OK if I could eat ANYTHING and not gain an ounce right now, I would choose one or three of the following:

1. Extremely creamy penne pasta with vodka sauce and LOT’S of parmesan

2. Veggie pad see ew with lot’s and lot’s of egg

3. Kraft macaroni and cheese! Room temperature!

4. Black bean and guacamole burrito, no cheese or sour cream but lot’s of cilantro and spanish rice, on a singed tortilla and out of a styrofoam box!!!!

5. Burger King fish sandwich with Mcdonalds fries in a car

6. Angel hair bolognese with muchos parmesan

7. Knorr chicken flavored rice in a bowl WITH lettuce and italian dressing so all the textures blend together mmmmmm

8. Ginger fried rice, made by me, so made with a ton of ginger and fish sauce

9. Seafood risotto OR paella

10. 30 shrimp gyozas with vinegar sauce!!!

11. Dominos thin and crispy crust cheese pizza

12. Pesto rotini! A whole bunch of it! With parmesan obvs.

13. A million crab cakes

14. Fish tacos: slaw, chipotle mayo, singed tortilla mmm yes.

15. spanakopita AND oily delicious dolmas

16. A tube of chocolate chip cookie dough

Alright I feel better.

Writing a letter to Taylor: “Dear Taylor, you really mean the world to me and […] I became a of yours fan in 2009 and to be honest time flew fast […] you’ve really helped me to find who I’m supposed to be […] I love cats like you actually I have a dog called Barbouille and […] did I tell you about my brother? Let me tell you about my brother […] oh and […] okay so let’s be honest crispy grilled pizza is the best in the world […] last night I made a hilarious dream LMAO LET ME EXPLAIN […] I’m obsessed with cute things so like Winnie the Pooh and Chi the Cat are baes […] in my garden there’s an apple tree and a lot of grass and a vegetable garden so we eat healthy […] HAHAH AND WHAT ABOUT MY NEIGHBORS DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THEM […] I love you so so so much you mean everything to me […]”

Meeting Taylor: “… … I… I… *sobs* I l-l-lo… *bursts into tears* I LOVE Y- *faints on the floor like a crepe*”

No Geographical Knowledge Whatsoever 

Talking about pizza places freaks me out. You people with the message boards tend to lose it over things like ramen, burgers, and pizza. IT IS VERY HARD TO SAY WHICH IS THE BEST CONSIDERING CRISPY ITEMS LIKE PIZZA CONSISTS OF THE SAME 3 BASE INGREDIENTS. 

Fam, for me, Paulie Gee’s is IT. No matter the coast, this is one of my favorite pizza places ever.

The kicker is the ambiance. This isn’t the fluorescent lit pizza spot all drug deals go down in. Nope, Paulie Gees takes a massive proverbial dump on all other pizza habitats. I’ll never forget my first visit - I described it as a night in a fancy log cabin in Sweden. The kind a guy name Francis might own. He has 2 Great Danes because you have to be loaded to own a dog that size. He also buys expensive things you never knew existed, like leather matchbook covers and premium ice from the Everglades. 

I imagine my feeling of thinking I’m somewhere in Sweden is incredibly off, as I have no geographical knowledge whatsoever. Thank you public school systems of the USA. 

Just focus on not knocking a candle off your table and burning the entire place down. 

Paulie Gee’s

Tip: Bring as many friends as possible as you’ll want to try more than 1 pie.

Tip: Go early or go out after because there are a bunch of rad bars out by the waterfront.

Tip: Walk from the L at Bedford. NEVER TAKE THE G or you’ll end up in a Liam Neeson movie. It’s like 15 minutes and I’m sure your underworked legs need it.

Tip: Ask to sit in the back dining room. More ambiance for your pleasure.

Tip: Make sure you get something with the hot honey or hot honey on the side.

Tip: My favorite pizza’s are the Hellboy (fresh mozz, Italian tomatoes, Berkshire sopresatta, parmigiano regiano, and Mike’s hot honey) and the Hometown Brisket (fresh mozz, beef brisket from Red Hook’s Hometown BBQ, house pickled red onions, and drizzle of Hometown BBQ sauce.

Pricing: Hometown Brisket pizza $17, Greenpointer pizza $15, The Gates of Eden salad $10.

When to come here: Amazing date spot, dinner with friends, anytime you want pizza. Dim lighting and amazing atmosphere. One of New York’s best.

Where: 60 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn 


Monday - Friday 6 - 11pm

Saturday - Sunday 5 - 11pm

Phone: (347) 987 - 3747


Best pizza with aged dough

Five days ago I made a batch of pizza dough. The recipe called for the dough to rise slowly in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours. After two days I cut the large portion into thirds and used two pieces for pizza. It was good! We got our fill of pizza along with a salad with greens from the garden.

Fast forward to today when I found that last piece of pizza dough still in the refrigerator. It looked good. It smelled good. Not one to let things go to waste, I decided to give it a try.

After it came to room temperature on my counter, I punched it down again and let it rest. Finally I stretched this silky smooth, elastic and fragrant dough into a paper-thin sheet. It went onto a blazing hot ceramic stone that had been preheating in a 450 F degree oven for 40 minutes. It immediately formed large bubbles and after only a few minutes the kitchen smelled like a bakery. I took it out and smeared on some homemade basil pesto sauce, sprinkled on a generous amount of mozzarella cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and browned sausage. Back into the oven, it baked until the cheese melted and became spotty golden brown, and that thin crust was cracker-crisp.

It might have been the best pizza I’ve ever made.

In the early 1980s, Ingrid Kosar was working for a manufacturer of steel-based products when she found inspiration in an insulated lunch bag she spotted at a craft fair. She was really into pizza at the time – which is to say she was a fully functioning human with no catastrophic mental damage – so she tried making a bag that could keep a pizza hot until it was delivered.

Back then, Domino’s pizza had developed the standard for pizza boxes. Their pizzas were around 180 to 200 degrees out of the oven, and they aimed to maintain a post-baking temperature of 140 degrees for 45 minutes. Kosar needed to beat that. Domino’s boxes were designed to vent steam and prevent a soggy crust, but at the cost of losing delicious heat. Ingrid’s first bags retained heat by trapping it behind layers of polyester and nylon. This kept the pizza warm, and the vents on the pizza box kept it crispy. Even more impressive, pizzas in the bag would lose only around 5 degrees an hour. A delivery guy could leave the pizzeria, play Pac-Man, and flirt with some mallrats for 20 minutes and still deliver a piping-hot pizza.

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