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The day you google “[name of the couple ] fanfiction”, the game is over. You don’t get off the Fanfiction Train, full stop. It’s like in those nightmares where you try to run away from horrid monsters, but you just cannot run fast enough—and then you wake up panting and scared to death because they ate you. Now, can you picture Jack Dawson in your mind? Jack being dragged down along with the Titanic while fat-ass-Rose has her life vest to keep her head above water? Good. Because you are Jack. And it’s not like you read one fanfiction, no—you read tons of them. In a row. Overnight, generally. But it’s still a fresh new obsession, you know, so you try your best in order to avoid the hardcore. You choose painful stories where they both die over gay smut, basically, because you know, you know that the smut is the final step towards damnation.
But then you do it. You do it, dammit.
You sell your soul to Satan.
You track their tag on Tumblr.

They make masterposts, AU memes, more fanarts, fan fictions, gifs. Millions of gifs. Billions of gifs. The light at the end of the tunnel is not an exit, it’s a computer screen.
This is the fifth stage, called the “Compulsive Reblogging Phase”. Hours and hours spent laughing like a moron on acid or sobbing your eyes out because “they are so beautiful omg and its so sad cuz they’re either fictional and NOT FUCKING CANON YET or real people and still so far in the closet they basically live in Narnia /loud sobs/.” Before you realize it, you’re twenty and you’re spending your days and nights dwelling on the imaginary sexual lives of two strangers/two fictional characters while your sexual life is the fucking Sahara.

(If you can see yourself in this description, welcome to Hell. Straight on and then turn right for the bedrooms. Say goodbye to the infamous light at the end of the tunnel and start filling the papers to take up residency.)

So. Here we are.
The penultimate phase. The smut. ESPECIALLY GAY SMUT, though no one would admit it out loud for, er, obvious reasons. It’s not, like, socially acceptable. Yet. You want your mum to think that you text all day long rather than to find out that you’re stuck with a +70000 words long fan fiction with a plot thinner than Dita Von Teese’s waist and a list of warnings that includes the letters B D S and M in various combinations.
You leave to sail with your armada (pun intended) in the quest for NC17-frienfdly shores like livejournal, Tumblr and archiveofourown, where tags like “rimming”, “D/s”, and “PWP” (plot without plot, and that’s saying something) or even “butts getting fucked what else would you ask for really” are an everyday thing and no one has any kind of restrain in matters of unutterable fantasies.

No matter how many times you tell youself: “I won’t obsess this time, I won’t exaggerate, I won’t get emotional over this"—it’s useless. You will.

We finally get to the last phase. The one where you start to feel like writing about the couple. At this point yuou’re not in hell—you sit next to Satan.

Final note: if a fangirl denies spending AT LEAST one night per month curled up under the sheets with bloodshot eyes as she’s too absorbed by reading some PWP fanfiction on the screen of her smartphone to go to sleep—incidentally too terrified by the thought of being caught reading smut in the middle of the night by her parents to actually use the laptop and preserve her sight, as it would make her burn said laptop, change her name to Pepito and move to Mexico—she is lying.

Because that’s how it goes.
That’s the utter truth.
Fangirl stuff.
Dearest reader, if you recognize yourself in one of the first few points, please, please run while you still can. Save yourself.

If you do not want to, if you think you’re stronger than this, stronger than an OTP, okay. It’s your decision. It’s your will. You are already in the tunnel, anyway. Sorry to tell you. You will find out soon enough and resign yourself to this truth.

You. Will. Not. Stop.

You will go down with your ship.



I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and with Zinnia’s help, we’ve created a Klaine & CrissColfer fanfic library blog.  It’s still under construction, but we wanted to make it public once we had a decent amount of fics already up.  There are currently over 100 Klaine and we’ve just started adding the CrissColfer ones.  The process is quite slow and time consuming because we want it to be as organized and user-friendly as possible.

Both Zinnia and I are running the blog, so if you have fic finding questions, or if you find an error, please send all questions and concerns to our ASK box.

Please be patient as we add fics, we literally have over 600 to go!  

When you’re on the blog, at the top there is a Klaine Fic Finder and a CrissColfer Fic Finder.  It will bring you to all the tags so you can search for what you’re looking for.  (some tags aren’t linked yet since we don’t have all fics added)


It’s quite a giant undertaking, but will be worth it in the end! Thanks for your patience!

~Lynne and Zinnia

Falling in Love

Falling in Love

Chapter ½

Rating: PG-13

Words: 3,623

Summary: Darren Criss is your average, run-of-the-mill gay guy with a beard. Chris Colfer is your average, run-of-the-mill seventeen year old fanboy. When the chance arises to win a phone call from Darren, Chris hastily gets to it. He just hadn’t expected to hit it off so well with the man of his dreams.


@darrencriss LISTEN UP!!! First ten people to donate to the Trevor Live Project will get a phone call from me. No shit. 100% serious.

Chris reads and rereads the words. When they finally process, he realizes that he doesn’t have much time. He scrambles around to find his credit card—it’s out in the kitchen. He practically flies out there to grab it.

“Watch where you’re going, Christopher.” Not now, Mom. He pushes passed her—she’s in the middle of chopping carrots for dinner—and grabs his wallet which always sits next to his keys. He then runs back to his room. He hopes that, since he’s always stalking internet-,sensation-turned-movie-star-overnight Darren Criss, he will still be one of the first. He quickly clicks on the link provided and hastily fills out the information.

Enter the amount you wish to donate






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Pics or It Didn’t Happen

@NayaRivera: I love being on group texts with my Glee family. Always makes me smile.
@DarrenCriss: @NayaRivera yeah me too… When I’m in them… [quiet, pathetic sobs to myself]
Darren is determined to be in the next Glee group text. Naturally, he enlists Chris’ help. Text fic. TW: References to sexting and copious sexual innuendo. 1.8K [AO3]

Darren: Chris.

Chris: Darren.

Darren: Did you know about this Glee group text situation? Because if so we’re in a fight.

Chris: …what?


Chris: Oh, no. Guess I didn’t make the cut either?

Darren: Are you lying to save my feelings?

Chris: Since when have I ever cared about your feelings? ;)

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FINALLY! Another massive fic rec update! Whew! 17 Klaine and 1 CrissColfer!







Shove Me Into Shallow Waters by K8Malloy (Rated T - Complete)

A/U The summer before senior year Kurt receives notification that he must pass the school district’s mandatory swim test in order to earn his diploma. A childhood trauma has kept him out of the water until now. Enter Blaine Anderson, Lima Parks and Recreation lifeguard and swim instructor. When it comes to unknown waters, is it best to tip toe in, or take a running leap?


High Opera by Twitchy Squirrel (Rated M - Complete)

In this AU Kurt is a thirty-something struggling opera singer. Blaine is an international pop superstar. They meet on a flight to Italy, and the rest is amore.


Wiretap by Morgana (Rated PG – Complete)

A series of phone calls Adam overhears that makes him very seriously question why he’s dating someone who everyone is positive is in love with someone else. Adam POV, Kadam, Klaine endgame.

Seasons May Change by Alianne82 (Rated M – Complete)

From the time he’s five years old, Kurt’s best friend lives right across the street – at least for the holidays. (A story about friendship, loneliness and love, told through a series of summers and winters.)

Forever Feels Like Home by spinmybowtie (Rated M – WIP)

Kurt Hummel is a senior in college and he’s tired of waiting to meet his soulmate. He decides to take matters into his own hands by placing an ad in the newspaper. The response he gets is more than he could have ever imagined.

When The Time Is Right by lostinfictionalworlds (Rated M – WIP)

Kurt is 25, successful, handsome and sought after by all, but still looking for more. Enter Bar Owner!Blaine 10 years his senior and on the exact same journey of looking for love and life. A/U Rated M for use of swearing, sexual references and scenes of a heavy sexual nature. Disclaimer: I do not own anything.


Muted by Scarlett (Rated PG13 – WIP) 

Blaine is deaf. He recently transferred to McKinley, and immediately catches the eye of a male cheerio named Kurt. They become friends in secret before Blaine starts noticing the strange happenings that revolve around him.


In The Haze by oncetwiceforevr (Rated PG13 – 10K Complete)

Blaine Anderson is a firefighter in NYC. One day, he meets Kurt Hummel. This is their story.


He’s Cheer Captain and I’m On The Bleachers by K8Malloy (Rated M – WIP)

A/U: The best way to make new friends is extra-curriculars. Walking in to McKinley’s gym one blistering hot August morning, sophomore Blaine Anderson couldn’t have known how much he’d learn about himself, about life, and about love from Cheerio Co-Captain Kurt Hummel. Will they be able to keep their attraction contained long enough to win a National Championship?  ***I ADORE THIS FIC!  Well written, very multi-faceted layers of each character – it’s got smut, fluff, humor with a sprinkling of angst


The Handcuffing Of Kurt Hummel by K8Malloy (Rated T – Complete)

A/U. Most of the time, people were charmed by Deputy Sheriff Blaine Anderson, even while receiving a well-deserved traffic ticket. Of course, Kurt Hummel wasn’t ‘most people’. How long will it take before Kurt finds himself in handcuffs - with Deputy Anderson holding the key?


How Kurt and Blaine Totally Suck At Not Being Together by scatterthestars (Rated M – WIP)

It was supposed to be easy. Kurt figures they could do it. A week without sex doesn’t seem all that horrible. Well, some things are easier said than done.


Sometimes It’s Just That Easy by mailroomorder (Rated M – Complete)

He doesn’t know how it happens, but somehow Kurt ends up on the opposite side of the country for college. While there he runs into Blaine, who’s fun and happy and never around and always busy. But the closer Kurt gets to Blaine the more he likes him. He just so happens to be lucky enough that Blaine likes him back.


Sometimes Goodbye Is A Second Chance by Joycie89 (Rated M – Complete)

Blaine is Amish. He loves his family and his culture but they are not accepting of his recently-revealed homosexuality, leading him to make the very hard decision to leave his community at the age of 17. AU, GKM-fill, Klaine.

Dalton Sleepover Verse by trufflemores (Rated M – WIP)

Because early Dalton Klaine is adorable, even when Klaine isn’t quite “Klaine” yet.

Takes place during Kurt’s first few weeks at Dalton before Blaine and he are in any sort of formal relationship. Lots of snuggles.


Loving Arms by lauGS (Rated M – WIP)

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When Blaine’s heart gets broken again just before he was supposed to introduce his boyfriend to his entire family, he is too humiliated to show up alone at the Andersons’ doorstep. Cue Kurt Hummel, a beautiful prostitute with nothing left to lose and a farce that will change their lives.  ***warning for boatloads of angst but with a beautiful payoff


Love and Other Stimulants by Orange-Coyote (Rated T – WIP)

AU. Famous!Kurt. Kurt decides to grab a cup of coffee on his own, without the complexity of security. Blaine, a student and also a fan of Kurt’s, sits in the same LA coffee shop attempting to finish an essay. Some paparazzi show up and once Blaine catches a glimpse of Kurt he decides to help the designer out. What will come of their meeting?


Gemini by Janelle (Rated M – WIP)  The sequel to RIDE

Part 2 of the 'Ride’ Verse - Kurt and Blaine are starting their senior year together at Pace High School of the Performing Arts. With their summer ending and a new chapter in their lives beginning , the boys will learn that growing up and falling in love is so much more than 'a walk in the park’.



Just A Kiss by tresbellemichelle (Rated T – 5K Complete)

Ryan says, “You’re good with kissing, right?” and Chris feels like he’s one answer away from a job he never anticipated and already loves, or being sent packing back to Clovis and a life of loneliness and mediocrity. So he stutters out an, “Of course.” Because he’s an actor, and actors are expected to do certain things. It’s not until that moment, when it’s suddenly a possibility, that Chris thinks he might not be so okay with it after all.

Three Days in an Elevator

Because the word on the street is that it took Darren and Chris three days to film all the elevator scenes in “The Hurt Locker Part 2”and naturally my brain wanted to fill in those blanks. 5.2K [AO3]
For Jen because I love her a lot <3

Day 1, Hour 1

“What do you think it says about our characters that we somehow manage to get locked in what is so obviously not an elevator? Personally, I’d always thought Blaine was a little smarter than that, but maybe that’s just my own ego talking, I don’t know.” Darren asks Chris.

They are sitting on the floor in the “elevator” that isn’t, waiting while the crew adjusts the lighting to the specifications necessary for the scene. It appears to be a difficult thing to get just right because they’ve been sitting on the floor waiting to start the scene for at least twenty minutes. Not that Darren minds, especially when the only thing on his schedule for today is rehearsing and filming with Chris. No songs, no crazy costumes, no dance steps to fumble through, not even much in the way of a script or lines to learn. He’s been told that’s because the writers wanted what Kurt and Blaine do in the elevator to seem spontaneous. Darren’s not sure if that’s the truth or if the writers are just burnt out and couldn’t come up with anything, but he doesn’t mind either way. He’s loved improv ever since those early days at University of Michigan doing shows with all his best friends. And he can’t imagine a better scene partner to improv with than Chris, whose witticisms and barbs fly so fast and furious, most people miss half of them.

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BIGGEST FIC REC UPDATE YET!!!! Now listing 464 Klaine and 136 CrissColfer! HAPPY HIATUS!

Updated (FINALLY!) to add 20 Klaine and 4 CrissColfer!





Fics now COMPLETE!






When The Time Is Right by lostinfictionalworlds (Rated M) Two more one-shots in the verse!

From This Day Forward by Alianne82 (Rated M – WIP)

*SEQUEL to For Better Or For Worse

Being matched up by the government may not be the most romantic way to start a life together. But after moving to New York City, Kurt and Blaine are dedicated to making it work. With moving into their own place, forming new friendships, and the creation of a punk band, they both have to learn to navigate the beginning of the rest of their lives.

It’s All Up In The Stars by quizasvivamos (Rated M – Complete)

This is an extension of the Made to Keep Your Body Warm ‘verse in a series of one shots (if you have not read it first, please do!). Kurt is fresh out of NYU, and he and Blaine begin their new life together and set out to pursue their seemingly impossible dreams.

 *Chapters/one shots are not in chronological order*




The Highlander by TwitchySquirrel (Rated M – Complete)

Kurt loses a bet to Blaine and has to do something embarrassing. Kilts are involved.

*this is two stories for the price of one – SO ADORABLE and HOT!  A great read.


High Time by TwitchySquirrel (Rated M – Complete)

What if you had to live your life all over again?  Would you do it the same, or would you make changes?  This is the dilemma Kurt faces when he accidentally falls through a hole in time and must choose between reliving some of his most painful memories or risk never ending up with Blaine.



Capitol Hill by TwitchySquirrel (Rated PG – Complete 5K)

When Kurt and Blaine met years ago on the stairs at Dalton Academy, they became passing acquaintances.  Years later, while lost in the confusing maze of Washington, DC backstreets, Kurt stumbles upon Blaine, who gives him the gift of one perfect–and desperately needed–day.




Stepbrothers by Nellie12 (Rated M – Complete)

Blaine comes home from college to see his stepbrother Kurt isn’t the little rugrat he had to protect when they were younger. Now, Kurt can hold his own. He’s on the Cheerios and is dating the starting quarterback of the McKinley Titans. Blaine doesn’t know why this all makes him uneasy, but it does. And it sucks.


Teacher’s Verse by fictocriticism (Rated M – Completed in 4 parts)

Teacher!Blaine & Teacher!Kurt

*I realllllly enjoyed this 15K story – really really.


Above The Stage by WritingIsLovely (Rated M – WIP)

New transfer Blaine Anderson has a bad reputation that has all the students at McKinley except the Skanks avoiding him, so why does Kurt find himself looking at him so often? And when Blaine takes a liking to Kurt, how can he convince the straight-laced boy he’s more of a gentleman than he seems? (badboy!Blaine with a heart of gold)


Across The Terrace by crapazoidwtf (Rated M – WIP)

Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel saw one another by coincidence, across the way on one another’s apartment terrace. Both have people in their lives they need to get rid of. One knows which person needs to go. The other has no clue. It is an AU!Klaine with Rocker!Blaine and Stalked!Kurt




Under Skin So Thick by AllPurpleInk (Rated T – Complete)

Kurt meets Blaine, a rebellious reform school student, and is immediately intrigued by his mysterious ways. But is Blaine really the badboy that he portrays himself to be? Could there be more to his past? And is it possible that Kurt is falling for him?


Bathhouse Verse by spinmybowtie (Rated NC17 – Completed in 4 parts)

Blaine is a regular “performer” at a NYC bathhouse. Kurt suspects nothing until he hits the steam room.

*SO FREAKING HOT (and fluff) – cannot rec this golden nugget enough – READ IT!


Defiance by Seeroftodayandtomorrow (Rated M – WIP)  D/s

Blaine has never found someone he trusts enough to be able to really submit. When he meets well-known Dom Kurt in a club, will they both be able to overcome their insecurities and perhaps find love in the process?


Best Laid Plans by sincewhendoIwritefanfic (Rated M – Complete)

Kinks/Warnings: age difference, inexperienced!kurt, prostitution-like activity.  Based off this prompt on the GKM.

*angst warning but happy ending


The Boy Next Door by Alianne82 (Rated PG13 – Complete)

Blaine thought nothing could be more exciting than finally living in New York. But that was before he met the boy who lives across the hall.

*a 17K sweet and easy read


Word Of Mouth by LaurenEP18 (Rated M – Complete)   mute!Kurt, badboy!Blaine.

A culmination of years of bullying and a traumatizing experience led Kurt to stop talking. His whiteboard is his only form of communication when his father sends him to Dalton. Kurt’s world will be turned around when he’s roomed with Blaine Anderson, Dalton’s bad boy. Can Blaine get through to Kurt? Will Kurt ever speak again?




There’s No Such Place by Pene (Rated M – WIP)

When Kurt lost the things he loved the most, he hid himself away from the world - until the night Blaine crashes into his life.

This is an AU. A snowbound cabin romance. And a story where Kurt and Blaine never met, until they did.


Linger On, Your Pale Blue Eyes by candco (Rated M – Complete 7K)

“Kurt knows he’s kidding himself. Blaine walks towards him, biting his lip for Kurt’s reaction, and oh - Kurt’s mind easily flashes them into a wedding aisle.”

Blaine is getting married, but not to him.

*trust me on this one – you’ll LOVE it!


Intertwined by ScatterTheStars (Rated M – WIP)  AGE GAP

It was supposed to be a normal summer spent at a lake house with his son and best friend. Some quiet but entertaining evenings in, and swimming in the lake. What Kurt didn’t count on was meeting Blaine and having this summer go in a direction he never planned; making him feel things he thought he would never feel, or he’ll ever feel again. He is taken by complete surprise when another relationship forms. But what happens when the summer ends and the real world comes back into his life. Can Kurt be happy even though he knows how easy it would be for him to lose it all?


Understanding by colferdreaam (Rated K – WIP)

Stutter!Blaine and Kurt get set up on a blind date by none other than Sam Evans.




Shifting Dreams by kbvibes (Rated M – WIP)

…when your lifelong dreams mean not living your life.

Everything they have ever wanted is finally within reach, with one glaring exception.

What started as a short series of drabbles has now become a journey. Now a full length canon-inspired CrissColfer fan fiction


Safe and Sound Verse by serohtonin (Rated M – WIP)

A canon-inspired D/s CrissColfer series – mostly PWP


Nor The Cavaliers by incendiary1 (Rated T – Complete – 8K)

Professor Darren Criss teaches Advanced Movement and Theory of Theatre, and ends up falling for one of his students.


Collection Of Random CrissColfer Drabbles by hestherewithme (Rated T – WIP)

Lynne’s Featured Fics

Title: They Say The Key To A Happy Marriage Is To Marry Your Best Friend

Author: SinceWhenDoIWriteFanFic

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 15,275

Summary: Blaine Anderson realizes that, in order to access his trust fund, he needs to be married for an entire year. Luckily, his best friend is always willing to play along with whatever plans he thinks of.

Tropes/Genre: fake!marriage, bestfriends!Klaine, humor, fluff, romance

Lynne’s review: This is absolutely MY kind of fic!  Oblivious, silly boys in love - plenty of fluff and humor and smut all wrapped up with a sweet bow.

Read at: AO3 or Tumblr


Title: A Safe Distance

Author: Twobirdsonesong

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 62,263

Summary: Chris has had something of a crush on Darren since the beginning, but it takes the arrival of a guest star on Glee to force him to do anything about it.

Tropes/Genre: CrissColfer fanfiction, canon!CC, angst, romance

Lynne’s review: Matt Bomer is amazing in this story. It’s written so damn well, the feels are so intense, the inner dialogue tugged at my emotions, and the angst was very real, but not over the top. It’s just so, so good. The characterizations are on point. I’ve read it countless times and you should, too.

Read at: AO3 or Tumblr

Zinnia’s Featured Fic

Title: Loving You Is Easy

Author: MrsCriss2012

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count:  144,008

Summary: Single parent Kurt is moving back to Ohio. Having been hurt before, will he ever find anyone to love and trust again?

Tropes/Genre: daddy!Kurt, fluff, romance, teacher!Blaine

Review: Becky is one of a small handful of writers who have the power to either make me babble incoherently or completely speechless with their words. She has made me fall in love with every version of the boys she wrote, but none more than this verse. She doesn’t shy away from realism. She challenges me as her reader whether I want to be challenged or not (though I welcome it wholeheartedly). Incredibly well crafted and realistic, Sweet and heartbreaking at times, this story has fast approached my top must-reads.

Read at: AO3 and FanFiction

I woke up feeling like writing CrissColfer, and somehow Lynne has a sixth-sense about these things way before I do. She’d sent me a prompt yesterday, and because I saw it this morning, I rushed to finish it ASAP. In regards to this week’s events. ~1,100 words. 

“Darren, this is the third time you’ve lost it.” Chris lifted up his feet, as Darren crouched down in front of him.

“I have not. I swear I was wearing it.” Darren said, looking underneath their couch, pushing Cooper’s toy out of the way. He carefully got up and said, “No. Not there. How do I keep losing it.”

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He Was Only Just a Dream

CrissColfer AU: Chris is in the hospital for minor surgery and Darren is his extremely chatty recovery room nurse. Because I had surgery a few months ago and a version of this happened to me. Also I’ve been feeling emotional about Glee ending and this fic is my happy place. TW: Some sexually explicit banner and me taking liberties with a nurse/patient relationship that I’m sure would be against the rules in real hospitals. 9.3K [AO3]

Chris’ senses come back to him a little at a time. The first thing he’s aware of is the sound of someone humming. He can’t quite place the melody, but it’s familiar nonetheless. There are other noises too; a steady tuneless beep, a quiet hissing sound, and a barely audible dripping. Chris feels like there’s something important he’s forgetting, some magic clue that will help him make sense of what’s going on around him, but his brain feels like it’s stuffed with cotton wool. He decides he can figure it out once he gets just a little more sleep.

The thing that ultimately pulls him back towards the surface is the sensation of warm, steady hand on his wrist. On any other occasion, it would have been enough to scare the shit out of him, as Chris is not the type to share his bed often (or ever, really, aside from a few wild nights in college). Something about this touch is soothing and before he gets a chance to question it, his arm goes cold and then everything starts to feel fuzzy again. It’s like he’s instantly drunk, though he doesn’t remember taking any shots. It’s peaceful, though, so Chris just lets himself drift awhile longer, not sure if he’s asleep, awake, or somewhere in between.

A muttered “shit” is the thing that convinces him that it’s worth the effort to open his eyes. The voice is low and deep but apologetic and curiosity gets the better of Chris. Everything is blurry and indistinct at first but he can see just well enough to tell there’s a guy with curly hair and stubble hovering over him. Huh.

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You Two Should Get Married

The very sweet Rosie made a post asking someone to write a Crisscolfer version of this interview (x). I asked her if I could give it a go.

Here’s ~1,780 words of Chris and Darren being the flawless couple we would expect them to be. 

Darren gave Chris’ shoulder a comforting squeeze before being led towards the side of the stage by the stage director.

After a few moments they heard the voice of one of the hosts. "Welcome back everybody. Our upcoming guests played the beloved couple famously known as ‘Klaine’ on the hit TV show Glee. Their on-screen romance simply extended into their own lives, but let’s see if these two are as perfect together as their characters were. Everyone put your hands together for Chris Colfer and Darren Criss!”

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First fic rec update for 2015! Get ready! 21 Klaine and 8 CrissColfer!!

I think this is my biggest fic rec update to date!  Some FYIs for ya’ll…



FICS BY GENRE  (categories in order:  D/s, badboy!Blaine, badboy!Kurt, age gap, soulmate!Klaine, teacher!Klaine, sick/illness/ailment!Klaine, fantasy/scifi/supernatural, daddy!Klaine, famous!Klaine, fluffy!Klaine)

I understand that my rec lists are pretty huge and daunting so here’s a little tip - go to your FIND option on your browser and put in keywords that will help narrow your search.  ie: “Dalton” or “nerd” or “skank” etc. etc.

To find all my fic rec updates - use the tag Lynne-Recs


****A Perfect Collision verse by lostinfictionalworlds (Rated M – Complete)

AU. Kurt is a New York writer living in London, UK. He loves his life, surrounded by everything he could want but is still a little…lonely? He’s on his way home from work, sitting in a sea of awful London city traffic when he literally bumps into somebody who suddenly makes him a little less lonely.


How Deep Is The Ocean by flowerfan (Rated T – Complete)

After Blaine’s grandmother passes away, Kurt and Blaine have an unexpected opportunity to get away from it all. Canon compliant; takes place the summer after 5x20.


The Walls Keep Our Secret by thesoundofmeaning (Rated M – Complete)

AU: Kurt Hummel is a member of the New Directions of McKinley HS and Blaine Anderson is a member of the Warblers of Dalton Academy. The schools’ show choirs have been feuding for years and it is a rule that members never associate with each other. But when Kurt and Blaine have a chance encounter that could change their lives forever, will they give all of that up for their groups?


Can’t Press Eject by pointlessfangirl (Rated T – Complete)

Kurt and Blaine are best friends. They’re both straight. Until Kurt maybe isn’t. Loosely based off of the MTV show Faking It. Two Shot.

Standing Still by andIheardeverything (Rated M – WIP)

Despite his better judgement, Kurt signs up for an online dating website and is surprised to find he’s a pretty popular potential love interest. But amidst the six-packs and shirtless profile pictures, he gets a message from a boy name Blaine. A shy, mysterious boy, who Kurt finds himself inexplicably drawn to. But Blaine has a secret, one he’s not sure if he wants Kurt to know.  *this fic deals with Tourrette syndrome   **I’m really loving this story so far – it’s beautifully written


Scraps Of Love by xCaellachx (Rated M – Complete)

In a world where children are made to order and citizens must be married by the age of 25, fashion guru Kurt Hummel finds himself in a nightmare. The man he’d hoped to marry had run off and now, with no husband, he would be matched by the government. He must return to his hometown of Lima and face a stranger he would spend the rest of his life with. A/U, future!fic


High Holidays by twitchysquirrel (Rated M – Complete)

This is the story of Kristoff Kringlemann and Thrand Sanderson and how they met.  Or maybe not.  But the thing is, when you start off with a little white lie–like maybe your real name is Kurt Hummel and you’re not really an investment banker–it’s kind of hard to tell the truth eventually.  Even if you fall in love.  Set to the Twelve Days of Christmas in a very tortured way.



A Weekend In The Country by luckie_dee (Rated M – Complete)

When the grand opening of Kurt’s bed and breakfast fails to bring in any guests, Blaine hatches a plan to get some publicity. An AU of the Dawson’s Creek episode by the same name.


Cooking With Blaine by luckie_dee (Rated M – Complete 12K)

Klaine holiday fic inspired by this gifset. When Kurt accidentally sets his saucepan on fire while watching the first holiday episode of Cooking with Blaine, he sets off a chain of events that leads to a life-changing December.  *OMG this is too adorbz!


Case Study by purseplayer (Rated M – Complete)  ***she is transferring this story from her Tumblr – it’s complete but not all up on AO3 just yet

In an alternate universe, Kurt and Blaine room together at DaltonAcademy for Special Education, a boarding school for boys and girls who suffer from various mental health issues. Each boy carries his own burden, and they couldn’t be more different… but sometimes the right differences can make two people fit.

Warning: This story takes place in an AU world where Kurt and Blaine both have serious mental health disorders and end up rooming together at a boarding school geared towards special education. I work in mental health, so I’m familiar with this stuff and will try to be as accurate as possible, but please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction. This story will be extremely angsty at times, and also extremely fluffy. Please heed any individual chapter warnings.

Also, Kurt and Blaine are in the same grade here, both juniors at the start of the story.

*I am in serious LOVE with this story, like seriously it’s amazing and endearing and touched my heart & soul. Please do give it a chance.

Everything But You by marauder_in_warblerland (Rated M – Complete) 

Blaine’s been hearing things– unusual things– but Sam can’t seem to understand. This is a story about gaps, mysteries, and longing, but most of all, it’s a story about love.  *sort of supernatural – very, very cool story.


Definition by villageidiot (Rated G – Complete 10K)

Kurt and Blaine are pretty much the definition of soulmates.  *this 10K one shot is sweet perfection.

The Conversation’s Trivial But Trivial Is Fine by DreamingKate (Rated M – Complete)

Blaine is injured in a hate crime and suffers from brain damage as a result. After waiting for days for him to wake up Kurt is horrified to find that Blaine has Wernicke’s Aphasia and can not understand anything that is said to him or say anything that makes sense.  braindamaged!Blaine


Heaven Sent You To Me by thesoundofmeaning (Rated M – Complete)

 AU: Burt doesn’t survive his heart attack. Kurt winds up living with Carole and Finn and doesn’t think he’ll ever be happy again. That is until he meets Blaine Anderson, the boy who brings music back to his life, laughter back to his face, and love back to his heart.  *not gonna lie – the first few chapters HURT LIKE HELL but the story is so sweet – slight angst – but overall sweet and lovely


Bowties Of Love by slayerkitty (Rated R – Complete)

Blaine’s a recent college grad/out of work actor when Cooper drops a job in his lap: be the new bachelor for a reality show on the LOGO network. He’ll get work experience and maybe even fall in love. The only problem is, he finds himself developing feelings for the one of the shows producers, Kurt Hummel, instead of any of the contestants.

In You I Trust by savannah_blue  (Rated M – WIP)

Blaine is determined to stay unclaimed even though any Dom who gets him alone can force a claim on him once he turns eighteen. He doesn’t even last a day.  D/s  dom!Kurt  sub!Blaine


Afraid To Fall by Larry_Klaine_Stylinson (Rated M – Complete)

When Blaine Anderson’s father loses all of their money, they’re forced to relocate from their expensive house in Westerville, where Blaine has been attending DaltonAcademy, to Lima, where Blaine will be attending WilliamMcKinleyHigh School. And he couldn’t be less excited. Until he notices an extremely attractive Cheerio, named Kurt Hummel, who he’s determined to get to know.  Cheerio!Kurt/Nerd!Blaine



Inspired by “accidentally called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came AU.   *really cute one-shot!

A Show To Remember by klaines-deepest-desires (Rated NC17 – Complete 7K)

AU, During a weekend trip, Kurt and Blaine take part in an experience they never thought they ever would at a club one night and end up putting on a show to remember, much to the annoyance of one man who had his eyes set on Blaine.  Kinks/Warnings: Top!Kurt/Bottom!Blaine, Dom!Kurt/Sub!Blaine (slight), Rough sex, facefucking, bareback, size!kink, hung!Kurt, possessive!Kurt, exhibition, voyeurism, public sex, rimming, tiny bit of comeplay, sex party/orgy, background threesome (not Klaine), Sebastian making an appearance, mostly lurking in the background (shameless smut)


Ink verse by wunderxfunk (Rated M – WIP)

Meet cute AU: Blaine is a florist and Kurt is a tattoo artist from the shop next door.  *freaking adorable verse so far!!


Books, Summer, Coffee and You by justanartist (Rated M – Complete)

Blaine loves books, Blaine loves to study and he is in love with the popular Kurt Hummel for two years now. But he never talked to Kurt, never made eye contact with him and he doubts that Kurt even knows he exists.

nerd!barista!Blaine and popular!Kurt   *very cute – there’s a sequel that I haven’t had the chance to read yet but I will!



Blink Back To Let Me Know by roblaine (Rated T – Complete)

"Once you meet your soulmate, you’ll know.”

There aren’t any sort of marks tying you to your soulmate, you just know that it’s them when you see their face for the first time. Darren grew up waiting for the day he would meet his own soulmate, while Chris dreaded finding his. But then, Darren gets a role on Glee, and everything changes.  Soulmates!CrissColfer


Stay and Staying by Neaf (Rated M – Complete)

On tour, Chris has a moment of self doubt. Darren decides to show him just how amazing he really is.


Happy As Long As You Walk The Earth by secretcrisscolferunicorn (Rated PG – Complete)

Chris is a writer who books a trip to HighclereCastle, the shooting location for Downtown Abbey. While there, his lovelife reaches Downton-like drama when he meets actor, Darren Criss.

Benefactor by drosophilase (Rated T – Complete 5K)

Chris and Darren are retired celebrities that seldom coexist peacefully in their small artsy town. When one of the cornerstone Bridgeview citizens has to abandon her no-kill animal shelter, Chris steps up to help out. And so does Darren. Next thing he knows, Chris is volunteering to live at the animal shelter in the interim. ….So does Darren.


Left Of Penn by twobirdsonesong (Rated T – Complete)

Darren is making his way through law school in Baltimore when he gets invited to a rooftop BBQ with some friends. He meets Chris, an art student at a neighboring school, and discovers that sometimes falling in love is just that easy.

How Many Miles by dizzy (Rated M – Complete)

Fine. You’re a closeted actor with a drinking problem, and I’m the prostitute you’re fucking. Maybe you’re right, maybe we do belong together.  Escort!Chris


12 Days Of Christmas by serohtonin (Rated M – Complete)

Darren decides to celebrate Christmas early. I don’t own anyone and I don’t claim any of these events to be true. I’m going to write and post twelve drabbles, inspired by the song 12 Days of Christmas.   *really wonderful canon CC verse – many, many FEELS

I wrote this request while I was completely high on painkillers, so I beg of you not to judge me. But I’d completely understand if you did. A Crisscolfer ficlet as a reaction to this video, which I think has been the cause of my most recent rise in blood-pressure. ~900 words.

Chris comfortably settled back into the small couch on the side of the room as the make-up artists left for their break. Most of the job was done anyway, and as long as Chris could control himself, their efforts wouldn’t be wasted.

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Call Me Mister Fahrenheit

Because Mandy and Sam are dirty, dirty enablers. Blame Robert for the title. 4K [AO3

There were times when I was really sick, and that was so hard. I think I did “Don’t Stop Me Now” with a 103 degree fever. It was murder.” (x)

“Darren?” Chris calls, knocking on the door to his trailer. “You decent?”

He doesn’t get any response aside from what sounds like groaning. Undeterred, Chris opens the door and steps inside. He’s immediately met with a wall of ice-cold air. It’s absolutely freezing in Darren’s trailer. Shivering, he makes his way towards the lump of blankets on the couch that he assumes contains Darren.

“Hey sleepyhead,” he tries again. He sits on the edge of the couch and grips Darren’s shoulder. He tries to pull down the blankets so he can see Darren a little better, but Darren whines and tugs the blanket back over his head like a teenager on the first day of school.

“Maybe if you didn’t keep the temperature in your trailer at twelve degrees, you wouldn’t be so cold,” Chris scolds him fondly.

“What are you talking about?” It’s so hot,” Darren groans, his voice muffled through several layers of fleece.

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I heard this adorable little experience about what they had done to meet the love of their life. Naturally I needed to turn it into a Crisscolfer ficlet. Hope you like it :) ~1,715 words. 

“So are you going to the cast party tonight?” Darren asked, laying down on the couch, flipping through channels on Chris’ television set.

For someone who he’d only been dating for a few weeks, Chris loved how at ease Darren was in his house. He made it a home. He wouldn’t distance himself, especially when Chris wanted him nearby, and he loved that about the man currently lounging on his sofa.

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That’s Where I Belong

ticklishblaine prompted: CrissColfer + “you’re so in sync it’s creepy.” Five times Darren and Chris are so in sync that everyone notices and one time that they aren’t. Thanks to alittledizzy for helping me headcanon. 7.5K [AO3]


“And this is Chris Colfer, your new coworker,” Ryan says as he leads Darren around the Glee set.

Chris feels someone tap him on the shoulder and he whirls to find himself looking directly into the warm hazel eyes of Darren Criss. “Holy shit, it’s you,” he blurts out before he can stop himself. He feels the blush creep across his cheeks as he realizes that yes, he’d said that out loud to the actor who will be playing his new potential love interest on the show. And coincidentally, it’s also the same guy who played Harry Potter in the musical Chris has watched a truly embarrassing number of times on YouTube. Truth be told, he’s way cuter in the flesh, standing in front of Chris with a wide grin, staring at him as if he’s the only person in the room.

“And it’s you,” Darren replies with amusement. He extends a hand to shake. “It’s great to finally meet you. I’m so excited that we’ll be working together. Chris is sure Darren’s just being polite, but he can’t help how his stomach flips pleasantly at how genuinely enthusiastic Darren seems.

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Falling in Love

Falling in Love

Chapter 2/2

Summary: And he does wake up to a song. He wakes up to one every morning from then on.

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Unbeta’d, cuss words, homosexual themes

Words: 4,639 

A/N: if someone would like to write the Darren’s POV of this story, I would greatly appreciate it. Or, you know, become my beta, because sometimes I suck. I’m planning on continuing this, as well. Just, longer one shots, probably. And please excuse any weirdness with the pictures. They actually all come from my phone, so. You lucky shits. I stayed up late to get this done. please excuse any mistakes I’m exhausted.

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