for following me! ^w^

The ponies from left to right are:

Floam, Cocoa, Dogtag, Bowstring, Sonata Dusk, Courage, Shaula, Daring Star, Dizzy Lollipop, Silver Star, Passion Painting, Cristails, Darky, The Zefarian, Karina (NSFW), Shadow, Espeon Pony, Princess Blueblood, “Keeper”

Go ahead and follow some of them as well! ;)