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*emerges from the shadows of hiatus to ask what reconstructionism(?) is*

HI DARLING, HOW GOES YOUR HIATUS, and also this is a lovely question that i will definitely not do justice to but i will try!

reconstructionism (yes, you got it right) is the sect of judaism that i belong to/identify with. basically, like pretty much every other religion out there, judaism has lots of different flavors, and all of them mean something a little different. jews who are not reconstructionist may be modern orthodox or reform or conservative or renewal or haradi or humanist or non-sectarian or a myriad other labels i’m not even going to attempt to fully list. (note: these sects differ from other jewish identifiers. for example, if a jew tells you that she is ashkenazi or sephardic or mizrahi, this refers to their geographical ancestry; these categories tell you nothing about what denomination they belong to).

reconstructionism was founded in the ‘20s by a dude named mordechi kaplan. it’s one of the most recent jewish sects, and the only major sect to be founded in america (this part is really important for me because my american and my jewish identity are inextricably connected, and reconstructionism allows lots of room to explore that). it differs from other jewish sects in a couple of large and small ways, including

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Wow, these thoughts are my thoughts. This also reminds me of my love of knotting. I personally do not like penetration, but reading about a character being penetrated so completely is super hot. But, it might also have to do with my pregnancy!kink :/

I have a huge pregnancy kink too. 

I actually like penetration, in both real life sexual scenarios and fictional ones.  But sometimes I like to fantasize about being the penetrator.

But I think my favorite thing about knotting is that it’s a “biological imperative for cuddling.”  LOL.  They’re literally stuck together for a certain amount of time.  It removes the possibility of “fuck & run,” and causes them to have to communicate.

I likes it.

Mikecedes thoughts

OMG what is me?? I’m supposed to be asleep but these two are keeping me up. They’re either secretly dating or he has a crush on her. At least this is the way I’m reading it from Mike.

There was something last night that was different from normal Mikecedes interactions. They normally come off to me as good friends but last night…I don’t know. I didn’t get the friend vibe from Mike. I really don’t know how to describe it.

Mike spends most of the episode agreeing with the things Mercedes says. He is excited to help her with her video. He sort of brags a bit when talking to her (the things I’ve learned at Joffrey will have you saying “oh hell to the yes”). He goes along with her silliness (smooth with a v) and doesn’t let her know she’s talking crazy. After he and Jake perform, the first thing he does is ask Kurt where Mercedes is. He’s upset on her behalf when he hears what her producer wants her to do. Then he looks hurt when Mercedes talks about people not being satisfied with just her (which is something she has complained about since S1). They’ve obviously grown closer since the last time we saw them. When Mercedes is talking about the decision she made she says she talked it over with her friendS and turns to Kurt and Mike. Then there was the whole higher ground performance and wow. He was so excited for her that he ran to her and hugged her. Also he tries to catch her eye a lot. Like a lot a lot. Either by staring or touching her back.

I can’t say if Mercedes feels the same way. I do think that they’re building them up to be a couple. It’ll probably be a quick thing like they show up holding hands. (Isn’t that how most of her ships go?) It’s whatever. Not sure how I feel about it. But it’s been bugging me all night.

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✹ uuhh anything involving robots and feelings and science??? (because when i think of robots and feels and science, i think of you tbqh)



  • i … don’t think you can make a robot rec list and not list asimov? because like, for better or for worse, robot fiction (and the word robotics) began with him. so: i robot, DR. CALVIN HERO OF MY SOUL, favorite story within is liar! because telepathic emotionally manipulative robots who know every feeling but still don’t understand them and can’t bear their own power, forever and ever amen
  • hitchiker’s, despite what the fanboys say, is really nothing but marshmallow fluff. that still doesn’t change the fact that marvin is my forever patronus
  • i keep sorta cheating on these last ones, but a wrinkle in time, albeit a story without any actual robots, did more to solidify my narrative feelings about bodies-without-minds and minds-without-bodies potentially more than any actual robot story did.



  • the version of wall-e in my head with all of the robots finding feelings/simultaneous beauty of space and earth/cool feminine robot voices combined with blaster guns/~crazy~ robots banding together to save the day because they know more than anyone else and without all the fat shaming and comatose courtship y/y
  • special tv episode shout-out: st:tng, descent parts 1 and 2, ANDROIDS GRAPPLING WITH EMOTIONAL IDENTITY AND FAMILY AND CHOICE, also brent spiner how do you.

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Ooh, I LOVE The Celluliod Closet, I just re-watched that the other night! But could I pretty please have a link to those other two Docs? I needs more films about queer cinema like I needs air.  this is the TV one. “Off The Straight and Narrow” this is the one about cinema, made in 2006.  "Fabulous: The Story of Queer Cinema"


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what’s the what???

I guess it’s in response to the Blaine hate or them “making him ooc and cheating” thing. But some of the gems that I’ve seen so far were

  • I wish Blaine had sent someone to a crackhouse instead
  • I wish Blaine had schemed to get his child back from it’s adoptive mother instead
  • I wish Blaine had dressed up like the grinch and stolen christmas instead
  • I wish Blaine had tried to get his parent to start dating his crush’s parent to be closer to his crush instead
  • I wish Blaine had outed a closeted lesbian in the hallway instead
And I’m just like

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they help you color/sharpen your gifs and pics. after you make your gif, you open the PSD and drag the colors/actions over to your gif. Does that make sense?

I kind of understand what they do, but I don’t really understand how to make them/where to get them/how to apply them.

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I don’t understand them much myself, but by God do I love ‘em.

Your work looks awesome, so I bet you do, Eve. :P

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Your cat videos are the best part of my day! They're so cute and fluffy! :D I was wondering what breed are they?

They’re mixed breed, we think?  Part American Longhair and part Maine Coon?  We don’t know for sure, they’re rescues.

They were 4 when I adopted them.  They’d belonged to the family that adopted them as kittens, then discovered their kid was allergic, and instead of putting them back up for adoption with the humane society, they kept them down in the basement for 4 years.  Giving them food and water and a clean litter box, but not snuggling with them or playing with them

So sad, 

crissonastick said: and then they had the nerve to lol @ all the “hate” they’re getting because of the post. i hate people, i swear.

Cory is going through something very serious and for that thing to use that as an attack on Amber is gross.

#no stop it SP; stop making me ship things from shows i don’t watch! #new tag idea! #also it almost looks like she’s *~touching~* her. in a sexy way.

But you should ship it! :P If you think this GIFset looks like it, you should have seen the scene. It was absolutely terrible with the overbearing feeling that they were going to kiss. I tell no lies. Aurora even asks Mulan if she’d ever done this before, and Mulan answers “no,” honestly.They both looked kind of scared and nervous, and Mulan put Aurora’s heart back, and they were both smiling. That scene.

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I just have a burning dislike for him. Why did they make his character and put it in a movie? I can deal with historical inaccuracy like with Mulan, but not with that. And it was just a crappy (love) story overall with him; just no. UGH.