Request: “Breathe was awesome. Could you do another henry one where you kinda get in his dad’s way when he tries to hurt henry and you get hurt. Then henry like stands up to his dad and then takes care of you??”

Pairing: reader/Henry Bowers

CW: physical abuse, violence

You’re terrified. 

Somewhere between the yelling, a plate flies past your head and smashes into the display cabinet behind you. Your hands smack against your ears, but your eyes are wide as you watch the fight unfold.

Butch didn’t want you in his house; he didn’t want any of Henry’s friends there, he had made that very clear. But Henry, like always, had insisted. 

You’ll be gone by the time he gets home, he promises. Only, he wasn’t counting on the fact that Butch left some paperwork in his office.

Henry has his dad by the wrists now, as the cop grips his son by the collar of his shirt. He thrashes, pulling back but hesitant in physically retaliating to his father. The fear chokes Henry, forcing the air from his lungs as he struggles against a strength much more motivated than his own.

Henry lifts his leg, the heel of his pointed boot collides with Butch’s thigh. He stumbles backwards in your direction, breathing heavy, exhaling the adrenaline.

“You little fucker!”

He inches closer to where you stand in a pit of broken glass, hands reaching behind his back to pat you in the direction of the front door, whilst maintaining a physical shield. His narrowed eyes never leave his father. A single bead of blood dribbles down the side of his face, leaving a jagged red line in its path.

“Henry,” you whisper shakily, eyes unfocused and blurred from tears. “Leave him, let’s just go.”

He hears you, but he doesn’t comprehend your words. He’s too focused on his father, who throws a chair aside as he advances on you both. You wonder if he was always like this for the pettiest of reasons. As it was, Henry had barely said anything to provoke him when he was struck the first time that day.

Fuck. Off!” Henry yells. It’s a warning, thick in fear and resentment. 

You grab his bicep, feel it tensing in your grip. You would have left when the commotion started, if Henry would just come with you. You weren’t willing to leave him in such a toxic situation when there was a spare bedroom in your home.

Butch’s eyes were ablaze, glazed over with some distant glint to them as he came forward, fist cocked back.

Henry shields his face. You nudge him to the side, stepping in between him and his dad in the nick of time, fast enough to spare your boyfriend the agony, but not yourself. Your vision ripples as your knees buckle, dropping you to the dirty floor. The shock protects you at first, but it takes merely a few seconds for the pain to really set. 

Your cheek gradually feels more and more heavy as it swells, the ache builds, spreading to your jaw and up into your head where a brain-splitting headache forms. The tears begin to spill from your eyes now, and you feel woozy.

Henry shoves his dad, throwing a punch or two as he backs the man away from where you sit. Butch hits a wall, dazed for enough time for Henry to heave you onto your feet, guiding you outside.

“I’ll kill you,” Butch bellows as you disappear across the dried pasture, and onto the makeshift dirt driveway. “You and your whore girlfriend!”


You gasp in pain as Henry dabs your wound with rubbing alcohol. The hit you had taken split the skin, giving you a similar red stain to the one that adorned Henry’s own face. The portion of skin from the bottom of your cheekbone to your temple is red with a slight tinge of blue that you knew would darken over time. 

Henry’s hands tremble furiously, and he spills the alcohol as he tries to apply some to a bandaid.

Still pretty dazed, you cover his hand with your own, steadying it, and guiding it back to the cut for him. You’re sitting on the bench in your bathroom, with Bowers standing between your legs as he rushes to fix you up. You’re certain he’s the one that needs the most help.

“How is the bruise looking?” You ask gently, praying the pain killers would kick in already. 

Henry glances at you, and then back down as he starts to arrange the medical supplies into the box in which he had gotten them. 

“You’re still pretty,” he replies absent-mindedly. “Real pretty.”

You smile, small, and take a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. You grab Henry’s chin and turn his head, giving you full access to his own wound. He must have been smashed with something, maybe a plate. Tiny shards of glass glinted in the light from the cut. 

“Please don’t go back there,” you say, picking the glass with tweezers before cleaning the blood from his face. “You know my parents won’t care if you’re here. They hate your dad.”

“All my stuff is there. He’ll be even angrier if I run off.”

“I think… You both need time from each other. Especially you. Besides, you heard what he… What he said.”

He contemplates what you say, uneven fingernails tapping rhythmically against the bench on either sides of your hips. He’s more than happy to stay with you, but he feels the need to justify, a bad habit of his. “He says that a lot. He’d never do it.”

You raise a brow. 

“I’ll stay here, then.”

You smile and hug him. He pulls you off the bench until you’re standing, and wraps his arms around you, tight, fingers massaging the back of your scalp. It’s soothing against the headache.

 He felt guilty for putting you in that situation. He didn’t care about many things; not his dad, or anybodies feelings, or even his own.

But God damn, he loved you so much.

Richie: *in a playground* Do you want to fight?

Richie: *on a sidewalk* Do you want to fight?

Richie: *on a bike* Do you want to fight?

Richie: *on a slide* Do you want to fight?

Richie: *behind a tree* Do you want to fight?

Hey guys, a TON of my friends are involved with a proposed show that has 4 days left to reach it’s goal, and I’m pretty intrigued by the concept. They describe it better than I could, so from the kickstarter description:

The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye is a 10 episode webseries inspired by the podcasts Serial and S-Town, crossed with the game One Night Ultimate Werewolf, peppered with the surreal comedy of Pushing Daisies and Twin Peaks. Wayward Guide will feature the absurd and larger-than-life comedy that you’ve come to love from the Tin Can Brothers, but won’t be shy when tugging at your heartstrings.

Additionally, as a companion piece to the show, we will be bringing on a specialized sound design team to help us produce the complete 10 episode in-world podcast that Artemis & Paul are making in Wayward Guide. This supplemental material will be released in conjunction with the series and exist parallel to the story, offering new insight into the mystery of Connor Creek and its quirky residents.

You can watch the teaser scene/concept video and support it here. I’ve been asking people to consider donating the price of a movie ticket if it sounds like something they would want to watch when it’s out… It should be really cool to have the story told from two different angles, and this is a solid group of people, and includes some big names like Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee), Carlos Valdes (from the Flash), and Darren Criss (Broadway, Glee, etc.)

Most of the cast from Shipwrecked Comedy's Poe Party (A bunch of authors at a dinner party, it’s hilarious and cool and up for a ton of IAWTV awards right now) are in it, as well as a ton of people from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (which is, no lie, why I live in LA), so I feel very invested in seeing them hit their goal. Also, these are all just fun things to watch if you’re looking to kill some time on youtube!

Check out all these beautiful faces!!!

So, would you consider donating $15 to this campaign in their last few days? Think of it as an advanced ticket to 20 episodes of content!

Bowers Gang As Aesthetic Posts

Henry Bowers: Bloody cigarettes/knuckles, knives, shattered glass, white text on pastel backgrounds proclaiming hope but ultimately showing a lack of it, leather jackets, sticks of gum, dark photos of forests with intense fog, lots of recipes

Victor Criss: Camo, dogs smiling, blue hued everything, monochromatic sunsets, Whisper confessions about being in love with your best friend, Let Boys Wear Makeup/Dresses, Thick wool sweaters, glittery bloody cigarettes, bruises, vague kink posting

Patrick Hockstetter: DEAD DEAD DEAD, blood, black leather, bugs/mounting bugs, lighters, fire tricks, disjointed manic ramblings, foggy mornings with brightly lit cottages on lakes, Silent Hill 2 memes, road kill, not-vague kink posting

Belch Huggins: Body positivity, professionally prepared meals, cats, lakes and ocean shots, Friends Are Family You Choose, Car stuff, movie gifs he relates to, procrastinators unite tomorrow

anyone going to see It without having read the book, there are 2 things you need to know - 1: in the book Henry wears a pink jacket with an eagle on the back and 2: in the book the Bowers gang (inc Patrick Hockstetter) are caught lighting each others farts with their dicks out.

You’re welcome.

The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye needs your help.

So as you may or not know (dependant if you follow me or are just on tags) there is currently a @kickstarter running by the name of The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye and it looks super awesome.

There are amazing rewards such as signed post cards, posters, tshirts, Set visits and chances to be in the show to be claimed. And great video rewards to be viewed on @tincanbros YouTube channel such as This game of Werewolf feat. BrizzyVoices and This lip sync challenge feat. Jon Cozart.

It follows the story of a tenacious podcast host who is sent into a mining town with her twin brother to investigate political corruption. But they get more than they bargained for when they discover that the town is over run by a society of Werewolves. The plot promises twists,mystery, betrayal and severed ties mixed in with comedy, interesting characters and a vast cast of badass ladies. But that’s not all… this is not a simple web series rather both a web series and a podcast series intertwined. Where you may discover more about the characters and plot by listening to the podcasts run by the APN and the main character, Artemis, herself.

It promises to be an amazing story with an array of highly talented actors such as Sean Astin (Goonies, Lord of the rings),Darren Criss (glee,Broadway), Carlos Valdes (The Flash). And many actors from the world of YouTube such as Mary Kate Wiles starring as Artemis and many others from Team Starkid, Poe Party, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Broadway and much more. Oh and of course the beautiful Diane as the doggy Mayor.

Now comes the time for the plea, at the time of writing this there is only 4 days to go until the Kickstarter is finished and $15,000 still needs to be raised. Yes that seems a lot but considering $85,000 has been funded in just 25 days it isn’t too long a way to go. But if we don’t make that extra $15K the show will not be made which would be terrible considering on how brilliant the idea is and how hard everyone has worked on the show so far. So please even if it’s just a dollar or even if it’s just spreading the news do something to help this kickstarter because I really want to see these god damn werewolves.

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