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*emerges from the shadows of hiatus to ask what reconstructionism(?) is*

HI DARLING, HOW GOES YOUR HIATUS, and also this is a lovely question that i will definitely not do justice to but i will try!

reconstructionism (yes, you got it right) is the sect of judaism that i belong to/identify with. basically, like pretty much every other religion out there, judaism has lots of different flavors, and all of them mean something a little different. jews who are not reconstructionist may be modern orthodox or reform or conservative or renewal or haradi or humanist or non-sectarian or a myriad other labels i’m not even going to attempt to fully list. (note: these sects differ from other jewish identifiers. for example, if a jew tells you that she is ashkenazi or sephardic or mizrahi, this refers to their geographical ancestry; these categories tell you nothing about what denomination they belong to).

reconstructionism was founded in the ‘20s by a dude named mordechi kaplan. it’s one of the most recent jewish sects, and the only major sect to be founded in america (this part is really important for me because my american and my jewish identity are inextricably connected, and reconstructionism allows lots of room to explore that). it differs from other jewish sects in a couple of large and small ways, including

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Wow, these thoughts are my thoughts. This also reminds me of my love of knotting. I personally do not like penetration, but reading about a character being penetrated so completely is super hot. But, it might also have to do with my pregnancy!kink :/

I have a huge pregnancy kink too. 

I actually like penetration, in both real life sexual scenarios and fictional ones.  But sometimes I like to fantasize about being the penetrator.

But I think my favorite thing about knotting is that it’s a “biological imperative for cuddling.”  LOL.  They’re literally stuck together for a certain amount of time.  It removes the possibility of “fuck & run,” and causes them to have to communicate.

I likes it.

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✹ uuhh anything involving robots and feelings and science??? (because when i think of robots and feels and science, i think of you tbqh)



  • i … don’t think you can make a robot rec list and not list asimov? because like, for better or for worse, robot fiction (and the word robotics) began with him. so: i robot, DR. CALVIN HERO OF MY SOUL, favorite story within is liar! because telepathic emotionally manipulative robots who know every feeling but still don’t understand them and can’t bear their own power, forever and ever amen
  • hitchiker’s, despite what the fanboys say, is really nothing but marshmallow fluff. that still doesn’t change the fact that marvin is my forever patronus
  • i keep sorta cheating on these last ones, but a wrinkle in time, albeit a story without any actual robots, did more to solidify my narrative feelings about bodies-without-minds and minds-without-bodies potentially more than any actual robot story did.



  • the version of wall-e in my head with all of the robots finding feelings/simultaneous beauty of space and earth/cool feminine robot voices combined with blaster guns/~crazy~ robots banding together to save the day because they know more than anyone else and without all the fat shaming and comatose courtship y/y
  • special tv episode shout-out: st:tng, descent parts 1 and 2, ANDROIDS GRAPPLING WITH EMOTIONAL IDENTITY AND FAMILY AND CHOICE, also brent spiner how do you.