Something that myself and The Crissettes come up with about Russ

So I was talking to The Crissettes on twitter about this and since we know that Kurt,Blaine,Rachel, and Sam are going to memorial for Russ where they are singing “No One Is Alone”. And we are like who is the Russ guy and if you go back to the GP episode to where Kurt is in class the guy Russ is the same guy that he is sitting next to in his acting class. So Kurt knows the guy and that would seem like the reason why they are going to memorial. Here is photo i put together of the screen cap from GP and the BTS photo we had.


Uptown Girl 

Must admit I have missed these guys. 


Love this video. Could listen to his singing voice all day. 

Which ones your favourite? - Vote Here

So I’m making a poll up and want to find out what’s you favourite song sung by Darren Criss on glee (not including songs with ND e.g Fix You) I will post the noms and a link to the video below. 

Reblog or tweet us with your answer and I count the votes. So we have. 

Teenage Dream 

Hey, Soul Sister

Bills, Bills, Bills

Silly Love Songs

When I Get You Alone 




Raise Your Glass 

Somewhere Only We Know

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance 

It’s Not Unusual

Something’s Coming 


Aww so cute and shows he cares for his fans.