crispy chicken burger


Here is the most epic meal my boyfriend and I have had in a while from Doomies Toronto. 
For starters we got the Deep Fried Mac & Cheese balls with Ranch and BBQ dipping sauces.
I got the Crispy Chikin Burger with cheeze sauce, mayo, onion rings, onions, bacon and lettuce with a side of Buffalo Fries with ranch.
My boyfriend got a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with pickles, onions and lettuce and the most garlicky Garlic Fries. 

Also one of my personal favourite comics by @vegansidekick


We ordered some vouchers online and we had to pay it today. The plan was to meet and pay only but Denisse asked us if we wanted to eat at Jollibee (which is just across the street) cos she wants a cup of sundae. We agreed and we turned out staying at Jollibee til past 1pm.

As usual, it took us hours again to talk.. :> and because it drizzled, we got to witness a dance performance by Jollibee and Hetty. :P

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