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Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: Reader and Steve dance to Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You (Steve’s version of this fic)

Warnings: Unless you hate horrible dancing and writing

“I guess getting beaten up in alleyways and in the backs of diners was worth it.”

Steve said as he shrugged. Pouring himself another glass of wine, he met you in the dim lights of the quiet common room. It was a non eventful Saturday night in the tower, a three day weekend off from missions and superhero duty was what you, Steve, and the team needed, so you and the super soldier decided to celebrate by talking, drinking, and relaxing.

“God, that must’ve been so hard for you.” You replied. “Y’know, if I were actually alive in your time, I’d help you and kick those people’s asses.” You tipped your glass to him as you criss crossed your legs, facing Steve on the couch.

Steve chuckled in response. “Yeah, that’s alright though. I had Buck with me most of the times to be the savior he was and help me with those problems.” The two of you sat listening to a random playlist FRIDAY turned on before he spoke again. “But enough of that. I’m here now and if all of that didn’t happen, the things in present time wouldn’t be happening now.”

“So tell me, what was it like in the forties?” You asked him, feeling the buzz kick in as you changed the subject to lighten the mood. “Were things easier? A lot has changed I bet…Do you prefer those times over now?”

He raised his eyebrows at the questions that were darted to him. Downing his third - maybe fourth glass of wine, he placed the empty glass on the table.

You gasped at the song that came on and an idea came up in your head. “Dancing must’ve been a lot nicer and romantic, I bet!” You said, excitement filling your veins.

“Oh, man. Dancin’ has changed so much since then.” Steve said as he saw you get up, dancing to the bass of the alternative song. “I’m still trying to get used to this generation and their slang, let alone music, even though I’ve been alive for how long..” He chuckled.

You scoffed playfully as you continued to dance, swinging your hips. “Yeah, I’ve seen your text messages.” You laughed. “But I like how you’re so vintage and old school, unlike people now.”

“I wish I was born in your year. I would’ve loved to dance with you.” You climbed onto Steve’s lap, pursing your lips as he held your waist in his hands.

“That would be fun, although we can still dance like I did back then.” Steve assured. You gave him a questioned look. “C’mon, get up.”

You got off of Steve’s lap. Taking his hand, he led you to an open area of the room where the walls were all glass. The scenery of the city was dimmed in the low lighting of the tower, 12 A.M Manhattan greeting the two of you. “Ohh, no, no, no, Steve.” You giggled as he stopped in the middle of the room.

“What? I thought you wanted to dance with me?”

“Steven, I don’t exactly know how.” You laughed out. He walked over to one of the speakers where your phone was, looking through your Spotify app to find the right song muttering, ‘i’ll show you.’

You questioned if you could actually dance to Steve’s liking, hoping you wouldn’t embarrass your half-drunk self in front of him. You heard the song skip and you silently gasped to the tune that played:

Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.

Steve slowly walked towards you as your hands crept to your mouth, covering your laughs. He gingerly moved his head and hips and mimicked the words, seeming like he would try to awfully seduce you. He took your hand and placed it on his shoulder, the other held his tightly. His right hand was on your waist to guide your movements.

“Follow me.” He whispered. You felt his damn smirk creep on your ear to the nape of your neck as you felt goosebumps on your spine.

“If I step on your foot, don’t blame me.” You smiled.

Slowly moving to the serenading and picturesque lyrics, Steve smiled down at you as you shook your head in response, silently telling him, ‘i hate you.’

“Here come’s my favorite part.” He said.

“What par- Steven, n-“

You started, but Steve was too quick on his feet. Twirling you around, he had you in a tango position. His hand was cradling the small of your back, your arm around his back, chests touching ad your free hands were held straight in front to guide direction.

Laughter filled the air as you and Steve slowly walked to one side of the room on the instrumental part of the song before the chorus.

“Here’s the dramatic part. You ready?” He asked.

“Not necessarily.”

Steve twirled you once more, your loose sweatshirt flowing as he spun you, finishing with a rather dramatic dip as the song stopped. The two of you were breathless, smiling at each other before he helped you up to your former position.

“Steven, you’re something else.” You laughed. He smiled and rested his forehead on yours, lightly kissing the tip of your nose.

“To be fair, you did want to know what it would be like to dance with me then. I was a little rusty, but I was probably better than Bucky.” He winked.

“You call that rusty? I practically stepped on you five times.” You shook your head as Steve rocked your bodies back and forth as the song finished.

“I love you baby, and if it’s quiet alright - Dance, doll.” Steve sang as the alcohol kicked through his veins. You closed your eyes as you listened to his soft hums, resting your head in the crook of his neck.

Hedwig 10/25/16

Gather around everyone because I’m going to tell the story of my very eventful night last night at Hedwig.

Okay, so I saw Hedwig for the second time in SF last night (10/25) and compared to Sunday’s (10/23) matinee performance Darren got SUPER into it last night. Out of the 4 times I have seen the show (all with Darren as Hedwig) I think this is the best one I have seen. Which I’m really happy about because that’s the last time I was ever going to see Darren play Hedwig. (excuse me while I go cry in the corner) Last night’s show was incredible for so many reason’s. During Angry Inch, which I know is already a really emotionally charged song, but I felt like Darren just turned it up a notch. Hedwig SLAMMED Her and Yitzak’s mic stands down and Hedwig really aggressively pulled the sheets down off the sides of the set and you could just FEEL the anger in her body language. Also, during the serious parts like when she yells “THEN LOVE THE FRONT OF ME” the theater was dead silent and just uggghhhh it was so goooood. Oh and during Midnight Radio when Hedwig is singing “and you’re spinning, like a 45 ballerina” Darren was dancing like…I don’t know, the best way I can describe it is writhing like a snake. Just slowly twisting and turning, it was glorious. I was just @_@ the whole time because those legs and arms and where did those LEGIT abs and pecs come from and the BOOTY in the shorts. There was definitely a lot of under cheek action.

Ehem, I digress. So, I thought the show was going to be the most exciting part of my night, but boy was I mistaken.

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Hedwig and the Angry Inch was amazing! I went into it knowing little to nothing, but walked out with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. It was an incredible work of art and unlike any play I’ve ever seen before!

Meeting Darren Criss was an absolute dream come true. I’ve tried to get tickets to see him in various things for the past seven years (no joke), but none of that mattered when he was standing in front of me and talking to me. While I was completely starstruck, it was so easy to talk to him and it felt as though I was talking to a friend, not some well known celebrity.

Thank you Darren for always being my teenage dream and the company of Hedwig for putting on one hell of a show!

anonymous asked:

I'm dreading Tuesday for so many reasons, the tags being filled with d criss face as well karahell fans invading the wa tag with their bs and making parallels, like that trash would ever compete with greatness. I'm a good person that doesn't deserve this

I’m not gonna lie my biggest ugliness is DCriss. I have no problem with Karamel content, I have Karamel mutuals on my dash and I don’t even have it blacklisted. It’s the people invalidating my feelings about it that come from my life experience that bug me, and the ones that feel like they have to lie about it to excuse themselves for liking it. If they want to compare WA and Karamel, I really can’t argue because sometimes I make some wild parallels too between ships that I don’t think both fandoms like.

But Da**en? He’s a nightmare for me. I’ve tried to like him so many times, but he literally went beyond every possible line and I just can’t. I knew he was going to slip himself onto the Flash because he’s been trying since they one, so I’m prepared, but I hate that there will be new people making excuse for him, defending him, shielding him, and he will never be held responsible for the awful things he’s said and done. 

So that I’m definitely going to blacklist right now. Thanks for remind me.