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hey soup im super new to posting art on tumblr, and it looks like the quality of my drawings always gets effed up by tumblr. the lines arent as crisp and the colours look washed out. do you know whats wrong/how to fix?? sorry for asking, i dont rly know any other artists on tumblr yet

tumblr unfortunately tends to resize things n it comes out super ugly :^(

i think one way to avoid it/minimize it is to resize your drawing to match tumblr’s post size as much as possible (i think a single image’s width is 600px or so? three side by side are 275px etc, i think you can look it up)

not sure if it gets rid of it completely but it does help ! also doing things like cutting super big pictures in half lessens the resizing n all

The Wrestle, Ch. VI

I’m gonna kiss you
like the sun browns you,
devour me.
I want every other freckle.

If the summer days were blinks that paradoxically lasted for eons and disappeared without warning too quickly, than the winter nights were long sighs that moved along slowly, settled in among the trees and between the houses, on the paths and in the naked branches, and took its time in passing, lasting longer and longer as the season went on. It came in one morning, and frosted the tips of grass and bits of metal along the wall, in the smoke that poured from chimneys and the sun that was just as bright as the day before, but not as fiercely as the summer afternoon. In the few months following the union of the ground and the sky, the world started to chill, started to grow crisp and colourful as the leaves burst aflame and then fall in a cascade of embers and light upon the world.

The summer days of long, unending sun faded and were replaced by nights that were conducive for only a few things, all of which made Lexa extremely satisfied. Things changed in the small bed in Lexa’s quarters. It was usually filled with a blonde, which was a fact the Commander quite enjoyed. She would return from her day and get stories read to her in that voice, and with those absent fingers knitting themselves under her shirt, in her hair. She would get questions answered and ideas explored. She got kisses and she got fire and she got to warm up from the winter outside. She got Clarke’s moans scalding her neck, tangling in her sheets. She saw stars in her own bed, she shook and she thought her body was not her own, and when she regained control, she got Clarke’s smile and eyes and voice. Lexa was torn with how much she loved winter.

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zannyblogging  asked:

WWE, specifically The Shield, Moana, MUSCLES, anthro art, TRANSFORMERS, awesome architecture, gorgeous crisp colouring and thick lines, beards/side burns (i think cause of all your hunky male dudes with the beards and sideburns.) also candy for some reason like the nostalgic candy that reminds you of childhood


Also ahahaha I didn’t realize the sideburns part but NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT all the sideburns
Nostalgic candy is interesting though!

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