Interviewer: In Brazil, a research was made. Before telling the result, I want to know your opinion: Who is more beautiful? You or Kaka?

CR: The research was in Brazil, right? So, Kaka won (laughs)! I’m kidding, we’re great friends, we talk a lot with each other (…) He is a great companion! One of the people that I most enjoyed meeting in these times!

Interviewer: Kaka won, but the difference in votes was really small! You almost won it here in Brazil! (X)

  • Interviewer:According to a poll made in a brazilian magazine,Kaka was voted in the first place as the most handsome player.You were in the second place.
  • Cristiano:Well,it's a brazilian magazine. (laughs)
  • Interviewer:Do you think that is true? That Kaka is more handsome than you?
  • Cristiano:Well,in football it doesn't matter if you're handsome or not,but honestly speaking...yeah...I would say that Kaka is more handsome than me . (smiles)