crisp blouse

school girl crush

I have a school girl crush on you

Do you notice me?

I day dream of you in class

Of my fingers massaging around

The perimeter of your eyes

Of kissing your eyelids

And the beauty marks on your face

I’d be the first girl to tell you you’re beautiful

Your eyes

Your skin

Your body

You’re so beautiful

I will daydream about going up to you

Telling you this

And your ears turning red,

I day dream of you smiling and touching my face

And telling me

How beautiful you think I am

With big red cheeks

I should be wearing a plaid fucking skirt

A crisp white blouse

A fat tie

and ugly black shoes

You should have a ruler in your hand

Because I have the biggest school girl crush on you

Getting the house to herself was such a rare occurrence for Bethany that she wasn’t even sure what to do with her limited time. It was only for a couple of hours at most, before her parents would be home from church or her sister would be back from detention, but she wanted to savour those hours, even if she didn’t know how. All she’d done so far was unbutton the top few buttons of her crisp white blouse, leaving her in just that, a sinfully short pleated skirt and knee high socks, with her short-heeled shoes kicked off neatly at the front door. Sadly for Bethany, though, her ‘alone’ time wasn’t meant to be, as she turned into the kitchen only to remember that they had a guest living with them, a man their father had brought home and thrust upon them like some newborn, and seeing him in the kitchen when she’d expected no one else thankfully startled her enough to hide her disappointment at her precious ‘me’ time being interrupted. “Oh, I forgot you were here!” Her cheeks went pink as she strolled right up to the kitchen island and pushed herself up to sit on it, with her thighs pressed politely together. “Suppose I’m not used to a fifth person yet…”

27) Wearing the Other’s Sweater

The spacious and drafty Town Hall was freezing cold inside. Emma was shivering as she sat up front across from the big old desk, where the Mayor was conducting a meeting on pressing town business. Emma wasn’t sure what was going on with the town. When there wasn’t a magical monster to battle or a search and rescue mission she found every day operation affairs boring, and she was rather distracted, but not by the cold.

Also currently ‘pressing’, were Regina’s breasts against her very tight, very crisp white blouse. Emma didn’t know why the high end garment didn’t seem to fit properly. She was fairly certain Regina had a personal tailor who carried over with the first curse, unless she had the shirts customized to fit like that.

Whatever the reason, Emma found it incredibly distracting. It was like everlasting anticipation that that pesky third button would pop off and cleavage would spill out like a flood breaking over a dam. With much chagrin, Emma noticed Regina’s near indecent exposure wasn’t just distracting to the Sheriff’s department but also the rest of the City Managers in attendance.

The old creepy dude from Water Processing was drooling. The Transportation director wasn’t even trying to hide his staring, and the Fire Chief looked like he needed to put out a fire in his pants. Even Regina’s secretary who was supposed to be taking notes, but her pen was conspicuously still and her eyes were firmly fixed on Regina’s blasted cleavage.

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