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Help? | Castiel x Female Angel!Reader

Warnings: Angst, Alcohol Consumption, Jealous!Cas, Smut, Mating!Kink

Word Count: 2148

(Y/N) POV:

Castiel and I have been inseparable our whole existences. From the moment of our creation we have been at each other’s side. He is my greatest companion and I needed his help. Angels are not beings that can spend their whole existence alone. We were made to find another angel to mate with. They say that there is only one angel that is your true mate but no one knows due to the fact that the lord is quiet these days. It was nearing what is referred to as the ‘mating season.’ Hormones were produced at an alarmingly high rate, desire to find a mate more intense than usual. The longer is takes for an angel to mate, the more difficult the mating season is.

As the mating season neared, I began to experience feelings in my vessel I had never felt. Whenever a man (or woman for that matter) would get within touching-distance of me, I felt my vessel warm so a higher temperature. It was beginning to get unbearable, so I decided to go find Castiel to help me. He was with those two humans he was so very fond of. I transported to their location (some run-down, old hotel room) and searched the room for Castiel.

“Castiel,” I said softly, capturing his attention from the two larger men in front of him.

“And who is this??” The shorter of the two spoke, pushing past Castiel and swaggered towards me with a bow-legged stance. I felt my cheeks heat when his eyes glued themselves to my vessel’s chest. She had been an employee of some computer company. Her undergarment was visible through the sheer, white shirt she had on (Displayed Below).

I cleared my throat, looking back at Castiel, “Castiel, may I speak to you? Alone?”

He nodded softly and led me to the restroom in the back of the room. He closed the door and looked at me with worry in his eyes.

“Are you okay (Y/N)?” He said softly, bringing his hand up to squeeze my shoulder softly. Again, my vessel began to head under his touch.

“I-I’m fine, Castiel. I would like to request your help. As you’re aware, the mating season is arriving and I do not have a mate of my own. The season has not even begun and I am already struggling with my hormones. Will you assist me in finding my mate? I am willing to do the same for you.”

He looked at me with squinted eyes, staying silent for a long while.

“I can’t help you.” He said with almost an angry tone. His deep voice echoing throughout his chest.

“But I–”

“–No! I can not help you.” He growled this time, never allowing me to finish my sentence.

“I would do this for you, Castiel! I have always protected you! I’ve watched you disobey, turn your back on heaven, even sin! Yet you won’t help me with a simple task?” I felt my chest tighten with the emotion humans refer to as anger.

“You have sinned as well, you still do.” He grumbled softly, “I’m sorry I can not help.”

I growled angrily and stormed out of the bathroom.

“Hey, darling, leaving so soon?” The shorter man cooed my way, I grabbed the unopened bottle of beer from his hand and turned to glare at him. “I’m not in the mood, human.” I snarled, sending him across the room onto the bed. I may be angry but I wasn’t about to hurt a man for no reason.

I pulled the cap off the bottle, tossed it over my shoulder and stormed out of the hotel room. After I finished my bottle of alcohol, I staked out a store stocked with alcoholic beverages and drank until I felt myself become intoxicated.

With sloppy, uneven steps I walked down the dark street, my heels slowing me down further. I heard the sound of whistling wind behind be to see a man appear in its place. It was Crowley, an old friend to say the least. He may be a demon, king of demons, but he was my companion many years ago.

“Crowley!” I slurred softly, tossing my arms around his shoulders. I leaned my weight onto him and let out a giggle.

“(Y/N), love, are you drunk?” He said with a laugh, a smirk playing on his lips.

“Noooooo….” I giggled softly, “Yes.”

He took a deep breath, laughing as he exhaled, he scooped me up, cradling my against his broad, black-clad chest.

“Aww, C-Crowley, where are we going?” I said, snuggling closer to Crowley’s warm body.

“Nothing you need to concern yourself with, love, just take a nap, yeah?” He said softly, brushing a strand of hair from my face. My vessel reacted with a whimper and I allowed myself a moment of weakness. Letting my eyes flutter closed, I fell into a forced sleep.

I woke up when I felt Crowley transport us. I look up to find I was back in the hotel room that started all this, Castiel standing along with the tall humans, looking shocked to see who I was cradled into.

“N-No. Crowley!” I whined, “I don’t wanna be here.” I crossed my arms across my chest and looked down at the floor.

“C-Castiel doesn’t ev-even like me!” I began to hiccup, half due to the alcohol rushing through my system, half due to the salty tears welling in my eyes.

The taller of the two humans whispered to the smaller one, “Dean, maybe we should let her crash here tonight?” He muttered, soft worry-filled eyes locked on my drunken form. Dean nodded silently and walked over to Crowley, holding his arms out so he can take me from him. Crowley handed me to Dean and disappeared without a word.

“M'sorry I threw you, Dean.” I mumbled softly, feeling myself blush against his toned form holding me easily. He set me on one of the two beds, kneeling on the floor to remove my heels. I giggled again, feeling another wave of intoxication hit my senses.

“Mmm, you’re pretty.” I said, grabbing Dean’s chin. I smiled brightly and wrapped my arms and legs around his body, feeling the growing warmth in my vessel increase yet again. Castiel growled loudly from the corner he was standing in.

I leaned forward to whisper into Dean’s ear, “Told ya’ he didn’t like me.” Castiel pushed off the wall, shoving Dean out of the way he leaned down to talk to me in a low, angry voice.

“How much did you drink? You’re being utterly pathetic.” I felt my eyebrows furrow, I’m sure I looked pathetic, one shoe off, my pantyhose had a thin run along one of my thighs, but he didn’t have to say it. I frowned and let out a whine. I furrowed my brows further, trying to think of an answer for the first question he had asked me.

“I think…a who-whole store…maybe?” I laughed again, “Y'know she wants you, Cassie?” I asked softly, running my fingertips up his lapel.

“What?” He said, his eyebrows pulling together in confusion, “I don’t understand, (Y/N).”

“Jane.” I sneered before letting out yet another snicker, “She wants to mate with you, y'know! Jane’s a bitch.” I mumbled the last line, hoping he wouldn’t hear it. I curled my fingers around his lapels, pulling him on top of me.

“C'mon Cassie, let’s cuddle!” I squealed, pulling him under the covers with me before pulling away softly, “I-if you want, of course…” I whispered, scared of the oncoming rejection. He just exhaled heavily through his nose, pulling me into his chest. I let myself fall into a drunken, haze-filled sleep, just before I fell off into unconsciousness, I heard Castiel whisper a soft apology for my behavior to Dean and the tall one.

*Time Skip to Next Morning*

When I opened my eyes, they were met with thick, bright rays from the early morning sunrise. The bed on the other side of the room was empty, and Castiel was sat next to me. I sat up and winced at the rush of pain that flooded my head.

I let out a soft groan and began to rub my temples, “Where’s Dean and…the other one??” I never caught the taller ones name.

“Sam and Dean are out working on a case. Here.” He handed me a bottle of water and a bottle of pills. I downed both bottles and laid back, waiting for it to take affect.

“Goodness,” I moaned in pain, “Castiel, what did I do last night that has left me so incapacitated?”

“You drank a multitude of alcoholic beverages. Crowley brought you back here.” I nodded in response softly, letting my eyes wander as I took sips of the cool water.

“Castiel, I didn’t say anything…I mean…did I make a complete fool of myself?”

“You referred to Jane as a bitch and called Dean pretty. You also insisted that I engage in coddling you all night.”

I felt blood rush to my cheeks as I tried to retrieve the transparent memories of last night. Castiel raked his hands through his own messy hair, ears tinged pink as he began to speak again, “What do you feel? About me, I mean? You’ve been acting strange lately.”

I swallowed thickly, sitting criss-cross, facing him.

“Honestly? I feel a very strong desire for you, Castiel. I believe I always have, since our creation. I can do, say, or show you anything with little fear of judgement. You are my greatest companion and I wish for that to last all of eternity. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t considered asking you to mate with me. But alas, I understand, I am not the woman for you, which is fine. But, I believe I feel for you what humans refer to as 'love’. I love you, Castiel.”

His brows furrowed again before he leaned over, placing his hand on the back of my neck. His thumb traced my jawbone as he scanned my face with those shockingly blue eyes. He leaned forward, looking at me through those thick eyelashes, his lips parted softly, and kissed me. He kissed the same way he spoke. Slow, steady, smooth, and yet an edge of roughness that left me as putty in his sculpting hands.

I curled my fists in the cloth that covered his chest as I pulled him closer, trying desperately to memorize his taste, his scent, the feeling of his calloused hands leaving my body to hold himself above me. He pulled away slowly, looking at me with cloudy eyes.

“I-I think I love you as well, (Y/N). I would very much like to mate with you, i-if that’s alright with you?”

“Uh, yeah, of-of course Cassie.”

With my permission given, Castiel’s pupils enlarged so much so I thought his eyes would go black. He leaned down again, pressing wet, hot kisses along my jaw and neck. I had my hands on his hips, I dragged them slowly up his torso, shakily undoing the multitude of buttons on his shirt. He got impatient and snapped his fingers softly, leaving us both clad in only our overheating vessels.

Castiel rested his forehead on my own, mouth open and eyes squeezed shut tight as he pressed slowly inside of me. We let out whines of pleasure and satisfaction in unison, screaming each other’s names.

Castiel’s thrusts were hard, quick, and deep. Touching me everywhere I needed to be. I felt my chin become coated in his and my saliva both.

“You like this, my little angel, such a pretty girl. Do you know what you do to me? Parading around in this pretty little vessel.” He growled in my ear, shoving his cock deep inside me, pausing for a moment to groan filthy words into my ear, again.

“You drove me to self pleasure, (Y/N). Made me cover myself with my own filth, my own sin. Made me unholy, baby girl.”

I let out a whine at his words, the thought of him touching himself, his head full of the idea of me was too much for me to handle.

“C-Castiel!” I screamed, tightening around him as I began to reach my orgasm. He let out a low groan, his chest vibrating as the sound escaped. He slid an arm under my lower back and pulled me up as we met our releases. We both squeezed our eyes shut as our wings unwillingly revealed themselves.

Once we finished we sat still for a moment, eyes still glues shut as we panted into each other’s mouths. Castiel pulled me down on top of his chest, curling his ash colored wings around me as I curled mine inside his.

“I love you, Castiel. You are my mate, for now and forever.”

“I love you to, (Y/N).”


Darren Criss Shows Off His Gamer Face!

anonymous asked:

Hey! I recently discovered your blog and it's my new guilty pleasure. How would the boys be with a kinda shy, quiet and a little bit insecure s/o?

Welcome to the family, anon. I’m so jazzed to hear that you enjoy Leigh and I’s work! 😌

I decided to opt for a simple and sweet head cannon for our beloved shy and quiet s/o.

I hope this is suited to your liking ~

Song: “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star 🍃

(Kate’s Note: I wish I could swim in the atmosphere of this song…

It’s deliciously warm and enveloping. Really blisses you out in the best way)


  • Quiet dinners with just the two of them, sitting in comfortable calmness, holding hands underneath the kitchen table
  • Bringing their hand to his lips, pressing innocent kisses to their skin
  • Sending mid-day texts with affirmations and loving words - a quick I love you or I can’t wait to see you later
  • Afternoon fishing trips, their dangling legs hanging off of the edge of the dock loosly intertwined
  • Alerting them in advance if he’s introducing them to somebody important from the royal guard or family, giving them time to prepare and farmiliarize with the idea
  • Making sure not to leave them alone in a new place if they aren’t 100% comfortable

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Darren Criss Shows Off His Gamer Face!

Hedwig 10/25/16

Gather around everyone because I’m going to tell the story of my very eventful night last night at Hedwig.

Okay, so I saw Hedwig for the second time in SF last night (10/25) and compared to Sunday’s (10/23) matinee performance Darren got SUPER into it last night. Out of the 4 times I have seen the show (all with Darren as Hedwig) I think this is the best one I have seen. Which I’m really happy about because that’s the last time I was ever going to see Darren play Hedwig. (excuse me while I go cry in the corner) Last night’s show was incredible for so many reason’s. During Angry Inch, which I know is already a really emotionally charged song, but I felt like Darren just turned it up a notch. Hedwig SLAMMED Her and Yitzak’s mic stands down and Hedwig really aggressively pulled the sheets down off the sides of the set and you could just FEEL the anger in her body language. Also, during the serious parts like when she yells “THEN LOVE THE FRONT OF ME” the theater was dead silent and just uggghhhh it was so goooood. Oh and during Midnight Radio when Hedwig is singing “and you’re spinning, like a 45 ballerina” Darren was dancing like…I don’t know, the best way I can describe it is writhing like a snake. Just slowly twisting and turning, it was glorious. I was just @_@ the whole time because those legs and arms and where did those LEGIT abs and pecs come from and the BOOTY in the shorts. There was definitely a lot of under cheek action.

Ehem, I digress. So, I thought the show was going to be the most exciting part of my night, but boy was I mistaken.

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