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So the last time I wrote something was…I think five months ago. Lack of confidence or ideas do not make for writing fanfics. But here I go, attempting a ficlet as Lynne’s dream prompts are so good. ~900 words regarding a headcannon of St. Patrick’s Day 2017.

Darren got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. He usually didn’t do so; after all, he was in his own home. However, Chris had a habit of airing out the apartment, usually after showers, and he didn’t want a repeat of last month’s mishap where he walked out completely exposed.

If the old guy living in the building over had recognized him, then there would have been a scandal he would have preferred not to deal with.

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anonymous asked:

are there any really good high school klaine/crisscolfer fics you know of?

We’ve got lots, anon!

Highschool!Blaine  Highschool!Kurt  Highschool!Klaine High school!CC         High school!Darren

Scholars and Gentlemen by Mary Flanner

What if Blaine fell for Kurt first?

A Month, A Week and Three Days by LaniLaniDuck

“Why does everyone take me seriously when I talk about that?“ Kurt mused. "My Step-Brother, my Dad, my-” he stumbled over his words for a second. “-Blaine.” He finished lamely, his cheeks turning quickly to a rosy, adorable pink.

Also several not to miss:

Go Your Own Way

Puzzle Pieces

Fire With Fire


Coming Through

Of Our Hands

Underneath and Unexplored

McKlainely High and the sequel, McKlainley High Senior Year

Falling in Love

Falling in Love

Chapter ½

Rating: PG-13

Words: 3,623

Summary: Darren Criss is your average, run-of-the-mill gay guy with a beard. Chris Colfer is your average, run-of-the-mill seventeen year old fanboy. When the chance arises to win a phone call from Darren, Chris hastily gets to it. He just hadn’t expected to hit it off so well with the man of his dreams.


@darrencriss LISTEN UP!!! First ten people to donate to the Trevor Live Project will get a phone call from me. No shit. 100% serious.

Chris reads and rereads the words. When they finally process, he realizes that he doesn’t have much time. He scrambles around to find his credit card—it’s out in the kitchen. He practically flies out there to grab it.

“Watch where you’re going, Christopher.” Not now, Mom. He pushes passed her—she’s in the middle of chopping carrots for dinner—and grabs his wallet which always sits next to his keys. He then runs back to his room. He hopes that, since he’s always stalking internet-,sensation-turned-movie-star-overnight Darren Criss, he will still be one of the first. He quickly clicks on the link provided and hastily fills out the information.

Enter the amount you wish to donate






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Boyfriend Material

anonymous prompted: CC prompt? “Hey you, what are these clothes made of?” “What?” “Boyfriend material.” CrissColfer Alternative Meeting AU. 3.8K [AO3]

Darren throws back the dregs of his scotch on the rocks in one gulp before sidling up to the bar to order another double. He needs at least one more fortifying dose of alcohol for courage before he has the balls to go through with his plan.

Darren’s usually not reliant for alcohol when it comes to social lubrication. As Joey, Lauren, and all his college friends love pointing out to him, he’s basically missing the shame gene, especially when it comes to approaching cute guys in bars. You name a cheesy pick up line or clumsy introduction technique, Darren’s tried it at least once. (Yes, even the Naked Man. Don’t ask.)

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It’s incredible. Even Darren’s ratty old t-shirts can inspire Lynne enough for a fic prompt. ~800 words.

“What are you doing?” Darren asked, seeing Chris in front of their closet with a few garbage bags by his side.

“Spring cleaning,” Chris answered, scanning the contents of the large cabinet with a murderous look in his eyes.

“It’s November, Chris.”

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rec me some more crisscolfer smut and i'll cook you some soup p l e a s e

s o u p (◕‿◕✿)

s  o  u  p  (◕‿◕✿)

p.s: and for those who didn’t know, you can find another short list that i made the other day here :D



I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and with Zinnia’s help, we’ve created a Klaine & CrissColfer fanfic library blog.  It’s still under construction, but we wanted to make it public once we had a decent amount of fics already up.  There are currently over 100 Klaine and we’ve just started adding the CrissColfer ones.  The process is quite slow and time consuming because we want it to be as organized and user-friendly as possible.

Both Zinnia and I are running the blog, so if you have fic finding questions, or if you find an error, please send all questions and concerns to our ASK box.

Please be patient as we add fics, we literally have over 600 to go!  

When you’re on the blog, at the top there is a Klaine Fic Finder and a CrissColfer Fic Finder.  It will bring you to all the tags so you can search for what you’re looking for.  (some tags aren’t linked yet since we don’t have all fics added)


It’s quite a giant undertaking, but will be worth it in the end! Thanks for your patience!

~Lynne and Zinnia

Worst Kept Secret

Because it’s Sam’s @ticklishblaine birthday and she’s my best friend and thus pretty much the only person that could talk me into revisiting this verse. Part of the Morphine as Truth Serum verse. Darren’s first day back on set. 2K [AO3]

“Are you sure you don’t want to just sleep over tonight?” Darren asks coyly as Chris begins gathering his things to leave. Given that they’ve spent the better part of their weekend at Darren’s condo, that turns out to be quite a lot of things to gather.

“Don’t give me the puppy dog eyes, Mister. I’m already immune,” Chris grumbles, still searching for his missing shoe. He finds it has disappeared to underneath Darren’s couch. If Chris didn’t know better, he’d think Darren maybe hid it there on purpose. Darren’s place is a bottomless pit of junk to be honest, sparsely furnished but with musical instruments, hoodies, and video games covering every available surface, meaning he can’t be positive the disappearing act was intentional. Chris had naively thought after five days of recuperating at his house, maybe Darren would want to sleep in his own bed. He’s been regretting that suggestion ever since the moment they entered Darren’s place. Frat boy chic is really not Chris’s thing, even if Darren doesn’t seem to mind the clutter.

“Yeah right, if I so much as got a twinge in my side, I bet you’d move in,” Darren shoots back cockily.

“Wait, does your side hurt?” Chris blurts out before he can stop himself.

“Ahaha,” Darren laughs, long and hard. “Nailed it.”

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I wrote this request while I was completely high on painkillers, so I beg of you not to judge me. But I’d completely understand if you did. A Crisscolfer ficlet as a reaction to this video, which I think has been the cause of my most recent rise in blood-pressure. ~900 words.

Chris comfortably settled back into the small couch on the side of the room as the make-up artists left for their break. Most of the job was done anyway, and as long as Chris could control himself, their efforts wouldn’t be wasted.

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It must have been love...

Glee is finally over, and Darren and Chris are at Chris’ place, when someone decides to role play the elevator scene…

Crisscolfer, M, 3K

“So wefinally made it through glee club” Darren said as he took his shoes off and collapsed into the bed.

“Well I don’t know about you but I was really looking forward for the whole glee thing to end” Chris answered as he was changing into his pajamas.

“Aww, you didn’t like being with the guys?” Darren pouted at him.

“Yeah I like them, but most of the time you weren’t with me. You know how I hated Ryan for not creating more Klaine scenes this season” Chris replied as he was climbing up his bed to rest next to Darren who was already looking for the TV remote control.

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I woke up feeling like writing CrissColfer, and somehow Lynne has a sixth-sense about these things way before I do. She’d sent me a prompt yesterday, and because I saw it this morning, I rushed to finish it ASAP. In regards to this week’s events. ~1,100 words. 

“Darren, this is the third time you’ve lost it.” Chris lifted up his feet, as Darren crouched down in front of him.

“I have not. I swear I was wearing it.” Darren said, looking underneath their couch, pushing Cooper’s toy out of the way. He carefully got up and said, “No. Not there. How do I keep losing it.”

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CrissColfer Drabble # 1

Description : In a world where CrissColfer is out and proud and the question, “What is your favorite article of clothing that Chris wears.” is being asked in interviews.

Length : 3,400 words

Rating : NC-17

Includes : Blushy Chris and Horny Darren

“So Darren,” The interviewer began, smiling across to the young couple sitting on the couch, nuzzled so close to one another that their legs were pushed firmly against each other, “What is your favorite article of clothing that Chris wears.”

Darren grinned at the question, already racking his brain for the proper answer. As he opened his mouth, he was cut off by the host’s addition of, “And lingerie doesn’t count.”

The audience broke into laughter, even more so after Chris burred his face into his hands to hide his giggles.

Darren gave a defeated shrug and a quick joke of, “Damn.” before continuing, “No really….I think….oh it’s really boring though.” He sighed, glancing over at Chris to see if he could tell what he was about to say.

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Crisscolfer drabble.

I swear, one more call from ‘BEST I’VE EVER HAD!!!’ and I’ll cut your fucking balls off. -C

“Darren!” He groaned as he walked into the house, kicking off his shoes and glaring at him when he peeked over the fridge’s door, a plate of leftover pasta in his hand. “Yes, babe?” “How many times do I have to tell you to stop changing your damn contact info on my phone?” He said rubbing at his temples and flopping down on the lounger chair. “I swear to god, one more fucking call from ’BEST I’VE EVER HAD!’, ’To Do list’, ’Loves flavored lube’ or ’Cute guy at work with the huge bulge’ and I will cut your balls off.” Darren didn’t even look up from his plate as he smirked and mumbled “you love these balls” around a mouthful of tortellini. “Not when you call me during a voice recording for a children’s movie and I’m told for the whole studio to hear that my phone’s buzzing with a call from ’Gotta have quickie with.’ I mean, seriously Darren?” “What? I didn’t know they’d announce it to everyone!” He claimed in his defense, barely concealing a chuckle. “I hate you. And you’re going back to plain ’Darren’, you don’t even get ’baby’ anymore” he deadpanned before giving in to his big round eyes and kissing the pout away. “Okay, ’baby’ it is, stop sulking.” He stops changing his contact info for a few months and Chris forgets about it altogether. Until that one night when they get home from dinner, just been almost caught by the paps, afraid they could have been followed to his place and then it happens. Darren drops to one knee and he gets the call of his life. Incoming call:
Will you marry me? (: It stays that way until the wedding, and now he’s not mad when it changes anymore. Mr. Colfer-Criss <3Daddy ;)Papa :D

Lynne’s Featured Fics

Title: Be My Muse

Author: Mercury-Skies

Rating: NC-17

Status: Complete

Word Count:  49,323

Summary:  Kurt is an Art student at NYU who is partnered with the mysterious but talented Blaine Anderson for a piece on identity and finds himself instantly captivated and longing to know more. Blaine is a good guy with a bad reputation stemming from his Freshman year whose issues often get the better of him. Blaine, defensive and bitter, finds hope in Kurt.

Tropes/Genre: future!fic, college!Klaine, angst, blangst, drug use, hurt/comfort, romance

Lynne’s review:  There are certain fics that when you go back years later to reread, you fall in love with all over again. This is one of those fics. I reread this to write my review since I hadn’t read it in some time. Completely in love yet again. Let me begin by saying that this fic is probably (other than Yadiva’s fics) the farthest away from my usual fare that I can get. I am a fluff n smut n humor kinda gal. While this fic has smut, it’s definitely not funny, nor very fluffy (there is sweet fluff with Cooper’s daughter Bella however).

Please don’t let that deter you.  First and foremost, this is a LOVE story. A deeply devoted, intense, powerful, all encompassing love story. Although it’s not called a “soulmate” fic, I really consider these two souls in this story to be soulmates. From the moment they meet, you can literally feel their connection. This ride is intense, and often times very difficult to read - it’s raw, emotional and real. But remember it’s a LOVE STORY. A beautiful, unforgettable, love story. Against all odds (see what I did there?), they save each other.

Oh, and the fact that Blaine speaks Italian to Kurt…BONUS FEELS!

Read at: AO3 or Tumblr

There are 8 more stories in this verse - I highly recommend them all.


Title:  That Naked Fic                 

Author: CertainTendencies

Rating: R                                    

Status: Complete

Word Count: 8,000

Summary:  Darren sees Chris naked. Darren can’t stop thinking about Chris naked. Darren totally wants to bang kiss date Chris.

Tropes/Genres: CrissColfer fanfiction, fluff, humor, romance, canon!CC

Review:  I’ve read this story so many times that I’ve lost count.  I adore the way she writes CrissColfer.  It’s so fresh and natural - their banter is very realistic.  There’s humor and humility, snarkiness and shyness. I highly suggest you all read every fic she’s ever written, and this one is a great place to start.

Read at: Tumblr

Zinnia’s Featured Fics

Title: Little Boy Who Lives Down The Lane

Author: Cimmerians

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 30,738

Summary: The Klaine version of a dark fairytale. This story contains character death, pederasty, violence, and a deep streak of human nastiness. Do not read if these things upset you.

Tropes/Genres: AU, angst, character death, mystery, romance

Review: This story will demand your fully undivided attention. Make sure your mind is clear and you are free of distractions before you read it, because the minute you start to think you’ve figured it all out, you’ll be spun around another 180 degrees. To say Kurt and his backstory will surprise you is an understatement. A tragically twisted story that will astonish you, induce a couple of belly laughs at the banter even among all the somber themes two teenage boys face, and make you fall in love with them all over again.

Read at: Tumblr


Title: Like You Mean It

Author: CertainTendencies

Rating: NC-17

Status: Complete

Word Count: 11,952

Summary: The boys engage in a little friendly competition.

Tropes/Genres: CrissColfer Fanfiction. Fluff, Humor, Romance.

Review: I could not believe I had not read this fic until yesterday. A short read that starts out funny and light and “goes places”. Very well written. The characterization was incredible. There’s only one way a kissing competition can end. 

Read at: Tumblr

About 1600 words of Crisscolfer. Reminder that this is just my headcannon of what went on at Elsie Fest, I do not claim any of it to be true. (But there’s a high chance it is)

Chris was settled comfortably in his pajamas, his laptop warming his thighs through the comforter covers. He could hear Darren pacing back and forth in the living room. 

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Three Days in an Elevator

Because the word on the street is that it took Darren and Chris three days to film all the elevator scenes in “The Hurt Locker Part 2”and naturally my brain wanted to fill in those blanks. 5.2K [AO3]
For Jen because I love her a lot <3

Day 1, Hour 1

“What do you think it says about our characters that we somehow manage to get locked in what is so obviously not an elevator? Personally, I’d always thought Blaine was a little smarter than that, but maybe that’s just my own ego talking, I don’t know.” Darren asks Chris.

They are sitting on the floor in the “elevator” that isn’t, waiting while the crew adjusts the lighting to the specifications necessary for the scene. It appears to be a difficult thing to get just right because they’ve been sitting on the floor waiting to start the scene for at least twenty minutes. Not that Darren minds, especially when the only thing on his schedule for today is rehearsing and filming with Chris. No songs, no crazy costumes, no dance steps to fumble through, not even much in the way of a script or lines to learn. He’s been told that’s because the writers wanted what Kurt and Blaine do in the elevator to seem spontaneous. Darren’s not sure if that’s the truth or if the writers are just burnt out and couldn’t come up with anything, but he doesn’t mind either way. He’s loved improv ever since those early days at University of Michigan doing shows with all his best friends. And he can’t imagine a better scene partner to improv with than Chris, whose witticisms and barbs fly so fast and furious, most people miss half of them.

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