((Mod: It’s finally done, this took me way to long to finish but I hope you guys like it. I’ve been wanting to give Twilight an actual reason why she chose Caramel to be her special somepony and to get a story going. Sorry if I made any misspells or my grammar was off in some parts.  And sorry if some of the stuff Twilight said was unrealistic or no one would ever actually say that in a relationship.))


((Mod: Yay! Stuff’s finally happening! Also I’m going to be gone for a whole week in Orlando so there won’t be any updates this coming week, sorry :c. But I am going to be at Megacon for the whole weekend hanging out with friends and stuff so say hi and stuff if you can spot me. I’ll probably be in a huge group of bronies wreaking havoc on the homestucks lol just kidding. See you all later :3))

Since everyone else is posting their designs for the Bronycon Miniprint project, I might as well do the same.

I actually wish I could go back and re-work on this one :c I kinda don’t like how it came out to be honest (especially the background).

Oh yeah, also Bronycon’s in 10 days… O_O that came up quick, and I have Metrocon (local anime convention here in Tampa) the week before D8 I’m gonna die.

ALSO hopefully after these two cons I can get back to updating SAP again~