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Long Forgotten Sons (I)

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Pairing: OT7

Genre: Mature (includes violence, gore, death, explicit language, future major character death)

Word count: 4,617

Crouched behind a wall just tall enough to hide his figure, he pensively cocked his gun. He felt his heart beat mercilessly against his ribcage as he scanned the area for intruders. His warm breath fogged the plastic over his eyes, making it difficult to see down the middle. The helmet he had stolen off some dead security guard he found lying beneath a pile of rubble. It’s not like the guy would need it anymore. With no one in sight, he slowly made his way from behind the brick wall, aiming his gun at the empty ruins in front of him. “Come on, you bastards. Let me see your pretty faces. Let me blow a hole in them”, he muttered, turning on his heels. The sound of a rifle reloading broke the silence and as he spun around to fire, a bullet pierced him through the neck. Collapsing to his knees, the screen went black.

“Fuck!” Jungkook screamed, throwing his controller across the bed in frustration. “I can’t believe I keep fucking this up.” He’d been stuck on the same level for 3 days now, unable to penetrate the abandoned hospital that kept one of his main targets. Jungkook’s parents were out of town, giving him the liberty to hide behind his PlayStation all week. Only leaving his room for food and personal hygiene. None of his friends had made the effort to call, so neither had he. He may as well have been dead to the outside world. Jungkook didn’t mind though, he liked the solitude. Though he loved his parents dearly, a little alone time was considered a luxury in his household.

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Signs As Baked Desserts

Aries: Rice Crispy Squares

Taurus: Apple Crisp

Gemini: Nanamio Bars

Cancer: Cupcakes

Leo: Creme Brulee

Virgo: Chocolate Cookies

Libra: Doughnuts

Scorpio: New York Cheesecake

Sagittarius: Peanut Butter Cookies

Capricorn: Pumpkin Pie

Aquarius: Ice Cream Cake

Pisces: Brownies

the signs as cereals
  • Aries: Apple Jacks
  • Taurus: Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Gemini: Frosted Flakes
  • Cancer: Rice Krispies
  • Leo: Cookie Crisp
  • Virgo: Lucky Charms
  • Libra: Reese's Puff
  • Scorpio: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Sagittarius: Cap'n Crunch
  • Capricorn: Cocoa Puffs
  • Aquarius: Froot Loops
  • Pisces: Trix

peonycampaign  asked:

omg girl! you look so fit! could you do a like what you eat in a day or week post? Your eating habits sound awesome!

Definitely not super fit- but thank you!

I will definitely consider making a more thorough blog post on what I eat, but I try to eat a mostly vegan/plant based diet (I would say I eat vegan 90% of the time- but I definitely had In-and-Out burger last night, not gonna lie). I do not count calories or skip meals or anything like that. My rule of thumb is ‘eat when you’re hungry. Stop eating when you’re full’. I typically eat three meals a day and snack if I get hungry in between. I definitely plan on transitioning 100% to a vegan diet at some point in my life, but it is taking some time and I am not in a huge rush. For me, eating a mostly vegan diet has pretty much nothing to do with the ethical purposes (which I think are totally awesome, don’t get me wrong!). I have been VERY lactose intolerant my entire life. My body does not handle dairy well whatsoever. When I choose vegan meals/food, I know that whatever I am eating does not contain dairy. When I eat dairy, I get really, really sick, and it’s usually just not even worth it because I lay in bed, not feeling like “me”. I also think the vegan diet does a lot to prevent diseases along with so many other benefits for your body (a lot of documentaries like Forks over Knives explain the benefits of a Plant Based diet better than I ever could). I have never been a huge, huge meat eater, but for me, my focus has been cutting dairy out of my diet and finding other alternatives. It was definitely hard to work around in Mississippi, so it’s really nice being back in California where there are tons of dairy free options.

Here are some of the things I eat/etc.

  1. For breakfast- I usually eat a protein bar (I love NuGo dark, Lara bars, and kind bars). I also love Cereal, and lately I have been obsessed with the One Degree ‘Veganic Sprouted Brown Rice Cacao Crisps’ cereal lately. I eat it with almond milk, and I swear it’s addicting. I am also a sucker for avocado toast, which is so basic, I know. 
  2. For lunch/dinner- I love Acai bowls and Chipotle. I learned how to make Acai bowls this past school year, and I really love them. I have had an addiction to Chipotle for at least two years; it’s bad (it’s especially bad when the employees know your exact order). I almost always get three soft tacos (corn, but I like flour too) with black beans, lettuce, corn, and guac. I also like all of the Amy’s microwavable meals (just showed the mac and cheese on my snap today- I really like it). Amy’s makes great allergy-free meals, but I especially love the enchilada dishes and the mac and cheese. I have also been trying to cook lately, but it’s not going well. I tried to make a quesadilla yesterday, and it was embarrassing haha. However, I have been obsessed with making dairy-free grilled cheeses lately with my panini maker (I use bread, vegan butter, and dairy-free pepper jack cheese. I also will sometimes add spicy mustard)! I try to eat fruit on the side of every meal too. I also love Pasta! For dessert, I am obsessed with the So Delicious ice cream bars. They are dairy-free and amazing!! I also love dairy-free chocolate bars and the Sprinkles vegan red velvet cupcake. 

I definitely don’t think you need to eat healthy 100% of the time. I focus on eating healthy the majority of the time (because it makes my body feel its best), but I have a few ‘cheat’ meals every week (that have dairy). I also drink a ton of water!! I lost 15 pounds this past school year, and I think a huge part of that was not drinking alcohol (I am 22). I only drink on very, very rare occasions, and I think cutting out sugary, alcoholic drinks can make a huge difference. Giving up alcohol for several months made a huge difference in my productivity, skin, and overall health. I LOVE teas though. I definitely don’t drink tea every day, but I am a sucker for the Starbucks unsweetened iced green tea. I make hot tea a few times a week, and Tazo is my fave. I also love Kombucha, but I haven’t been able to drink it these past two weeks. It’s definitely one of those things you either love or hate- but it has great benefits. But in general, I think water really is the best liquid you can put in your body! Staying hydrated is SO important along with getting enough sleep every night.

I am definitely no health expert by any means whatsoever, but those are some things I personally do!

Scrappy High Rock Food-Thoughts

For some reason dinner took a fair bit of fretting over today. Considering my starting point was just ‘I have half a leg of lamb to do something imaginative with’, things should’ve been simple. Instead, I bumbled my way through my collection of recipe books. Looked for inspiration but mostly found confusion, mixed influences, culture-clashes.

Dinner’s simmering away now. I’m braising the lamb in red wine, with rosemary and sumac and aubergines. But I’ve still got ideas playing bumper cars in my brain and need a way to exorcise them.

I fumbled with cuisines today: Persian and Norman, Szechuan and Sicilian, Andalucían and Provençal, and Turkish/Ottoman. But I didn’t quite settle on any particular one. With this alloyed meltdown of influences still cooling in my mind, I was left realising it looked a lot like my idea of Breton food. If you’ll excuse that segue.

So, to clear up my teeming brain, here’s a disorganised feast of food for thought, from the High Rock in my head.

  • Silky aubergines stewed with red wine and pared dried figs. A nearly jamlike dish, halfway between salad and condiment. Native to Evermor.
  • Rounds of softish unleavened bread. Known in local dialects by a name translating roughly to ‘fly-traps’ because of the smudges of crushed black olive that give the bread its savour.
  • Pigeon, poached in a sauce of yoghurt and orange rind, sprinkled with sour chewy barberries. Originally a dish invented by goatherds with a sideline in game-poaching and citrus scrumping. Now popular at the court of Camlorn…alongside irony, apparently.
  • Crisp thin-skinned pastries filled with a smooth mixture of chopped chicken liver cooked in late-harvested wine. Unable to make its mind up whether it’s a dessert or an appetiser. But no matter – such distinctions are often moot in High Rock.
  • Courgette flowers stuffed with goat’s cheese - the kind that sings of the mountainside herbs that make up the herd’s diet - fried and drizzled with thyme-tasting honey. A spring festival dish in the Rivenspire region.
  • Duck legs and wings, preserved under a layer of pungently peppered quince jelly.
  • “High Rock. Trust a Breton to make humble pie anything but humble. They take the undesirables, fold them all into a roll, and when you slice it, all of a suddenly it’s a spiral, and the undesirables are desirable again. Tricksy little mongrels those Bretons.”
  • Lamb sweetbreads stir-fried with apricots and almonds.
  • Pastries filled with pears and candied ginger.
  • Sardines wrapped in vine-leaves. Sometimes salted this way, or preserved in salty olive oil, to preserve these strong-tasting treats for a special occasion. Native to Daggerfall, where the preserved versions are sometimes crushed to a paste and used as a spread, or a powerful seasoning for other dishes.
  • “Peasants. Honestly, they’ll eat anything. On pilgrimage last year, inland, I spoke to one. Scandalous I know, but he invited me in for dinner. Two big cups of olive oil, onions, diced potatoes, green peppers, a whole head of garlic…not even skinned. And he just…cooked them together…Well, no, it was…it smelled wonderful. Tasted better. But if you tell a soul I said so I’ll have to skip rope with your innards, won’t I?”
  • Pork belly, boiled and then fried off with apple brandy and wild garlic.
  • 'Pieces of Patience’. Dumplings, twisted to look like a pair of folded arms, hence the name. Deep-fried in the mongrel-spiced many-flavoured oil, used and reserved and re-reserved after each meal in Farrun. (A flick of this leftover oil is also given to the gods, flicked into the hearthfire so the scent of homecooking can reach them in thanks.) Red-gold and crisp on the outside, doughy and chewy and filling on the inside. The kind of 'poor man’s fare’ you will very rarely hear peasants complain about having to eat.
  • Mussels, shells stuffed with crisped rice.
  • Dumplings made from salted pike and crumbed stale bread and slices of green olive. Native to lands connected to the freshwater streams and rivers of Wayrest.
  • Goat shoulder and barley, stewed with juniper vinegar and carrots. Served over a mash of creamy white beans.
  • Halved boiled eggs in a spicy tomato and okra sauce.
  • Split pea porridge, made sweet and sour by the inclusion of leaven from yesterday’s bread. Topped with a drizzle of brightly coloured oil left over from frying the spicy Redguard-influenced sausages just served to the higher paying clientiele of the inn that offered you this porridge for breakfast.
  • A salad of fried bread, griddled nectarines, and crumbly salty sheep’s milk cheese.
  • Mysterious dark-coloured dark-smelling pastes, fermented in earthenware pots on the doorsteps and balconies of Camlorn. Not only are they used to add a deeply ambiguously savoury punch to dishes, it is believed that the pungent-sweet reek of them wards off minor daedra.
  • Sausages, made with similar seasonings to those used in Cyrodiil. The start to all sorts of arguments over who started using those recipes first. Only in Cyrodiil, however, where the climate is drier, are these sausages hung up and cured. As a result, Bretons consider hanging cured sausages about the home the height of crassness…and overcompensation.
  • Slices of shark cheeks, simmer in spiced olive oil then allowed to cool and preserve under it. Kept in dark cupboards, in earthenware jars throughout the coast near Northpoint, where it is traditional among commoners to offer them to guests as a sign of goodwill and start to any other meal.
  • Oysters cooked in brown ale…and cream too, if you’re lucky.
  • Two little bowls, side by side. In one, plums stewed in red wine. In the other, peaches cooked in white. Between them, a small platter of absorbent little cakes to tear open and fill with the contents of each bowl.
  • Teas. Pomegranate teas served cold in Summer. Elves ear teas drunk dark green and bitter. Teas brewed entirely from dried flowers with quietly sad names: 'widow’s weed’, 'faretheewell’, 'unkisst’. Alchemical teas made from treebark, and mastic gums dissolved in hot water. Crushed root-brews that will make you see Dibella and then wish that you hadn’t. And aquavits distilled from all the above and more.

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Hunk Ponders Philosophy... And Food

Rating: T - lewd implications (thanks Lance)

Pairings: Hance, Legday

Tags: Romance, tricky Lance, pining Hunk


There was a face Lance made that churned Hunk’s stomach a little and dried out his mouth. And, lucky for him, Hunk knew just what he needed to do to see it.

It was just a coincidence, really, that Hunk knew how to make Lance do it, but not an uncommon one. It was a habit someone who had known lean times most of his life might not know he did.

And it was connected to food, which Hunk loved and wanted everyone to enjoy and appreciate. His family had always grown their fruit and vegetables, cooked together, sat down to eat together and lingered talking over their meals for hours before cleaning up the table and kitchen as a unit. Food, Hunk believed, could change lives. (He sometimes wondered if the Galra ever actually, you know, eaten panipopo, steamed flounder with miti, pork buns or puligi… mmmm puligi. Maybe if they just tried it, they wouldn’t be so hellbent on universal domination and be a little more chill.)


Hunk first noticed it some time ago, at the Garrison when they had all been stuffing their faces with whatever sludge the school had deemed nutritionally sufficient for growing teens in a rigorous training program. It usually consisted of rice, pasta, or potatoes, a couple of defrosted protein choices and canned excuses for vegetables. The cadets had no choice but to clear their plates, as hungry as they were.

Sometimes, Hunk reflected, there had been a sweet provided, but not often. Usually fruit, which was gone quickly. Vitamins were given to them daily, so it wasn’t exactly like the teens were trying to avoid scurvy when they crowded around the fruit baskets and ate every single piece. It was just the only fresh food available, and frequently the sweetest. Despite the lack of variety - out-of-season apples, green bananas and the occasional under-ripe melon - the cadets ate it up. (Hunk always wondered why the heck a school like the Garrison needed to cut costs on food but then he considered the mechanical, fuel, and insurance expenses and gulped before letting that tiny resentment go.)

On very special occasions, like an anniversary or holiday, the cadets would eat a baked treat or dessert, and the cafeteria was usually a madhouse with students trying to schmooze or weasel their way into second helpings even though they weren’t really that amazing - usually a simple cake or pie, fruit crisp, brownie or rice pudding. Not that Hunk was checking.

It was the anniversary of the founding of the Garrison that Hunk first saw the expression that made him feel all - melty, that was a feeling right? The cadets had been grousing about training, or maybe gossiping about old things, probably the Kerberos mission or Keith washing out, those were unfortunately popular. A lot of the kids liked to rile Pidge up since he was so vocal about his opinions and always hinted at knowing things the other clods were too stupid to see.

Normally Lance would direct the chaos with a teasing rebuttal delivered with his classic smirk (and really, his teeth just always seemed sparkling white, which was why he did it so often. Or so Hunk surmised.) But that night he had been strangely quiet, staying in the background and keeping to himself. Normally that would cause concern or at least some sarcastic inquiries but no one seemed to notice. When Hunk turned to look at Lance, he drew in a quick breath and bit his lip to avoid calling attention to himself by gasping.

Lance was eating the brownie. Still. Almost ten minutes after everyone had finished, Lance was taking the smallest of bites and closing his eyes in appreciation (for a brownie that just wasn’t fudgy enough to compare to his mom’s, not that Hunk was complaining because, you know, brownie). But he knew that action and that face. He had done it himself when he came to the school. It was how someone who had grown up poor ate something they didn’t normally eat - like chocolate or the one time they had all eaten freshly roasted turkey.

Hunk had mostly stopped doing that at the school - his food came regularly even though it wasn’t great. But his mom and dad had taught him to appreciate what was on his plate and he began to eat what had been exotic, at the time, treats with more frequency than he was used to.

He didn’t know why but seeing his best friend quiet and secretly enjoying a dessert that that everyone else had mostly gulped down did funny things to him. Hunk looked away as Lance opened his eyes not wanting to be caught outright staring. For one thing, his stomach felt like it has gone through a couple of simulator rounds and for another, his face was feeling warm and red.

Hunk peeked over at Lance only to see him licking the very last brownie crumbs off of his fingers and lips, eyes closed again. He swallowed and shot up from the table, “I, uh, have to go to the bathroom, so I’m just gonna do that… now…” As he made his getaway he couldn’t help catching Lance’s skeptical blue eyes before ducking his head and literally running for cover.

He hadn’t been able to sleep for a few hours puzzling over why Lance eating that dumb brownie had had such a powerful effect on him. He had kind of known about Lance’s large family and knew that Lance stressed about his scholarship money and keeping his grades up. Maybe it had been seeing him in a state of rest or enjoyment? Lance didn’t often let his carefully constructed walls down. But Hunk wanted to see him like that again.


He began an experiment. It was almost a challenge. What could make Lance take that rest from his boisterous and probably exhausting charisma and just chill? (Which was kind of a philosophy where he was from.)

Another side of Hunk also just liked the aesthetics of Lance peacefully licking his lips but that was totally besides the point. No, this was a duty of friendship and being a brother in arms. He had a duty to his pilot to help him relax and be zen and feel good and lick his… Off topic again.

So he observed and he changed the variables, like any good engineer would. Rice pudding on Labor Day didn’t have the same effect, although Lance ate it with gusto and declared it shitty compared to his abuela’s. He didn’t bother with the pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving or the yellow cake with buttercream on Christmas. “Pumpkin blah, if I ate a bar of soap, it would have more flavor,” the tall boy griped. The cake was too sweet, way too sweet, and Lance didn’t want to risk cavities on something that was all sugar and no spice.

Hunk bought nougat or caramel candy bars - and occasionally “borrowed” some from Pidge. Lance liked those better but he didn’t really get into them, preferring to take a piece and punching him on the shoulder as a sign of gratitude.

Until now, Lance hadn’t really noticed, being somewhat unobservant about people. But he eventually smirked at Hunk’s constant offerings, joking that he didn’t want to get chubby. That had also done something to Hunk and he couldn’t help but blurt out, “Well even if you were chubby, which you’re totally not, you would still look great.” Lance stopped at that before throwing a big grin on his face and his arm around his friend’s shoulder, “Huuuunk, you flatterer. This is why we are going to dominate the other teams.” The teen just did his best to keep his eyes forward and not gawk at the pretty blush on his pilot’s cheeks.


Being in space had thrown all that off until tonight when he had been helping Coran prepare dinner. He had picked up some little red berries from a planet a couple of missions ago that he hadn’t tried yet and when he had, had made his heart race.

They were drier than he expected, not juicy but almost like the texture of jicama. But the flavor was unmistakable - chocolate. And not the weak candy-bar-coating milky kind. This was an earthy fairly spicy dark cocoa. This was the kind that made Lance pause and remember something happy…

Hunk had scanned them to be sure they were safe and he did it again to double check. No way was he going to give Lance and the team something that would make them sick. He couldn’t wait until dinner.


Dinner had passed - the space goo had been eaten with gratitude if not enthusiasm. Now everyone was talking quietly in small groups in that contented way that made him remember home.

It surprised him that this kind of post-meal happiness was possible from something as disappointing as space goo. Maybe the quality of the food didn’t matter so much as the group you were with and the care you all had for each other. Hunk would have to think about that later. (It kind of made sense if he considered the Galra, they were definitely not having family dinners.)

Coran had brought out the berries with gusto as dessert hadn’t been a thing on Altea. “You can’t have everything,” he had said with great humor as he tapped on the Castle Ship’s hull. The Paladins and Allura had all dug into the fruit enjoying it in their own special way.

Pidge was questioning the berries, curious about whether they could grow them somehow while Keith popped them in his mouth and remarked that dinner had to be better if they could grow their own food. Coran was attempting to defend Altean cuisine while Shiro and Allura laughed with hushed amusement, heads bent together.

Hunk gulped before he turned to Lance, to see the face he had been waiting months for. And he wasn’t disappointed. Lance was relaxed and quiet, rolling the chocolate-berry in his mouth, savoring the flavor (Hunk was not going to focus on that, nope, not at all). But his eyes were open and surprisingly gentle.

The teen leaned so he was resting on Hunk’s side, head just shy of his shoulder. When Hunk looked down, he bit his lip realizing that his pilot (he couldn’t stop thinking of Lance as his pilot, even though they were all pilots now) was cuddling next to him. Lance met his gaze and swallowed before smirking at him, “Thanks man. How’d you know that I love dark chocolate?” His mischievous blue eyes hinted that maybe Lance had been onto him for a while now.

The Samoan teen fought valiantly against the blush currently burning his ears and cheeks and tried not to choke on the berry. That dark chocolate line had really got him.. flustered. It occurred to him that while his best friend clearly loved chocolate that maybe Hunk had been tricked into sort of accidentally complimenting and courting him somehow. But as Lance rested his head down onto his bicep, Hunk found he didn’t mind. Only good things come from good food.


Quit Your Job

Ozu East Kitchen was the shocker of this year and last year for me. Atwater has the tendency to creep me out just a bit, mainly for reasons unknown, so naturally I was skeptical when I realized I had to go to dinner there. But YOOOOOO; I’m still confused as to how dope the food was. The spot is owned by a former film dude out of Asia. 1, he’s COOL. 2, you get all the benefits of a creative with attention to detail masterminding the whole situation. It’s really cool being a creative; like myself. We’re mainly unemployed but thats ok bc you’re supposed to be. Also, our opinions, like, matter. Sorry man, if you work at H&R block or wherever, your girlfriend is NEVER going to let you have any choice in how many throw pillows you’re forced to have. You’re life is going to be taken over by throw pillows you didn’t even get to pick the color of. You’re going to spend an average of 90 seconds every morning and every night removing and replacing throw pillows. THAT’S OVER FORTY FIVE HUNDRED (4,500)  MNUTES OF FUCKING AROUND WITH THROW PILLOWS PER YEAR. You should probably quit your job, become a creative, and eat at Ozu East.

Ozu East Kitchen 

Tip: Kimchi udon shrimp is INSANE. But so was everything.
Tip: Ask about the beers, there is a major story behind what they serve here.
Tip: everything is light and packed with insane flavor. Less salt, less heavy, just BETTER.

When to come here: whenever you want amazing food. Can’t go wrong here. WOW.

Where: 3224 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA


Monday Closed
Tuesday 5–10PM
Wednesday 5–10PM
Thursday 5–10PM
Friday 5–11PM
Saturday 5–11PM
Sunday 5–10PM

phone: (323) 284-8773

“The L.Y.F. Fitness Project”. (Love Yourself First)

You can read about the project:


  1. Drink a 4-6 liters per day.
  2. Avoid the junk food and eat healthy food (fruits and vegetables).
  3. “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dier like a beggar.”
  4. Sleep 7-8 hours, always. (Please, don’t sleep late or less than those hours, never)
  5. Take a 10-30 minutes walk daily or do a exercises routine while you listen music, that works so good and keep your body active and your mind positive.

Your L.Y.F. “How To Eat Right And Feel Right." 

Breakfast (choose one of those foods):

  • Turkey sandwich plus one fruit or veggie.
  • Peanut butter sandwich plus one fruit or veggie.
  • Cheese quesadilla plus one fruit or veggie.
  • Vanilla/Chocolate oats (topped with some fruits, nuts or granola)
  • Broccoli and feta omelet with toast.
  • Banana and almond/peanut butter toast.
  • Greek yogurt fruit pairfait.

Meal (choose one of those foods):

  • Salmon noodle bowl. 
  • Egg and rice salad.
  • Crisp chickpea slaw.
  • Middle eastern rice salad.
  • Energy revving quinoa.
  • Raw kale, grapefruit and hazelnut salad.
  • Chicken, broccoli and mushroom stir-fry.

Dinner (choose one of those foods):

  • California tuna.
  • Grilled turkey gyros.
  • Bowl of fruit and greek yogurt topped with some nuts.
  • Chicken, tomatoe and cucumber salad.
  • Avocado and blood orange salad.
  • Basil, chicken and tomatoes
  • No stir risotto with scallops.


  • Trail mix.
  • String cheese.
  • Fruit leather.
  • Yogurt.
  • Seaweed.
  • Ham and jicama wraps.
  • Cherry tomatoes with feta cheese.
  • Celery sticks.
  • Smoothies.

(just in case you didn’t know i made a fitspirational mix for ya’ll, you can check out this mix on 8tracks: such workout, much burn.  and the list of the routines

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Clara Cakes: The five senses of Vietnamese food and my favorite lunch spot

For my first post here on the blog, I thought I would share a restaurant that I’d want to meet you at if we were chattin’ in person: Viet Noodle Bar in LA’s Atwater Village. Viet is super spacious, with a long communal table that I always sit at, and it has books lining the wall behind it that you can browse through while slurpin’ on some noodles. Also, the modern Vietnamese cuisine is delicious!

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Nom nom nom. Brown rice crisps topped with blackberries, raspberries, bananas, dates and almond butter drizzle. Also shredded coconut and pumpkin seeds!

"Meet me at 9pm in the park, beside the tree that looks like it has an ass."

Read the note. Saitama-sensei’s usual scrawl.
Genos curses his underwhelming sensors. His sensei rose before him and left without the cyborg even noticing. Cotton fills his mouth and his head as he struggles to wake up.
A surprise?
A party?
A test?
Whatever it was, Saitama-sensei wanted secrecy.
So Genos played along.

He tried to pass the time.
Cleaning. Cooking lunch. More cleaning. Yelling at the leagues of Caped Baldy haters on Hero’s Association online forums. Fetching the mail. More cleaning.
What felt like hours amount to 50 measly minutes.
Genos set an internal alarm to rouse him at 8:50pm.
And fell asleep.

Genos rises to another note.

“Wear something nice.”

He plays along still. Must be a surprise party. For a friend? Mumen’s birthday, King’s birthday, he couldn’t remember.
Pale blue dress shirt, sleeves torn off.
Dark and pressed pinstripe vest.
Genos’s footfalls echo through the empty city.

The park. 8:58pm.
Dead center, off the beaten path, beside the squatting tree.
A blanket stretched out on the grass.
He paces anxiously, powerful body swathed in a pale yellow dress shirt and form fitting vest. He looks good.


“Ah! Genos.”

Before the cyborg can ask, he’s steered onto the blanket, passed a paper oyster pail filled with take out, still piping hot.
Teppanyaki. Crisp vegetables. Fluffy rice.
Saitama-sensei clicks his chopsticks excitedly and they eat in companionable silence for a while.

“When will the others arrive?”

“…. Others?”

Saitam’s eyes widen. He glances away. Worries and plucks at the blanket beneath them. Swallows another mouthful of chilled tea.

“This…. Is for you, Genos.”

The cyborg’s eyes widen. He’s handed a bouquet of roses.
Crimson. Freshly cut. Beaded with dew.

“I’m… Wooing you. Because I’m old and dumb but you’re…. Fuck, Genos, you….”

Genos can hear teeth gritting, pulse hammering, eyelids flitting, fingers tapping.
Sensei is… Nervous?

“Before you, there was… Nothing. All this strength doesn’t amount to shit when you feel so… So… So DEAD inside. Which is what I am. Was. But you…. You made me feel again.”

Fingers that could shatter concrete and pulverize flesh in one swoop were delicate against the cyborg’s metal fingers. He watched, amazed, as Saitama-sensei tangled their digits together, raised the younger man’s hand, and pressed feather light kisses to his knuckles.

“I… You make me so fucking happy, Genos. And you’re… You’re so confident. And brave. Brash, yeah, you rush into danger like a man with a death wish but– you… You make me happy like no one does. Or has. And I…”

Saitama’s eyes flutter shut, lips frozen against the warmth of Genos’s hand. His grip tightens slightly.

“I adore you, Genos.”

Genos watches, awestruck. Saitama exudes awkwardness, discomfort. He looks like he feels naked.
The roses. The dinner. The romantic atmosphere.
It breaks the cyborg’s heart.
Cradling the bald head of his teacher between firm palms, Genos closes the space between them.
They kiss.
It’s slow and careful and warm.
It’s perfection.

“Let’s go home, sensei.”


“I don’t want those roses to die of thirst. And… I have my own confessions to give. But back home.”

The delighted smile that stretches across Saitama’s face threatens to crush Genos’s very soul.
They pack up.
They leave.
Hand in hand.
Genos presses a chaste kiss to the open petals of the most vibrant rose and tucks it into the pocket of Saitama’s vest.
They kiss underneath the starlight.
And the world feels a little warmer.


@audiocassete i know youll write sonething 100000x better but at least i tried

Itty Bitty Mistakes

It was the little things that Harry did that made your heart flutter. After long days, you’d walk into your apartment and find a bouquet of different colored roses sitting on your kitchen counter, a messy note confessing his love for you in his messy handwriting. On other days, you’d find him sitting in his car in front of the university’s gate, his wide smile brightening up your day when you saw him. But today was your favorite kind of day; the days when the rain was falling against the window and you both were cuddled either on the couch or his bed watching a movie you had both seen one too many times. He had his arms around you, his nose buried into your hair and taking in your scent to keep for his memory when he went away.

“What’re you thinking about, darling?” You looked up at him and your index finger found itself tracing his jaw line.

“Right this second?”

“Right this second.” You smiled and watched him pull his thoughts together, his own smile spreading on his lips.

“How much I love you and how I could get used to this.” He whispered and your heart melted, making you cuddle into him closer than you were before. You lifted your head and smiled up at him with your fingers finding themselves in his hair. “What’re you thinking about?”

“How happy you make me and that I love you.” You bit your lip and pressed your forehead against his, his hair tickling your eyelids. His eyes met your while his hands slid up and down your back, finally coming to a stop at the small of it.

“Are you going to let me show you how much I love you?” His lips were now only inches from yours. Your thoughts were now all a blur and you could only manage a nod. Wasting no time, he flipped over making you softly land on your back and he was now hovering over you. He pressed his lips to yours and one thing led to another, the whispered ‘I love you’s’ escaping each other’s lips.


Harry laid on his back, his hair sticking to his sweaty and damp forehead, and looked down at you. He loved moments like this; your head on his shoulder, your arm draped over his chest, and your head nuzzled into his neck breathing evenly indicating your deep slumber. Before sliding out of bed, he dropped a long kiss to your head and reached for his briefs. After gliding them up his waist, he walked into the bathroom to wash his face and dragged himself to the kitchen.

Rummaging through the cabinets and drawers, he tried to be as quiet as possible so he wouldn’t wake you. He wanted you to wake up and he’d surprise you with a small snack before dinner. So he began on his little treat for you, making a mess and getting his hands all sticky. It was a recipe his mom made for him as he was growing up; they were kind of like marshmellow treats, except she stuffed peanut butter in them due to his allergy. After drizzling and dipping them in chocolate, he planted them in the fridge to cool off for a while so he could begin on dinner.

“Steak or chicken…” He mumbled to himself as he pulled out more ingredients. Finally settling on the steak, he began marinating and enjoying the experience, completely unaware of your presence by the foyer.

Grinning from ear to ear, you stood there in his shirt and watched your boyfriend scramble around the kitchen to get things prepare. A couple of “ouch’s” and expletives slipped out of his mouth causing you to place your hand over yours to stifle a laugh. He placed the steak on the pan and turned to the stove to begin the cooking. You leaned against the frame, admiring every inch of his body as he moved around. His muscles tensed when he thought he messed something up, his brows furrowed when the stove wouldn’t turn on, and how he licked his fingers after burning them on the hot surface.

He turned and lifted his head, his eyes meeting yours and a smile spread on his lips.

“Hey, you’re up.” He wiped his hands and made his way over to you, coming around the island and his arms sliding around your waist.

“I am,” you grinned and kissed his nose. “How long have you been up?”

“I never fell asleep,” he laughed and took your hand, leading you to the island and pulling out a stool for you. “I decided I’d make us something to eat.” You leaned your chin on the palm of your hand and smiled.

“Yeah? Why’s that?” You watched his bare shoulder shrug and begin pulling out the contents for the salad.

“Because you always cook for me, especially when I’m tired. I wanted to do the same for you,” his eyes flashed up with a wicked smirk on his face.

“What?” You scrunched your brows together and looked at him. “What’re you thinking, you devious boy?”

His smirk grew bigger; something you thought couldn’t be possible.

“You slept for a while, you know.”

“Yeah, and?” You raised your eyebrow at him. “What are you getting at, Harold?”

“I wore you out, I reckon.” Your eyes widened when the words fell from his lips and the smirk staying in place.

“Oh my gosh, Harry!” You blushed and buried your face into your hands, shaking your head. His laugh grew louder and louder, clearly amused at himself.

“It’s true!” He finished dicing up the peppers and tossing them into the salad bowl, grabbing the lettuce next.

“You’re unbelievable,” you laughed and shook your head. “Have you no shame?”

He continued to laugh and shook his head. “When I’ve got someone as beautiful as you, then absolutely not,” he smiled and shot a wink up at you.

“You’re not off the hook that easy, Styles.” You glared at him as you popped a baby tomato in your mouth. He swatted your hand softly and pointed at you.

“Hey hey, no touching. I made a snack for you,” he sauntered over to the fridge and grabbed the tray of treats he had made.

“Oh, looks yummy.” You watched him set the tray down and smiled up at him.

“Enjoy, my love.” He pushed it towards you and smiled, watching you pick one up and taking a bite. Closing your eyes, you sighed contently and nodded.

“Mm, this is good. Who knew you could make something edible?” You finished up the first treat and began to reach for the second one when your mouth felt tingly. He was laughing at your joke and finishing up the salad, making his way back to the fridge to have it chilled for a while.

You throat itched, suddenly feeling like it was closing up. You felt nauseous and looked up at him, panic striking your eyes.

“H-Harry, what’s in those things?!” You wheezed out, quickly running out of breath. He quickly rushed to your side and saw the look on your face, his heart beginning to race.

“I uh, there’s rice crisps, chocolate,” he gulped and his eyes widened in fear. “A-And peanut butter…” His own voice trailed off when you jumped out of your seat, realizing his costly mistake. “Oh my God, baby, I’m so sorry! I’m so so sorry! It totally slipped my mind!” He went on and on, profusely apologizing.

Your lungs gasped for air and you shook your head feeling your body begin to react. “H-Hospital,” you managed to spit out between harsh breaths. You saw him stumble for his phone and dial the number, requesting an ambulance at the house immediately.

“You’re okay, baby, you’re okay.” He tried not to let the fear show in his voice. “They’re on their way.” He held you in his arms until he heard the sirens come closer and he quickly rushed to the door to let them in.

“P-Please help her, I put peanut butter in the food and she ate it and she’s deathly allergic to peanuts,” the paramedic held his hand up indicating for him to stay calm.

“We’re going to do our very best,” he simply replied as they began to lift you onto the stretcher, already beginning to hook you up to various machines. Harry was quick to throw on his shirt and sweat pants, making a dash behind them to climb into the ambulance.

You were completely numb from the pain; all you could think about was trying to breathe as the paramedics strapped an oxygen mask over your nose and mouth. Harry sat by your side in the ambulance with his hand tightly wrapped in yours.

“I-I’m so sorry, baby, so sorry.” You heard his voice crack and you gave his hand a soft squeeze. The paramedic swiftly stuck an IV into your arm, instantly sending fluids through your veins along with a burning sensation. The ambulance came to a halt and you felt yourself being pushed into the emergency room along with the frantic medical terms being thrown around.

“Just please, let me be with her!” His voice struck out the most amongst them all.

“Sir, please, we just need you to fill out some paperwork while they stabilize her. You can see her as soon as she’s conscious again, they’ll take care of her.” That was the last thing that your ears picked up before the scene around you went black.


Your head was throbbing and you groaned, your mouth feeling extremely dry. You tried to pry your eyes open but the fluorescent lights kept them shut. You heard the sniffles from your bedside and a soft voice coming from your left side.

“I-It’s my entire fault, Liam,” he breathed out. It was true; there was nobody he could blame but himself. You heard Liam’s voice on the other end but the words weren’t clear enough to understand.

“I know, but she could’ve died, Liam. W-What would have I done then?” He sobbed softly and shook his head, running his fingers through his hair. “She’s not even awake yet. It’s been over 4 hours.”

You desperately wanted to open your eyes and pull him to you, giving him the kiss he needed and reassuring you were fine and demand that he stopped blaming himself.

“6th floor,” he mumbled and sniffled into the receiver while exhaling a breath. “Okay, see you soon.” You heard his finger tap his phone and then felt his head forehead against the back of your hand. He couldn’t stop the tears from falling and he squeezed your hand tightly.

“I’m so sorry, my love. T-This is all my fault, I should’ve remembered and if I did, this would’ve never happened…” he went on and on. “I’m the worst boyfriend ever,” he let more tears cascade down his cheeks.

You forced your eyes open, fighting the urge to close them, and tried to speak up. “Harry…” It barely came out as a whisper but his head immediately shot up and he wiped his face.

“Oh my God, baby, you’re up.” The look of relief on his face couldn’t have come any sooner and he sat on the edge your bed. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

Quickly shaking your head as best as you could manage, you squeezed his hand in yours and spoke softly. “You did nothing wrong,” the words came out croaky.

“I fed you peanut butter,” he hung his head and rubbed his face, disappointed in himself.

“But you wanted to do something sweet for me and you did. It’s the thought that counts, right?” You put on a soft smile and looked up at him. “I’m okay now, my love.”

He leaned down and kissed your forehead, his lips letting the ‘I’m sorry’s’ continue to spill out.


Tons of balloons and flowers later, you were surrounded by the rest of the boys and Harry by your side. Jokes being thrown back and forth to make you feel better, you couldn’t help but laugh.

The doctors flowing in and out of the room, reassuring that you were going to be just fine but would spend the night for observations.

“So, Harry, you think you’ll be stepping into the kitchen again?” Zayn joked from his seat. Harry quickly shook his head and laughed, leaning his head down on yours.

“First thing I’m going to be doing is getting rid of all the damn peanut butter in the house,” he laughed and relaxed when you laughed from under him.

“Leave my boyfriend alone, he was doing something nice for me.” You kissed his chin softly and leaned your head back down on his chest.

“But we’ll keep the cooking up to me from now on, my love.” He grinned down at you after your snarky comment and wrapped his arm your shoulders, grateful that you were okay and healthy. He had never been more scared in his life and now with you in his arms, he would be forever thankful to have you there.

“As long as I get to have you in my arms every night, that sounds good to me.” 

There you go, darlings. Thank you to the anon who requested this, I hope you all enjoy! Also, REQUESTS ARE OPEN. I repeat, REQUESTS ARE OPEN! I’ve gotten messages asking when they’d be open so there you have it. If you have any questions, comments, feedback, etc, please feel free to drop by my ask. Love you guys. 

Anna x 


{Hello} everyone! Sorry for such a long delay on this weeks first recipe! It was a bit of a learning experience and I just wanted to make sure I got it right for you guys so things can go a little more smoothly for you  if you decide to try these out for yourself! Without further adieu, here is the recipe!

This week I decided to give bubble chocolate a try. At first I didn’t know what to expect. I have made molded chocolates with friends before and I used to ice donuts and cakes when I worked in the bakery but everything was pre-made!

However, I was up for the challenge! I wasn’t sure what made up the small round shape of the chocolate because I never really read the in game description ‘til now. I honestly thought it was just one solid ball of chocolate! I mean it is, but it’s more than that! Let’s take a look at the in game description shall we?

The in game descriptions of  Bubble Chocolate says:

“A luscious bon-bon made from dark chocolate infused with lighter-than-air bubbles"

Now, I’m sure this recipe in game is more or less based off of actual Bubble Chocolate in real life.

However, I did not feel I had the means to make it like Nestle or Cadbury. They some how get lots of tiny air bubbles in there! I can’t. So, I just opted to do the plain bonbon filling. Maybe when I have more time I will revisit this recipe and see what I need to do to accomplish such a difficult feat!! Or at least mimic the idea with rice crisps or something! 

Also, I made these with milk chocolate rather than Dark chocolate because it is too bitter for @vanguard-the and our friends. I honestly prefer dark chocolate myself but I’m a nice person so I was considerate! (THIS TIME! BWAHAHA!) xD

That’s about it for this recipe! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! In the future I might make another batch of these with white chocolate and cherry flavored filling and make them moogle themed…

As always, thanks for stopping by and we will {see you again!} in the next recipe!

Here are the ingredients for easy clipboard access! Happy baking!

½ Cup of butter (unsalted)
1lb Of confectioner’s sugar
¼ cup of Regular whipping cream
1lb Of confectionery chocolate coating 
¾ tsp vanilla

Natural almond butter and bananas on rye toast and a bowl of brown rice crisps with strawberries, bananas, dates, slivered almonds and unsweetened almond milk. Nom nom nom, easy breakfast.