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okay but messi played more games than crisitiano. look at the goal per game ratio. you cules clearly don't know shit about football. or simple math lmao.

hello i see that u r clueless so i decided to help u out

first of all, messi started playing in la liga when he was only a teenager. the VERY start of his career. cr7 started AFTER he became one of the best. u cant compare a rookie with an experienced player. well u can, but that makes u dumb.

second, if u want to talk about goals. come talk to me after cr7 scores 91 goals a calendar year.

third, if u want to talk about techniques. diving doesnt count.

and last, take messi’s goals away he becomes an amazing playmaker. an assist king even. take cr7’s goals away and???? u do the math since u are so good at it.

thank u for ur question and goodbye.