Crisscolfer Follow List

It is that time again!

We have decided to make a NEW Master list of ‘CrissColfer’ fans.

Our hope in making this list is to keep our Crisscolfer fan-family together, supporting and following Chris Colfer and Darren Criss’ relationship as most blogs has slowly begin to post/reblog about other current fandoms.

Normally we would accept a ‘like’ to participate but, on this occasion, if you wish to have your blog added to our list, please REBLOG this post.

As this will be a complete NEW list, if your name was on our last list, we ask you still REBLOG this new post as confirmation you still wish to be apart of our master list.

As soon as we achieve enough names, we will create the new/updated master list. Thank you.

- The Crisscolfer Squad.