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Domestic!Destiel with canon bunker setting based on this tweet:

Dean takes his time in the shower. It’s the one thing he’s extremely grateful for in the bunker. The water pressure is just perfect, beating down on his back and shoulders. There’s a rhythm in his head that’s been in his head the entire day and he begins to sing. Rubbing his hands over his face and ducking his head under the water he doesn’t hear anyone open the door. Hell, he didn’t even realise he forgot to lock it - years of living in motels with just his brother meant he hadn’t really needed to.

He’s just grumbling the chorus when he hears the shower curtain sliding open and whips round with a yelp.

When he blinks water from his eyes and covers himself as best he can with the small face cloth he find Cas staring at him with a bag of crisps in his hands.

“Cas!” He yells. Cas isn’t moving though and hold the crisps out in front of him.


“CAS!” Dean yelps again.

“Are we - Dean, stop screaming, it’s just me… are we out of cheetos?” His eyes are wide and look impossibly blue in the bright bathroom. For a moment he forgets that he’s only got a face cloth covering himself.

“What? Cas, you’re holding the empty bag, of course we’re out of cheetos.” Cas’ eyes grow wider. Dean sighs. “I’ll make a run… just… just leave me for a moment to finish.”

“Thank you, Dean.” Cas grins. Dean’s pretty sure he is on the verge of melting at that look and smiles back. Cas has gone through eight packs of cheetos in the last week and he’s sure that it’s unhealthy, but buying more of them will make him happy and a happy Cas is a happy Dean. Plus, when they’re pressed against each other watching TV, Dean can’t help but dip into them.

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genre: smut mainly, fluff if you squint like real hard - no angst for once noice

warnings: there aren’t any warnings tbh but i’ll list the kinks here too: daddy kink, throat fucking, dom!Phil, getting turned on my muscles (?), anal sex, wall fucking, light spanking and i think that’s it 

word count: 3066

A/N: i’m not even sorry for the title (also i kid you not i was listening to hallelujah while writing this okay because i am going to hELL)

Prompt: “Confession: My friend is working out and getting bigger. I can’t help but think about him topping me and pounding me looking at his new muscles.”


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Bedtime Story - Phanfic

“Papa, we’ve already read that one.”

Dan smirked to himself as he listened in on Phil’s conversation with their four-year-old daughter, Juniper. He was sitting in the lounge editing a gaming video, a bag of crisps wedged between his thighs. He had stopped crunching on the crisps now though, and had one earbud out to be able to hear his husband and daughter’s conversation. “Right. Okay. Well, what about this one?” There was a pause. “No?” It sounds like they’re going to have to buy more children’s books.

Getting adjusted to parenthood had not been easy for either of them. Juniper was fussy when she was an infant, and they had had long sleepless nights staying awake together and taking turns holding her. The fans gave both of them more slack than they did before they had Juniper, because it was hard to run a bunch of YouTube channels and look after a child as well. Now that their surrogate was pregnant with their second child, it was important to both of them that they spend as much time with Juniper as they can.

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You Kissed Me!

Admin Hui: CHAN FLUFF FTW. Sorry, but seriously, I love love this idea. Altho, probably won’t be as good as I expect. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Let’s give our Diamond Maknae some love. ♥ EDIT: Okay, wow. I forgot to add in the “stats” rip.

Group: Seventeen

Pairing: You x Chan/Dino

Genre: Fluffy~

Word Count: 1068

“Yah. Channie, come over. Forget studying.” I click into my phone, sighing as I go to the kitchen, grabbing a small bag of crisps from my cupboard.
I hear my phone ring quickly, signaling that Chan had replied.
“I dunno. It’ll take more than that. Hyungs are watching over me like hawks.” I exhale sharply, making it seem like a laugh. He is adorable. Setting down on the couch, I tap my reply quickly.
“Just show them what you’ve done. I know you work hard. Let’s watch a scary movie~. It’s Friday. Don’t stress so much.”
I open the bag, satisfied with myself. Chan can’t resist trying to prove he’s a man by watching a scary movie unfazed. I can already imagine him gripping the couch arm, trying to supress his fear. It was always funny.
Soon, a message arrives.
“Alright. I got the OK. Mingyu hyung really wants to drive me. Says he’s going to impress me. I’ll bring the snacks this time. C u.” And now, I just sit and wait. Well, load up Netflix and wait.
Grabbing my controller, I click through my menu until I find Netflix. I go to the section of horror, and the picture of the film alone creeps me out. It shouldn’t take Chan long, since it usually takes 10 minutes for him to walk, let alone him getting driven.
My predictions prove to be correct, because barely two or three minutes pass before I hear the doorbell. I rush to get up, nearly spilling the crisps all over the floor. I huff out a breath quickly, and hurry to the door.
“Hi Channie! Hi Mingyu~.” I say, grabbing the bag of food from Mingyu’s hand, setting it beside me. Chan walks in, but not before setting his shoes in the walkway. My mother was working, until 6 in the morning. I knew she was comfortable with Chan, even going as far as suggesting that us two become a “thing.”
“No thanks for your oppa?” Mingyu says, teasingly scoffing.
“Shush. But, thank you. Did you go over the speed limit?” I tease back, ruffling Chan’s hair.
“No. Not yet. Anyway, you two kids behave. You’re like.. twelve.” Mingyu says, and waves before closing the door. Chan lets out a saved breath.
“Did he speed?”
“Yes.” Chan says, chuckling slightly. We silently head to the living room, and though his hyungs are taller than him, he is still taller than me. Which, is a quality he says he likes about me. That I’m small; pocket sized.
“You pick this time.” I say, but, as I look at him, I feel something stir inside me, like there’s something going on that I’m not aware of.
“Really? Ah, I’ll pick a real horror film.” He says, glancing over at me and smiling, grabbing the remote from the table in front of us.
His features surely got sharper, his cheekbones high, his nose sharp. His eyes are more alert, and sparkle with the light of the television. His smile is sweet, with a boyish charm behind it.
“(Y/N)? Are you okay? You’re staring at me.” Chan waves his hand in my face, and I blink a couple times before nodding.
“Yeah, sorry. Blanked out.” I reply, my voice uncertain.
“Are you sure?” He asks, and leans in a little more closer than usual.
“I-I’m fine. Trust me.” I say, and motion towards the light, asking him if I should switch them off.
“I’ll get blankets.” He says quickly, setting the remote back onto the table and hurrying to grab a set we use only for movies. I switch off the light, the room suddenly very dark, despite the television.
The movie begins, with me and Chan sitting apart, a respective space between us. I’m sure he suspects something is off, maybe even that I have feelings for him. But, then again, I never know what goes through that kid’s head.
The girl in the film is looking through the basement. Bad call. Everything goes wrong in the basement.
Creepy noises emerge from a darkened corner, and I already know what’s going to happen. As suspected, the girl heads slowly toward the corner. Her flashlight picks up nothing there, but..
“aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAH.” A disgruntled jumpscare appears, and once the camera looks back, she’s gone. From that, I have jumped a bit closer to him. He notices, and glances back and forth between me and the television.
“(Y/N), c'mere. Your expression isn’t too good.” Chan says, patting the space next to him. I pretend to contemplate the choice, though the answer popped in my head the second he asked.
“Sure, I guess.” I say, and scoot down, letting my head rest on the section between his chest and neck, where I found that my head fits perfectly on there. He has grown accustom to leaning his head on mine, and the instant he did, I couldn’t focus on the movie anymore.
Chan’s heartbeat increased, but, I’m sure that something happened in the movie. I let my arms hang around his waist loosely, the pad of my thumb slightly caressing a small bit of exposed skin.
It feels like 30 minutes pass as I feel my eye lids go heavy, constantly closing my eyes, until I let my eyes close. I promised myself 10 seconds to close my eyes. I shouldn’t be touching my best friend’s skin. But, he isn’t complaining. Plus, we’ve known each other for quite some time. As I try to weigh the pro’s and con’s of my thumb on the skin of his hips, I feel his hand go up to my hair, running his hands through it.
But, I don’t expect to feel his soft, pink lips to making contact with my forehead, pressing a warm kiss. I open my eyes quickly, and look up at him. His eyes instantly meet mine, still twinkling like jewels.
“I’m.. I’m sorry. I thought you were sleeping.” He starts, and I stop him before he continues. I raise myself a little, and gather all the courage I can.
Leaning in slowly, I get one glance at his face, before my lips press against his. I only leave them there for 2 or 3 seconds, before pulling away shyly. I see that his face is a light pink, and I’m sure mine is too.
“You.. you kissed-”
“Shh.” I stop him. “Let’s just sleep.”


“Arcadia? The realm of the infinite? It’s a poet’s corner… It’s not a cult or a religion – it’s an awareness of your surroundings; you’re not going to force yourself on anyone and, equally, no one’s going to force themselves on you. And it’s about community and pleasure. It came from a whisper through the trees. It came from a crack in the pavement. It can also come when you open a bag of crisps, or when you kick a football against a goalpost. Even if I was winding you up, it would still be true, because Arcadia and the Arcadian Dream is so deep, is so true to our hearts… It can be as powerful as your imagination can allow it to be. But, it can also be as dark and twisted as your soul… Arcadia encompasses the infinite, and that’s why it comforts me.”

Peter Doherty - 2002


iamiskra✨😝Had to make a #slow-mo too😂…This is for anyone who has ever been called FAT. Thanks for the inspirational words on a recent pic @zseanzbrown 👇🏼 “Fat cow. It’s only cus every F****r on this planet is obese that that’s the norm… Plus-size models? give me a F*****g breaking. Everyone needs to stop eating McDonald’s, the NHS is f****d because of people like her eating too many bags of crisps.” Ps I do not condone binge eating. I eat whatever I want in moderation. I will eat crisps but I’ll also make healthy home cooked meals and workout regularly. The message is who gives a F what anyone else thinks of you. YOU are the only one who decides yourself worth✨ And sorry I’m usually not rude or give anyone the finger but these online trolls smdh 😂😂😂 #iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful

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LazyTown characters as things I’ve done

Courtesy of @bonafide-worst

Sportacus: Ate two whole large cans of sweetcorn in one go.

Stephanie: Danced through the town centre at 9pm with friends and was peer pressured into licking the welcome sign outside of our local supermarket.

Robbie: Ate an entire powdered Swiss roll when I couldn’t sleep.

Ziggy: Stuffed choco bars and crisp bags between my bed and radiator (for safe keeping).

Stingy: Broke three toes in a fight over MY chair in science class that was literally IN MY SPACE when a guy stole it.

Trixie: Threw traffic cones at cars at 11pm when I was drunk.

Pixel: Made a more personal connection with my Sims 3 family than my own personal family.

Milford: Cried when a guy in catering class sabotaged my meal.

Bessie: Passive aggressively ranting about girls behind their back at prom if they had a better dress.

My Pleasure (Brett Talbot Imagine)

Originally posted by hidden-in-a-dreams-gifs

Request; Imagine where y/n gives Brett a boner without realizing but when she does she’s kinda proud that only her can have that reaction on him. You can make up the rest. Slight smut would nice(:

A/n: thank you for requesting! ((Sorry if it isn’t long enough). AND THERE’S ((SLIGHT))SMUT IN THIS. IF YOU CANT READ THOSE STUFF THEN DON’T READ THIS!

Whenever you and Brett have the day off, you guys always end up watching a movie at one of eachother houses. And today it was your house, instead of watching a movie. It somehow ended with something else.

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1. I did some more grocery shopping. 😬 boneless skinless chicken thighs, 2 jars of salsa, 5 bananas, blueberries, rice crisps, a variety bag of chips, French onion soup (100cal a can 😍), asparagus, sliced mushrooms, and whole wheat tortillas.

I’ve never had those rice crisps but I’ve heard good things about them and they’re only 80 cals a bag. The bags of chips are snack sized and will help when I have that salty chip craving. I do better with packaged stuff because it’s already portioned out. 😬 making some salsa Chicken tonight and some baked oatmeal too!

2. I was a busy bee today with meal prep. 🐝 I made salsa Chicken with canned kidney beans and chickpeas and baked oatmeal which looks like death. 😂 the oatmeal was super convenient because I wanted to finish my tub of steel cut oats and I already had all the ingredients, I just had to buy some bananas and blueberries. Half of it is missing because I ate some and then decided it should be cooked for longer lol. The baked oatmeal will be my breakfast this week and the chicken will be my dinner. I feel so much better when i take the time to meal prep. I’m definitely realizing it helps to keep me on track.

3. Dinner was salsa chicken with steamed asparagus and mushrooms. 😍 about 447 calories all together.

Model Iskra Lawrence Slams Critics Who Call Her “Fat” With the Most Powerful Photo

Even if you’re a gorge model working for a huge brand like Aerie, you still have to deal with body shamers and rude comments online. Iskra Lawrence is super tired of it, and she’s fighting back in a really powerful way.

Some dude called Iskra a “fat cow” on Instagram, commenting that plus-size models promote obesity, that “everyone needs to stop eating McDonald’s” and “people like her [eat] too many bags of crisps.” (FYI: What we call chips, Brits call crisps.) Ugh. So she decided to stage a photo shoot eating crisps (er, chips) and write how she really feels about being body shamed.

“This is for anyone who has ever been called FAT,” she writes. “Opinions are like arseholes — everyone’s got one.”

loving you

word count: not very long (454)

There are days when Simon and Baz just don’t get out of bed.

They stay tangled together and giggling as the sun rises, playing with each other’s hair and kissing, and Baz spells the curtains shut. Simon’s tail waves lazily behind them, playing over Baz’s chest, and Baz snatches it out of the air and kisses the surprised yelp away. It’s sweet and it’s soft and the play fighting is such a marked difference from how it used to be that there’s a melancholy silence- they’re remembering mint aero bars and the crumbs from a bag of crisps brushed between beds, but they’re also remembering fights that ended in blood and magic so green it’s blinding. (Simon rolls over with his head tucked into Baz’s neck and he doesn’t miss it. Baz smells of cedar and bergamot and home.)

Sometimes Simon takes Baz’s hand and he tugs him out into the city, into little gift shops with cracked plastic charms and countertops as dusty as their owners but succulents so lovely and lush that Baz has to tap the leaves and smile. They buy coffee from Starbucks and tea from little vegan shops tucked nervously away, and they share dripping ice cream and kisses as the sun sets. It’s so sweet it makes Simon’s teeth ache beautifully, and he leans his golden head against Baz’s dark one. He never wants to let these moments go.

Some days are soft and others are jagged (arguments over silly things like tea cups stacked the wrong way, Simon clenching his fists so tight he realizes with a jolt he’s waiting for the surge of angry magic that will never come). Penny puts blankets over them when they fall asleep tangled on the couch and Simon learns how to clumsily braid hair when Baz’s gets long enough and they realize one day with a little jolt that Simon doesn’t tense anymore when Baz comes up too fast behind him. And then it’s the cup of tea waiting for Baz when he wakes up, and the way Simon can press and curl and breath next to Baz and Baz doesn’t feel the need to latch on and take until nothing is left-

One day they realize that suddenly love became love, and heady infatuation softened into something sweet, and their kisses aren’t battles anymore. And Simon hasn’t thought about the future but suddenly he can’t go a moment without imagining the rest of his life with his beautiful boyfriend.

There are days where Simon and Baz don’t get out of bed, hands tangled together and legs knotted like string. They talk and they laugh and they breathe each other’s breaths, gold against grey, dark against light. Their fighting’s over.

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Ok this is really random but do you have any good pbg head canons??

all pbg hcs are good but here’s the creme de la creme

  • ok we all know he can fall asleep anywhere but have you considered: he owns so many different types of pyjamas. football ones, superhero ones, game ones, cute ones that his parents ship over – it’s a goddamn shame that he never remembers to change into them
  • he goes exploring (with jared sometimes, with jeff mostly) over the school grounds, especially in the more wooded areas, he looks like a little forest prince and i love him
  • he sings in the shower like absolute full on pure concert hall in the shower and people LOVE IT because pbg’s warbly voice is such a good and wholesome way to start the morning
  • he opens everything with his teeth, uh, literally everything, bottles and sweet packets and bags of crisps and games EVERYTHING. he makes this little growly sound when he does it it’s impossible for him to sneak food in class because of this
  • he still owns a pair of velcro shoes
  • he and jeff also have a secret handshake
  • he tried to implement a password for the normal boots meetings. didn’t last long bc shane kept forgetting it
  • is the only one to get shane and jon to crack and do what he wants bc hes got those legendary puppy eyes

“C’mon, yeh stubborn bastard.” Harry muttered to the bag of chips as he struggled to open it up, grunting to himself before letting out a small huff. This didn’t make sense. He had the ability to lift up a hundred pound weight but he wasn’t even strong enough to pop open a bag of crisps?

“Ooh, chips!” Your eyes lit up as you walked into the kitchen, setting your phone down as you leaned against the countertop. “What flavour?” 

“Original. Figured we could dip them in some guacamole or somethin’.” Harry shrugged, turning around quickly while desperately trying to rip the bag open. The last thing he wanted was for you to laugh at him because he couldn’t open a plastic baggie up!

“Mhm, good idea.” You hummed, waiting patiently for the sound of the bag to pop open, but the only thing you could hear was the violent crinkling. A proper minute passed before you spoke up. (You really loved chips and Harry was taking a little too long for your liking.) “So.. are you going to give me one, or what?” 

“Jus’.. Jus’ give me a mo’, love.” Harry laughed sheepishly, making you raise an eyebrow. By this point, you figured out that Harry was struggling a little bit. You walked over and grabbed the chips out of his hands, ripping the top open in one swift movement before reaching in and popping one into your mouth. You crunched on it thoughtfully, smiling when Harry’s cheeks brightened up slightly. 

“You’re still a big, strong man in my mind if that helps.” 

“..Oh, shut up.”


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When We Were Younger
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

About a week after Harry started visiting this particular chat room, he was watching some kid argue with the whole room about football, personally disinterested as he tipped a bag of crisps into his mouth. He happily chomped on the crumbs, taking a swig from a glass of Ribena to wash them down, glancing at the screen and very nearly spat the squash back out again.
His heart was pounding wildly. The display icon of the argumentative newcomer had caught his eye, and not in a good way. He gulped as he clicked the picture, and when it popped up in full resolution, his heart nearly fell right out of his arse.
Sixteen year old Harry Styles’ world turns upside down when he logs on to gay teen chat to discover somebody has stolen his photos and used them as their own.