Medieval tournament and jousting in Hospital de Órbigo - León - Spain <3

My surcoat’s colours are gules (red-right side) with vert oak leaves and or acorns for the Astorga coat of arms, and argent (white-left side) with a purpure rampant lion  for the ancient Reign of León coat of arms. I’m wearing a mustard cotehardie underneath my surcoat, an ornated belt and a silver crispinettes hairdo <3

I had the pleasure to watch these men jousting as the medieval horsemen did, they performed an epic tournament to tell the story of Don Suero de Quiñones. This gentleman asked the King of León in 1434 to joust against any horseman willing to cross the river Órbigo over the famous roman bridge at Hospital de Órbigo so he could get free from a promise of love. He had to break 300 spears before he could marry his bride Leonor de Tovar.