Super quick preview of the new mold I’ve been working on!

I wanted to re-do the little temporary prism mold I made for the Cladonia pendants based on all the positive feedback I got about it. I plan to use them to put little beds of short moss into for terrarium-like necklaces. In the meantime, I just used a tiny piece of Ptilium crista-castrensis I happened to have on hand.

What do you think? Sorry the pictures aren’t the best I took them literally moments before I had to start uploading photos.


This took too long, 4 hours tops, and now my hands are d e d
But hey, have my Gemsona Group!
Ofc, they’re based off of me and my 3 irl friends.
*Note that I will use different names for security reasons*

1) Chalcedony Sardonyx -Red Gem- is “Sarah”. She has a Round-Cut Gem and her Weapon is a Ring Sword.

2) Emerald -Green Gem- is “Amelia”. She also has a Round-Cut Gem. It seems like she has two weapons, but the Original Form is the Parasol. She doesn’t like to fight, so she uses it for shielding. However, if it is necessary to fight, she can transform it into a Rapier.

3) Feldspar -Brownish Gem- is me/”Crista”. She has a somewhat Roundish Diamond-Cut Gem, and her weapon is a Dagger.

4) Fluorite -Purple/Teal Gem- is “Marina”. She has a Teardrop-Cut Gem and her weapon is a Glaive. She’s a “Scientist”-like Gem, and is also wearing some Limb Enhancers *only on her arms*.