Unstoppable Love

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

No amount of money,

Can stop me from loving you.

Try as they may, 

Try as they might,

I’m not letting go,

Without a fight.

Some say it’s wicked,

Some say it’s sinful,

Some say it’s wrong

And just awful.

I don’t know much,

But when push comes to shove,

I definitely don’t believe

There’s such a thing as wrong love”

Crisscolfer feels anyone??


1) “The final step in the initial romantic attraction is known as mirroring or body synchrony, which is a matching of nonverbal body language. With bodies aligned and facing each other” (x) (gif source)

2) Simulated sexual activities. A person will act out activities that he or she wants to do to someone that he or she is attract to. This can be done with the body or with another object. Examples include stroking a glass, licking their lips… (x) (gif source) 

3) self-touching - drawing attention to sexually appealing parts of the body; neck, hair, cleavage, thigh, etc. - additionally self-touching is said to represent transference/imagining of being touched - and of course demonstration of what it would be like for the target to do the touching; teasing in other words. (x) (gif source)

4) Pointing. A person will subconsciously point toward the person he or she is interested in either with the hands, feet, legs, fingers or toes. (x) (pic source)

5/6) Leaning forward. Leaning not only shows you would like to be closer to the other person, but it also tests to see if he or she leans closer or leans back—indicating if he or she also wants to get closer. (x) 

7) The touching and stroking of wrists is considered erotic as it accentuates the pulse points. (x) (pic source)

"60 percent of all human communication is non-verbal body language; 30 percent is your tone"


the fact that Chris & Darren sit closer together than Kurt & Blaine do 

i mean in the second one on the right they’re practically in each other’s laps

like i just picture the director being like can you two move apart for this shot please!

oh and let’s not forget they nap together too

laughing and crying simultaneously now because Crisscolfer

Unscripted Klaine moments aka CRISSCOLFER

Kurt and Blaine holding hands in “On my way” 

Blaine kissing Kurt on the cheek during “Without you”

Blaine scaring Kurt with his vampire impressions in “On my way”

The tie pulling during “Love Shack”

The Klaine hug when they win Nationals

Blaine holding Kurts hand as he steps down from the chair in “The Mash Up”

Kurt calling Blaine ‘Borat’

Klaine Kiss in “The Break Up”

*edit* The ‘Because of the layers’ kiss was scrpited. My bad. :) 


(x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

the way Darren looks at Chris makes me want to cry.

look at the first one, remember how Darren kept calling him Chris, and repeatedly said how they weren’t really in character, he looks like Chris is literally taking his breath away

he just stares at him

sometimes he looks at him so intensely, like there’s no one else even around

look how he smiles at him

and he’s not very subtle at all, seriously look at his face, I just, this is not okay