Controlling the internal structure of mitochondria

One might think of mitochondria as devices for transporting electrons to their lowest energy state. Little bags of finely-tuned respiratory chain subunits which combine electrons extracted from food with oxygen, and ultimately excrete them as water. Others might justifiably fancy mitochondria tiny bundles of geometry. Their folded inner membranes pegged with various proteins complexes like the rolls of candy button paper we might have ate as kids. Actually mitochondria are both enzyme bags and geometrical objects: the latest research tells us that it is proteins which create the complex inner membrane geometry specific to each kind of mitochondria, and in turn, it is their precise geometry which permits the respiratory proteins to create useful work in the first place.

A couple of papers from the past week have reported on the roles of some of the more important proteins in shaping membranes. Of note, one published by Polish and German researchers in The Journal of Biological Chemistry found a critical new protein that controls formation of the so-called MICOS system (mitochondrial contact site and cristae organizing system). This protein, Cox17, was already known for its role as a chaperone in the assembly of respiratory complex IV on the inner membrane of mitochondria. Known as cytochrome c oxidase (COX), this is the terminal respiratory complex in the whole chain—the one that hands off the electrons to oxygen. Among other amenities, Cox17 has a series of critical cysteines which appear to involved in recruiting copper to the business end of the mitochondrially encoded COX subunits.

 Image Credit: Karen M. Davies

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Remember how much Hermione raged in the books but was still clever and kept it all together? Siggy raging at hate anons and still being the cutest floof I know. <3 You know how Ron was always there for his friends even when when things got hard-- you do that too. You're very brave for the things you put up with, you're very strong! You're ALWAYS bold dear. I think it fits you like a glove <3


Seu sorriso desperta em mim tantas sensações, tantos sentimentos. Ele tem uma luz capaz de clarear qualquer escuridão e me faz acreditar que qualquer coisa ruim é passageira. Te amar me faz sentir como Deus me ama. Te olhar me da a certeza que eu quero te ver o resto da minha vida. Te ter me mostra a fidelidade do Senhor na minha vida.
Amar é uma escolha e eu escolho te amar, em cada detalhe! ♥
—  Nathalia Alves @garota-crista

I like to write about an imaginary character named Cristae. 

She’s a tough girl. She’s a painter/ figure artist. Her life consisted of two building blocks: her paint brush and her man, Tale.

Tale was the only thing that could get this shy girl to smile. The only other thing was finishing a painting. But smiling is impossible, because when he left so did the art.

Her brush only brought him back, and for a few moments she’d find herself in a reverie. 

But it’d all fall on her and she’d crumble. Because he’s really gone.

Cristae has amazing friends, though. They all care about her and hurt at the though of Tale. They understand her pain and love her still despite her drastic changes.

Though Cristae is changing while coping with her husband’s death, she is fighting. 

She’s marching in, ready to take on this world with Tale in her heart.

Cristae is mine, And I love to write about her.

Sucede que nunca estoy a la altura de las circunstancias.
Aunque lleve tacones
o suba por las escaleras.
No importa la suavidad de las palabras
o acaso,
las páginas publicadas en el folletín literario del barrio.
Los modismos por sobre el lenguaje delicado.
Las faltas de ortografía y su gracia:
un sonar estridente de aplausos.
Los secretos y los fuegos
- todos los fuegos, el fuego, diría Julio -
de estrellas encendidas
en patios sin fuentes
de colillas aplastadas
luego de conversaciones existenciales.
El mundo se reduce así,
a un manojo de flores
en el jardín equivocado.



Sabe qual a diferença entre você e o cantor(a) cristão que você tanto admira,que ele(a) luta todos os dias contra seus pecados…

#ReflitamEÓtimoFimDeSábado  👌 😉 ✌ 🍃