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Every Morning Now - cc ficlet

Title: Every Morning Now
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating: ~700 / G
Summary: I dunno I was cold this morning.


The quilt Darren finally wakes up under is almost too heavy, thick fabric weighing him down, holding him to the mattress. Every inch of him enveloped in heat, Darren struggles, seeking the relief of cooler air.

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Something Good to Celebrate

Summary: It’s New York Men’s Fashion week and Darren finds himself surrounded by gorgeous men who won’t stop lavishing him with attention. He’s undeniably turned on, but there’s only one man he wants, so he’s going home to get him as soon as he possibly can. (Nothing that even resembles cheating, I promise!)
Pairings: Chris/Darren
Words: 2842
Warnings: Dom/sub, sub!Darren, dom!Chris, barebacking, vibrators, fingering, anal sex
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New York City’s men’s fashion week turns out to be a whirlwind, just like it is every year. Taking pictures and meeting people and carefully planning his outfit while actually letting his stylist do his hair for once - it’s all in preparation for one of Darren’s favorite annual events that he wouldn’t miss for the world.

He’d be enjoying it much more, however, if it wasn’t for the fact that Chris flew in early this morning for Darren’s birthday. He’s barely gotten a chance to say hi to him let alone touch him and quite frankly, it’s slowly driving him insane. Who could blame him, though? The entire night has consisted of gorgeous men twice his size gushing over him and touching him and accidentally rubbing up against him while they pose for pictures. And as much as Darren loves Chris, as much as he would never even dream of going near another man while he’s in a committed relationship… he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t getting turned on by the attention.

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Kiss ‘em Better – CCBB

Title: Kiss ‘em Better
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~18k
Summary: Flights, accents, small rooms, and questionable dance moves are no hardship compared to having a crush on your flatmate. Will Chris be able to face the amount of new experiences that come his way when he decides to go to university on the other side of the ocean?

A/N: Thanks so much to Cassie for being a wonderful big bang partner and for creating gorgeous art for this fic! I hope it makes everyone want to travel.
Thanks so much to Tessa for being an incredible beta and understanding everything I wanted to say. I apologize for your consumed comma key!
Thanks so much to Lindsey for organizing yet another round of the CCBB, creating a supporting environment, and giving us new CC fics every year.

Art can be found here!

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I'm Never Saying Goodbye To You

Pairing: CrissColfer
Word Count: 1090
Summary: After filming their last scene together, Chris and Darren aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to Kurt and Blaine.
Notes: This got stuck in my head after all the filming photos we got of them on Friday and I couldn’t not write it.

“I’m gonna miss him.." 

Those were the first words out of Chris’ mouth once they got into the van after a strenuous morning of entering and exiting a subway station dozens of times. Darren glanced over at him, saw Chris in Kurt’s clothes, saw Kurt’s ring on his finger, and he knew immediately who he was talking about. He looked down at himself then, at Blaine’s clothes and Blaine’s ring, Blaine’s gel still in his hair..

"I’m going to miss him too.”

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I filled in Lynne’s request for a Mother’s day gift to her. It was to write a Crisscolfer ficlet based on a live-stream wedding of two YouTubers yesterday. I hope this is something like what you wanted, and I truly hope it makes you smile/cry/feel something. ~1900 words. 

“Fuck.” Darren cursed under his breath.

“What’s wrong.”

“Well. I kind of forgot about this, and Lauren sent it to me as a reminder.”

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Your Kiss Is On My List -- CrissColfer drabble

Title: Your Kiss Is On My List
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating/Length: PG / 1,300

From the daily-crisscolfer-prompts blog.

CC Prompt #92 - Darren is on a quest to complete a bucket list, for reasons up to author.  Item number 10 is Kiss a random stranger. He sees Chris sitting on a bench and decides to go for it.

Note: Completely consensual. Darren asks before doing anything.


#10 – Kiss a stranger (yes a complete stranger)

Darren was drunk when he wrote some (most) of his Backup Bucket List (secondary to his real bucket list, which he keeps in a notebook tucked away in his bedroom).  He’s not going to back away from that fact.

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Like I Know My Own Mind

Summary: Based off a prompt from OTP Questions on Twitter - “Whose mother can tell they’re in love with the other before they even realize it?” AKA Darren’s mom knows everything. Do not question her.
Pairings: Chris/Darren
Words: 1200
Genre: Fluff
Notes: Written for my lovely Sarah @lovetheblazer​ who’s been having a tough time lately. Hope this makes you smile <3 
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There are a handful of people that know Darren just as well as, or perhaps better than he knows himself, and one of those people is certainly his mother.

It’s always been this way. It makes sense, really; she did give birth to him, after all. She carried him for nine months, felt every kick and squirm of his tiny growing body. She raised him, and spent almost every single day with him for at least the first 18 years of his life. They’ve always shared an extremely close bond; he’s opened up to his mother in ways that he’s never opened up to anyone else before. In fact, she was the first one Darren told when he thought he might like boys just as much as he likes girls.

So of course she knows him incredibly well. That much has never come as a surprise to Darren. She always knows he’s sick even when he’s pretty sure he’s doing a good job of hiding it and she always knows when he’s sad or stressed about something. She knows just what to say to calm his fears, or to encourage him when he needs it most.

So, when she comes into the kitchen during one of his brief weekend visits and asks how long he and Chris have been dating, Darren nearly chokes on his food.

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Fic: Happenchance

Ok so this was a one shot that I wrote around the time of Obama’s inauguration.  Darren Criss had tweeted out something about his flight back east and since I didn’t feel comfortable writing CrissColfer, I wrote it as Klaine instead.

I’m VERY new to Tumblr so if you like it, I’d be honoured if you reblogged it so it could reach more fans. I’ll post more of my fics as I figure out how to do it… hahaha…


Kurt Hummel does not believe in fate.

He does not believe in love at first sight and he definitely does not believe in soul mates.

These ideologies are illogical to him. What he believes in is hard work, perseverance and discipline.

Which is why happenchance is the last thing on his mind as he boards his red-eye flight to New York…..

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Home Again, Home Again - CrissColfer drabble

Title: Home Again, Home Again
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating/Length: PG / drabble

Taken from this list of ridiculous sentence prompts: “Who wouldn’t be angry you ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years!”

Darren disappears on a Thursday.

Chris comes downstairs in the foggy morning to find a milky bowl in the kitchen sink, a chair pulled out from the breakfast table, and his last box of cereal crammed empty into the recycling.

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The Neighbor, Or, Another Meg Ryan Rom-Com (crisscolfer fic)

Title: The Neighbor, Or, Another Meg Ryan Rom-Com
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating: ~5,800 / G
Summary: Darren doesn’t bake, or, that time he had to ask his previously unseen neighbor for help and a cup of sugar.


Darren doesn’t bake.

He’s got his talents, maybe more than his fair share, but baking isn’t one of them.  Flour, eggs, and sugar rarely come together for him in anything but a mess. Two months ago, he tried to make a cookie in a mug to satisfy a vicious bout of late-night munchies without leaving his apartment, and his microwave ended up coated in burnt butter and chocolate.  It doesn’t seem right that his dad is chef and he can’t even attempt lemon bars without getting lemon juice in his eyes and powdered sugar all over the floor.

He knows it’s just chemistry, but he wasn’t very good at that either.

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Prix Fixe - cc ficlet

Title: Prix Fixe
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating: ~2,800 / G
Summary: Chris is famous, Darren is not. They meet at a restaurant. I’m great at summaries.


Darren knows exactly who he is the moment the man walks by his table – Chris Colfer, movie star. Darren would recognize him anywhere. Tall in a blue shirt and grey tie, Chris strides by Darren’s booth without even glancing at him before taking a seat at a two-top near the back. He sits with his back to the rest of the dining room, even though it means he can’t see someone approaching him. He pulls out his cell phone while he waits and doesn’t fidget at all.

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Babel Song - ccbb 2016

Title: Babel Song
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating/Length: PG-13 (some violence, blood) / ~18,500
Summary: The night is dark and a kingdom is ablaze. Chris, a young villager from the North, wakes in a forest with a dreadful wound and no memory of what happened to him. Desperation rises and hope appears distant when a shadowed stranger with his own secrets emerges from the trees. With his new companion, Chris must journey an unknown path while the lands around him fall into war if he is going to make it home.

A/N: Many, many thanks to @crisscolfuck for her A+ beta help and to @actyourshoesizegirl to her questions and comments that made me think more about this world. And thank you to Lindsey for organizing another round of fun.

Fabulous Cover Art by lokicorey!!

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Surge - cc ficlet

Title: Surge
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating: ~1,350 / G
Summary: Quite simply: a meet-cute in an UberPool (original self-prompt)


Darren just wants to go home. Rehearsals for the reading the next week had been a bitch that day; some of the songs weren’t coming together and too many of the actors had early outs that were fucking with the schedule. There’s not much Darren can do about it though – he shows up at his call time, knows his parts, and just hopes that this reading might be the one to lead to something more.

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I wish I had more self-control when talking to Lynne, but I don’t. So we just end up being super-obnoxious and I end up writing a Crisscolfer ficlet at 1AM. Fluff. ~1,200 words of it. 

“Chuck’s really letting you name this one,” Chris said, driving up to the GPS-indicated exit on the highway.

“Yup. We had a deal. I can’t believe he’s actually going through with it, though.”

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Crosstown 79 - CrissColfer AU

Title: Crosstown 79
Pairing: Chris/Darren (AU)
Rating/Length: PG-13 / 10,300
Summary: Sometimes you just need a week to fall in love, especially if you’re a witch.


It’s raining and he’s wearing thick glasses and a blue beanie when Chris first sees him, with dark curls peeking out from under the damp wool. He’s also a witch, Chris can tell.

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Wow Dare, even i could almost believe you were in love with me after watching how well you are acting here…

Darren let out a small noise of agreement, looking over to see Chris hadn’t taken his eyes away from the screen. As Kurt and Blaine were dancing upon the tv, Darren forced himself to swallow. It felt like razor blades being forced down his throat with the lack of saliva from his dry mouth. The palms of his hands; clammy with nervousness.

As Darren’s eyes drifted back to the television, his eyes fell upon the back of ‘Kurt’s’ head. A gentle sigh escaped past Darren’s lips. He remembered filming this scene like it was only yesterday, they had been given the ability to dance what ever way they pleased with their selected on screen partners. Without words, Darren had wrapped his arms around Chris and pulled him so close their chest brushed with every few rocking motion. Chris had just smiled one of his gorgeous all teeth smiles and followed Darren’s lead in the dance, no questions asked. Darren watched himself as Blaine closed his eyes, moving his head ever so closer to the love of his life in an action of total bliss and happiness.

Darren subconsciously swallowed again, his whole body letting off a shiver as his mind remembered that was the exact moment the sweet smelling fragrance that was Chris Colfer had flooded his nostrils making it impossible to not pull Chris even closer as they were filmed.

Now with Kurt’s head resting upon Blaine’s shoulder, Darren glanced over to Chris once more, unable to help biting his bottom lip as familiar thoughts crossed his mind.

How do you tell your co-star and on screen boyfriend that you are completely one hundred percent head over heels in love with them? 

Pics or It Didn’t Happen

@NayaRivera: I love being on group texts with my Glee family. Always makes me smile.
@DarrenCriss: @NayaRivera yeah me too… When I’m in them… [quiet, pathetic sobs to myself]
Darren is determined to be in the next Glee group text. Naturally, he enlists Chris’ help. Text fic. TW: References to sexting and copious sexual innuendo. 1.8K [AO3]

Darren: Chris.

Chris: Darren.

Darren: Did you know about this Glee group text situation? Because if so we’re in a fight.

Chris: …what?


Chris: Oh, no. Guess I didn’t make the cut either?

Darren: Are you lying to save my feelings?

Chris: Since when have I ever cared about your feelings? ;)

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Better than Cake (CrissColfer; NC-17)

Title: Better than Cake
Pairing: CrissColfer
Rating: Oh god. NC-17. So very much so.
Word Count: 5,000+

Summary: It is morning and the only thing on Chris’s mind is Darren.
A/N: This perhaps the smuttiest thing I’ve written. Not straight up filth but damn. It is heavy on the porn so, yeah. Warning if you don’t like that? Also this was just a bit of rambling I did at Mandeh today that she then urged me to post. I haven’t changed any of what I wrote to her so it can occasionally go rambly and forget English grammar. Sorry. Thanks to Mandeh for letting me ramble at her on end about porn and stuff. 

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And Thus, Balls - CrissColfer drabble

Title: And Thus, Balls
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating/Length: PG-13 / drabble

Taken from this list of ridiculous sentence prompts“The skirt is short on purpose.”

“Darren, I’m going to need you to put your balls away.”

Darren frowns, looking down at himself, as though he could see his own sac from that particular vantage point.  “They’re not out,” he protests.

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Fic: Swing the Spinning Step


early!crisscolfer in which, contrary to popular belief, Chris and Darren never kissed on their first date. Title from Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer.

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It doesn’t happen on their first date.

The electricity crackles beneath the surface, threatening to burst within them both, but they don’t. Time heeds a hefty warning, reminding them it’s too soon, and deep in their chests, mingled with their romantic spark for each other, there lies a fear that tells them – He doesn’t reciprocate. So, they don’t. Chris and Darren never kiss on their first date.

Of course, then, they don’t call it a date.

They thoroughly enjoy the dinner and concert together, lively with easy conversation, shameless flirting, and silly dancing. Chris thinks he’s never felt so comfortable around someone else. Or free. Twenty years worth of building and plastering walls around himself, and yet he bizarrely welcomes this outsider in.

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