1. From The Ladybird Book of the Mid-Life Crisis

2. From The Ladybird Book of Dating

3. From ‘How it works’. The Husband published by Penguin

4. From ‘How it works’. The Wife published by Penguin

New game confusssssion

End of university can only mean two things (possibly more but i cant be arsed counting) more hours at work and more hours on the x-box.

the great dilema occurs when you have to decide which one new game to buy out of the many awesome looking releases.

Dragon age 2 looks like it will give me a lot of enjoyment with all the killing and stabbing ect. i do love big ass swords.

Crisis 2 also looks like it could provide me with lots of murder scenes and giant guns + armour+ alien slaughtering= joy and fulfillment 

That is my major dilema in a snail shell