Billdip Fanfics?

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Someone asked us about fics and it reminded me that I’ve reached the point where I want/need to find some more Billdip fics I’ve not read. There must be more awesome fics out there, and if anyone has any recs, we would love to hear some (adult!dip only please!).

For some idea of the kind of fics/ship dynamics/etc that are favs, here are some fics that I highly recommend. Some are still in progress, and some are complete works but all around top notch:

The majority of these fics are nsfw but some are fluff and others have still establishing relationships. The things that tend to draw me into a fic the most are characterizations and plot; “Sleeping through the End of the World” is a good example of inedible atmosphere and dark vibes without a super central relationship and “Runaway Groom” has some rockin’ character writing and wonderful fluff.

Send us some asks if you have any other recs you’d like to share or even reblog this with some if you’d prefer! Happy reading *finger guns*

- Mod Tyrone

The Gravity Falls Coping Kit: BillDip Edition

BillDip Music:

Bill x Dipper Playlist by Stephanie Anderson (51:14)

Bill x Dipper Playlist 2 by Stephanie Anderson (50:11)

Bill x Dipper Playlist 3 by Stephanie Anderson (52:57)

Bill x Dipper Playlist 4 by Stephanie Anderson (53:27)

Bill x Dipper Playlist 5 by Stephanie Anderson (51:33)

Billdip shit by Dipper Universe (88 videos)

billdip [ship playlist] by feeviolet (28:08)

billdip [ship playlist] 2! by feeviolet (17:01)

billdip [ship playlist] 3! by feeviolet (35:23)

billdip [ship playlist] 4! by feeviolet (29:20)

Billdip Bill x Dipper by nootika (21 videos)

Billdip by Noe Toi (84 videos)

BillDip by My Personal Ghosts (7 videos)

BillDip Playlist by FuzzFuzz (12 videos)

Dark Billdip by SirusDair (13 videos)

BillDip Blogs

Billdip Fanfiction

A Demons Guide To Dating by JusticeHawk

A Questionable Deal by JusticeHawk

After a Normal Day by Katelena

All I See Are Stars by Momma_Ran

All That Glitters by IlanaNight

all the lights by kiiouex

A Taste For Sweet Things by GrotesqueEnchantment

A Tumble In The Bed by Welcome_To_Shipping_Hell

Almost Broken by JusticeHawk for TheChronicLiar

Alone With Me by JusticeHawk

Always Watching by BurnerAccount

Always Watching by Honestreader

Arrows Were Falling by ab2fsycho

Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam by vivax

BillDip Drabbles and Oneshots from Tumblr by LanxBorealis

BillDip Oh So Naughty by TheChronicLiar

Bite Me by MisterDoctorProfessorPatrick

Breaking You Open by JusticeHawk

Card Tricks by TheChronicLiar

Cast Aside by IlanaNight

Consorting with Demons by BurnerAccount

Consuming of The Mind by The_Fangirling_Loser

Cuddle Sessions by JustASimpleDorito (Bulletproof_Killjoy)

Cult Catastrophe by JusticeHawk

Day Nineteen by MisterDoctorProfessorPatrick

Dear Rabbit by JusticeHawk for TheChronicLiar

Defining Bill Cipher: A Tale of Hormones, Sleepless Nights, and Overdue Debts by Athina_Blaine

Demonic Deals and their Consequences by Unwoundclock

Devil with a Silver Compass by AureateParalian, interstellareloquence

Dinner’s Served by Actias Luna (Lady_Papillon)

Dipper is Annoyingly Adorable by EternalElysium 

Do it For Her or Do it For Us by the_ech_bird

Doll House by white–snow (pastelprincess)

Don’t Eat the Food of the Mindscape by  halloweennut

Don’t Touch My Nephew by JusticeHawk

Dorito by MiyaBlack 

Encouragement by Actias Luna (Lady_Papillon)

Fascination by MissusCarlikins

Five Times A Sinner by Athina_Blaine

Fooling a Giant Baby by EternalElysium

For the Health and Safety of Mabel Pines by charliesundies

For the Morality and Sanity of Dipper Pines by charliesundies

For Your Entertainment by CrimsonShades

Forbidden Flesh by Momma_Ran

Fun in Vegas by SpyroForLife

Golden Tongued With Sinning Lungs by AureateParalian, interstellareloquence

Hands (and Any Other Relevant Appendages) Off by Lady_Papillon

He’s Mine by JusticeHawk

Holiday Spirit by Lady_Papillon

Howl by frau_haile

If You Insist by JusticeHawk

I’ll Try Anything Once by Balena (Contemptress_Balena)

Incalescence by llyrical

Imprinting by Lady_Papillon

In Your Dreams by hypercipher

I’ve Made Mistakes in My Mind by AureateParalian, BumblyBea

Learn To Fly by Lady_Papillon

Lessons in Sacrilege by carcinocarnivals (srsk)

Life is a Fairy Tale by LanxBorealis

Lifeblood by Ciphernetics for JunebugPancakes

Lightweight by Lady_Papillon

Little Red Dipper (DISCONTINUED) by 2weaboo4u

Love Game by 1marchingidiot, JusticeHawk, TheChronicLiar

Love is a Polaroid by AureateParalian, BumblyBea

Magic Practice by JusticeHawk

Magnesium Flint by satan_copilots_my_tardis

Mark You Up by JusticeHawk

Meeting in the Mind by BurnerAccount

Memories by Ciphernetics

Mirror, Mirror on the wall by Chiaki_Hamano

Mr. Cipher’s Gardening Guide by overlordy

My Heart’s a Stereo by SiriusDair

Need You Now by dirksnipples

Nice To Meet You by JusticeHawk

Nightmares. Forever. by BurnerAccount

No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin by ab2fsycho

Off the Deep End by MarshOnTheMellow

On Pins and Needles by Lady_Papillon

One of the World’s Unseen by  ab2fsycho

Out of the Blue by crispyChocolate

Part of the Show by llyrical

Patronuses can be very telling by alicantetimelord

Payment in Blood by SpyroForLife

Paying Recompense by SpyroForLife

Pine Trees Don’t Go To School by Kunisaki

Playing Dress Up by JusticeHawk

Prey Animals by Actias Luna (Lady_Papillon)

Precious by Lady_Papillon

Say It by JusticeHawk

Say Yes by Actias Luna (Lady_Papillon)

Sentiment by Lady_Papillon

Should’ve Run Faster by Actias Luna (Lady_Papillon)

Sigil: In Gold and Blue by syrren

Shacking Up by ab2fsycho

Siren Sonata by Atomic Automation (lunalilies)

Sleeping through the End of the World by OrphanCricket

Snowstorm by JusticeHawk

Someone’s Looking Desperate by ab2fsycho

Square Root of All Evil by EatYourHeartOut

Squishy Feelings by OfficialSpec

Static When You Try To Sleep by kiiouex

Strings by Actias Luna (Lady_Papillon)

Swine by MisterDoctorProfessorPatrick

Symbiosis by crispyChocolate

Tabula Rasa by Lady_Papillon

The Binding by The_Binding

The Boy and His God by still_shipping_at_the_gallows

The Crack in the Diamond Soul by Levis_turtles

The Definition of Molestation by JusticeHawk for LirymiD

The Dreamer’s Peak by Paranoid_Pines_19

The “Fun” Parent by llyrical

The Ghost of You it Keeps Me Awake by ab2fsycho

The Human Epoch Of Bill Cipher’s Eternal Life by VegetarianVulture

The Last Six Years by ab2fsycho

The One That Got Away by ab2fsycho for TheChronicLiar

The Paper Heart by Athina_Blaine

Time alone by trash_mountain

To Love a Dorito by Podabop

Too Kinky To Torture by SpyroForLife

Torture by JusticeHawk

Triangulum Entangulum Coffee House Emporium by weelilghost

Trust Me by Lady_Papillon

Two for the price of one by crispyChocolate for blueiaf

Up For Grabs by JusticeHawk

Unexpected by CrimsonShades

Video Chatting by bippercipher

We Are Sinners by MisterDoctorProfessorPatrick

What he truly wants by MRChaos

Why Weren’t You There? by ab2fsycho, TheChronicLiar

Wishing Tomorrow Never Came by TyWritesManyThings

Weird Human Rubbing by MyEyesSeeAll

Wonderland by Inumaru12

Yellow or Blue? by doritosenpai

You Precious Thing by JusticeHawk

You Take It For Granted by MarshOnTheMellow

You’re It by JusticeHawk

You’re Mine by TheChronicLiar

You’re Prettier Broken by JusticeHawk


If you’re looking for a certain kind of fanfiction, go to the  ao3 homepage, click on Search, then Works. Scroll down to Relationship Tags and enter “Bill Cipher/Dipper Pines. Underneath where it says “Additional Tags”, enter what ever you are looking for in a fic (ex. fluff, dark, siren au, trans dipper, bottom bill, ect.). This is mainly what I use to find fics!

If you want to re-watch any episode of Gravity Falls use,,! I’ve used all of them, and they work on mobile and are completely free! (Beware of ads!)

If you want fanart you can obviously just search “billdip” on DeviantArt, Google images, or Tumblr. If you search Tumblr make sure to filter the results to “Photos”, block the tag “anti billdip”, and block any other antis you may see after doing so. Remember, block block block! Antis are the scum of the Earth!

It you want more music simply search “billdip” on, or! You can also search “billdip” on Tumblr and filter the results to “Audio”!


Remember: What I have listed is not all there is, not by a long-shot!

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Time Punch heals broken hearts - crispyChocolate
By Organization for Transformative Works

A oneshot I wrote for @damaredesigns bartender AU! Based on THIS PICTURE 

Rating: T
Pairing: Bill/Dipper
Tags: bartender AU, shameless flirting, alcohol use, older Dipper, human Bill
Wordcount: 2409

Summary:  Dipper is heartbroken about Wendy and just can’t let go. And because Dipper is a master at making good life choices he decides to drown his worries in alcohol at the local bar in Gravity Falls “The Black Pyramid”. Where he meets the super flirty and charming bartender Bill. (stolen copied from damare’s picture XD)

Sorry for mistakes, this wasn’t proof read!

crispychocolate-blog  asked:

hnnn your art is super cute :'3. I bet you hear that a lot haha.i was actually wondering if you have open commissions? I didn't see anything about it on your blog but i though asking couldn't hurt uwu. Keep on being great :')

Oh thank you~! <3

Yes at the moment I’m open for Coloured Sketch commissions only.
A coloured sketch could go from $35 - $45 USD depending on the character’s complexity.

Here’s an example of what they look like moreless.

If you’re interested please contact me to: