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I've seen several times that D and C had an extra, uncalled for kiss on the episode where they got back together the first time...what's that about?

During one of the final takes during Got To Get You Into My Life, C and D were told they did not have to do the kiss at the end of the song as it was a wide, overhead shot and they wouldn’t be in it. They chose to kiss anyway. It’s what I love to call “CC as Klaine”. Here’s a gif of it - notice the crew member walking through the shot?



“The Day The Dance Is Over” will be on Darren’s own EP.

That song was for C and you cannot fucking tell me any different someone hold me - I’m transcribing the lyrics while I attempt to breathe

They can turn all the lights out they can leave us in the dark I’m not going  anywhere love and while there’s something to talk about and while there’s something to say

I promise you 

Keep holding on because on the day the dance is over I will be your song

*ETA - correct song title!

  • Person A: *wears Christmas socks in the middle of summer*
  • Person B: Why are you wearing Christmas socks? It's boiling outside!
  • Person A: *smiles innocently* It's always Christmas when I'm around you.
  • Person B:
  • Person A:
  • Person B: God damn it you smooth son of a bitch.